The Chant

       I am convinced that Gregorian Chant is a spell-casting type of music and I feel like this is the music that I should always be listening to! When I listen to Gregorian Chant, I feel protected and safe, swathed in arms wrapping themselves around me! I feel like I am within an impenetrable blanket of divineness and safety! I can't seem to find any writings on the matter, like writings from ancient times ascribing the chants to some type of protection spell or anything like that, but I am fully convinced that, at least for me, it functions as such!
       The very interesting thing is that I have learned, from a musical course that I am taking from Yale, that Gregorian Chant is the only music on earth which does not possess a beat. A beat is what humans naturally ascribe to/look for, in musical listening experiences; so looking for Gregorian Chant is not a natural action to take; it is in fact an unnatural choice for music. You definitely don't see a million teenagers screaming out the chants like they would scream out modern-day pop music! So I find this fact to be fascinating and highly intriguing! 
        I feel like the fastest way to cast a caim (circle of protection) around one's self, is to listen to Gregorian Chant. But that's just me, and you don't have to believe that, I am just one to share the things in me that try to fly out of me, at times, and this just so happens to be one of those flying things! 

C. Bells

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