We Are Not One

       I have always, always been a spearhead of highlighting differences between people and celebrating those differences. I have always believed that the problem in the global mainstream mindset, is the propaganda to imagine that we are all the same. This "suggestion" is taught to children in schools, in clubs, organisations, and generally just as popular thought for everyone. But it is a lie. We are all so different from one another, that even twin siblings have differences between them. How much more the peoples of different races and cultures, different lands and colours! If you are black then you are black and if you are white then you are white and black and white— no, they are not the same. Jews and Christians are not the same. Christians and Muslims are not the same. Hindus and Zoroastrians are not the same. A red head and a blonde have hair of different colouring! Yet this veil is pulled over our eyes and we are all raised by society into thinking that we are good people only if we imagine away our differences. But this is a lie and this is wrong and this is why we cannot tolerate any differences— because when someone is different when we are expecting them to be the same as us— we either laugh at them or we distance ourselves from them. And in worst case scenarios— we murder them! There are all sorts of problems that arise, from all sorts of angles, due to the expectation of sameness. It is the celebration of differences that should be cultivated, because this is the way things are, this is the truth! We are all never going to be the same and we should be curious and felicitous towards these many, many differences. We should greet each other expecting each other to be different, and rejoicing even more when we find out the many small reasons that we are still the same, despite being different.
       We are not one. Nope. We are in fact many. Seven billion many! And each one of us seven billion, we all have a right to feel like we belong somewhere and that somewhere is home and that in that home, we get to feel a certain amount of sameness as created by an underlying (or overlying) culture, language, predominant race. This is just a reality and that's why we have different races and different countries— because they are supposed to look different and be different and we are supposed to belong to one of them! We are not supposed to feel afraid to say and be who we are, when amongst our own people, our own culture, our own general mindset and way of being. People should be allowed to have that, we should all have that.
       The problem with globalisation in this day and age, is that it goes hand-in-hand with a lack of clear limitation. The goal of globalisation should not be to eradicate boundaries and smudge the lines between obvious reasons why peoples are unique and different from one another; but the goal of globalisation should be to introduce and acquaint one another with the reasons why these differences can be beneficial one to the other! My people can help your people because my people have this and your people can help my people because your people have that, therefore, let us create a free trade agreement, let us create a special bridge for us to cross over, but let's please not start to make one another the same as each other, because we should each take pride in the reasons why we are different, in the reasons that do not make us the same, because if not, because without these differences, we wouldn't be able to help one another, anyway! It is because of these differences that we can help one another, that we can and should build this special bridge between our peoples.
       All the problems in the world right now are a result of the above agreement being smudged into the background by the misled goals of globalisation. Look at me, I am a product of globalisation because I am the East and the West put together, I am different cultures and different races made into one person! When I lacked the acceptance of the fact that within me alone, there are contradictory traits and contradictory bloodlines— that is when I was most conflicted. But when I began to look at myself as a reason to celebrate many differences put into one— that is when I began to see myself as something most beautiful. That is when I began to feel peace. And I believe, that this is the only key to the world ever feeling peace. The key that I used for myself is the key that fits the keyhole of the world. When I wanted to look just like one side of my family and not the other side, so that I could feel sameness, so that I could accept myself thanks to sameness— that is when I could not accept myself. Because the basis that I had set in order for me to accept myself— was a lie! But it is when I realised that looking like myself and not like either side of my family is the reason why I was beautiful, and I began to celebrate myself because of that, that is when I found peace and not only peace, but a reason to have a feast, every day! A reason to eat cake when I wanted to eat cake! A reason to laugh at myself and to be cheerful and to be happy! I looked damn fine just the way I was, I realised.
       So where do I belong? Where do I feel like I can come home and belong and be who I am and live in the dream that I want to live? That's easy. I feel that way in Italy. So far, I feel that way in Italy. And no, I am not half Italian, I was not born in Italy, but I feel that way in Italy because people just presume I am either Italian or French. So at least they presume I am from either there, or around the area! When I'm in Italy, tourists ask me for directions! I have to tell them, "Oh I'm sorry but I am a tourist, too." That's as opposed to being in my land of birth back in the states, where people have actually asked me if I speak English! So what do I do when I am in Italy? Well, the very cliche "When in Rome, do as the Romans do" is what I in fact do when in Italy. I don't expect Italy to read into my mind and heart and change to suit me so that I can feel like she is a part of me, no, what I do is I try to soak up all the ways that I can adapt into a place that I feel like is my own (because that's why I go there, in the first place, because I feel like I want to be there, I feel like it is my own!) And my point here, is that, we all deserve a place where we feel like we belong, where we feel like we are free! The Italians in Italy don't have to change themselves in order to accommodate me and since I love it there, I change myself in order to accommodate the place that I love to be in. This is the right kind of globalisation— one that can still offer a home, even to someone who isn't born there! But the essence of home— and this is very important to remember— will be lost if it ceases to be a place where people that share a sameness collectively gather! If the essence of home ceases to become a place where people that share some kind of a sameness can feel free to do and to say as they wish, then we would end up with a homeless world! Now think about that. There are homeless people, right? What if the world was homeless? What if every single person felt like a homeless person, because we would no longer be able to identify home?
       The true face of globalisation, is a face where we can find a home even in a place where we were not born. But in order to uphold this face, we cannot smudge out the lines of this face, we cannot smudge out and delete or erase the reasons why we can and should be able to feel like we are at home! We cannot force away clear limitations! We cannot allow people to come into other people's homes and start changing those homes in order to suit themselves. A home is a place most profound, most warm and most free and we all need to cherish the meaning of that! We all need to respect and to uphold the meaning of that.
       When I was little, I memorised a poem and I thought that all other kids had memorised it, too. It's only as an adult that I found out that, no, not all kids had this poem memorised! Not everybody had even read it! It went like this... "I am me and you are you, I don't walk or talk like you, I don't even brush my teeth like you, because I am me and you are you..." and that poem went on, with illustrations, highlighting the reasons why we are different and why that's okay and why that should be celebrated. And now I'm going to go and write a new poem that is to that same effect, because there are no new poems for children that are like that anymore. Adults should read it, too!
        I really believe that I have found the key. And it is up to all of you to use it. Thank you.

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