What Status Is Your Mind?

       I have noticed that there is something, a way of seeing and feeling people, that cannot be categorised as a question of intellect, nor a question of socio-economic and cultural background, nor a question of current social standing. Usually, I can predict and/or categorise how a person will react to something or understand something or deal with something, based upon the factors I've just mentioned; but sometimes it's simply not a question of either of those factors and I struggle to grasp for the right word to describe it, or the right term to describe it. But I think the right term to describe it, would be, "status of the mind." There is a social status, a financial status, a marital status, and now I think there should be something called, status of the mind. I have observed that an individual may have intellect but no common sense; common sense but no culture; culture but no class; class but no heredity to account for it; good bloodlines but no intellect; and so on and so forth! But then a person can have all of those things and still fall short of a certain area of perception and understanding that just leaves them so... so very mortal! But then there is one trait that supersedes them all, I think; or that at least pulls a person into that area which simply feels like a better place, a place where we can reach an understanding, and I hereby dub this as the, status of the mind. One can be born of high social status but have a low status of mind. One can have a high status of mind and, with nothing else, be able to peer into the things that are veiled from others, the things to be seen that others cannot see! This is the status of the mind. People of this status want something better, they want something that is not mainstream, that is not understood by the masses, they don't put themselves into that current which flows with the times that everyone else is in; they are elite in the mind! They are of an understanding that is higher, that sees further, that feels and perceives more, that dreams bigger and that reaches beyond! There is a different kind of hierarchy now, and that is the hierarchy of the mind.
       And that's all I want to share with you, today. But I also want you to check out the new videos I've made on Youtube! :) I think that I will not be posting every video that I make, onto this blog, so if you're keen on keeping up with the latest ones, please check back directly at my YT channel: www.youtube.com/c/cjoybellclovescake and you will be able to follow all my latest creations there! You can also browse through other playlists that I've put together, consisting of different types of music; there's also ballet videos, travel videos, inspirational videos, basically just a bunch of videos that aren't mine, but that I enjoy! So you can check those out to, if you're at all interested. Anyway, here are my newest latests and greatests, below! Do enjoy them, I worked hard on them for you guys so I'm happy for you to be enjoying and sharing them!

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