Don't Live In The Moment

       I have conversations with my son. Many, in-depth conversations on arcane knowledge and insight for life. I said in my previous article that I am a lenient mother, I talked about how I am not clingy and how I do not put restrictions on my son. I do realise how that sounds, but allow me to expound upon that. Yes, what I said is factual, but that doesn't go to say that I don't teach him anything. I would consider myself to be an utter and absolute failure, if, I were able to teach the world many things but not be able to teach my son anything. I would rather teach my son everything and the world nothing, than the other way around. There are many people who want to change the world, and in doing so, have forgotten that the most profound thing that you can do in life, is to love those whom you ought to love and to be a positive part of their lives. I will never agree with the belief that we ought to give up our children or our loved ones for the greater benefit of mankind. If others wish to do that, then so be it, it is their belief; but it is not my belief and I will not do that. I will love whom I love and I will care for them. Then out of that overflow, I will also care for the world. This is what I have always been doing, anyway. The world has never come first.
       So, as I was saying, what I do is I have conversations with my son. I've never seen him as too young to learn about things that normally are reserved for adults to learn about. I've taught him insight since a very young age. I've taught him the things I teach all of you, before I tell you about them. So this morning I was talking to him over breakfast, about building for the future and how to not live in the moment. Yes, you read that right— how to not live in the moment. Let me share my converation with my son, with all of you...

       "You know how they always say that you need to live in the moment? Well that's not true. In a way, it is true, in the way that we feel and soak up the moment that we are living in and feel these moments to the full extent— is the way that we may live in the moment. But when it comes to everything else, we need to know that we are in fact not living for the moment because everything that we do now builds up towards what we will be living in, in the future. What you build today, is going to be the structure that you live in, tomorrow. And tomorrow is going to come; one day, tomorrow isn't going to be tomorrow anymore because it's going to be your "today" and what structure are you going to find yourself living in when tomorrow becomes your today? Because that structure that you're going to find yourself in, is the structure that you build right now, the structure that you work on right now. Look at people who live for the moment with no thought of tomorrow— when they arrive at their futures, they're not going to find anything when they get there... because today they've lived only for today!
       It's a very magical thing that we are able to do, you see. In our physical world, we can only build things with the materials that we can now see, right now, and for now. But when it comes to time and space, it's amazing how we can build a structure in the future, with materials that we work on right now. We are building right now— but our structures are being set up in another time, in the future! So when you work now and what you work on now, is a work that you are building in the future and when you arrive there, it will already be there for you and when you look back, you'll see all the work that you've done. Remember how you were accepted into Charles University middle school, because your grades were so great from your previous school? What do you think would have happened if your grades weren't so great at first? Do you think they would have immediately accepted you with no need for interviews and entrance exams? They wouldn't, you'd have to take interviews and entrance exams just like everybody else, but since you worked for something more, before that something more was physically there in your present, you later arrived at something good, even great. You worked for your future, before you arrived at it. And that's what you need to keep on doing now. "

C. Bells

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