The Way Of The Wildflower

       When I think of the word, "wild", I think of the wildflowers. They have not been cut or altered, they are rooted in the soil, with petals blowing in the winds. I am wild in heart, in that I see myself as a wildflower, a wild rose in the untouched fields.
       We are taught by society to welcome into our lives the potential for being hurt, because doing so is to ensure that we "live a full life". Why is it that we are either so religious that we forget to live or we are so afraid to die that we forget to cherish our wildness? Our wildness isn't our recklessness; but our wildness is our untouched parts. The parts that are still out there in the fields.
       The truth is that a wound leaves a scar, the truth is that when we are hurt, the effects of that pain are things that we are going to carry around in ourselves and that we are going to use as blinders over our eyes, as filters through which we see everything that follows. When you throw yourself into situations where you could get hurt, you are not only putting your present moment at risk; but you are putting your whole future at risk, because you will carry with you any wounds that you may incur. 
       I have always said that we should throw ourselves out into the open, and yes, I did mean that. But I meant that in a physical way. To literally go out into the open world with a plane ticket or a train ticket. But when it comes to our souls, when it comes to our hearts, we must acknowledge that the scars we incur, though not visible to the naked eye, are in fact there, embedded where they were carved! 
       It's not thrill that you need to seek in your mind, it's not danger that you need to seek for your heart. I am concerned for the generation that believes that they do not live unless they hurt, that they do not live unless they break. No, do not be mistaken, to be hurt and to be broken are not to be wild! To be wild is to be untouched, out there in the fields that man has not yet seen! 
       The desire needs to be, to have a wild heart. A soul that runs with the wild horses, a soul that can speak to the spirits of the trees... not one that is mired by heartbreak after heartbreak; not one that is stained by shame and abuse. There is another way to live, my dear. There is the way of the wildflower.
       Make the right choices. The choices that hurt no one, not even yourself. And yes, one must take chances on things like love, and there is always the risk... but seek to find something in order to keep it; not in order to play with it or in order to thrill in it. It is our intentions that must be wild, that must be untouched. Guard your heart from the wicked.

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  1. Your words have a way of moving me. Reminding me, lending a perceptive awareness and touching me in profound ways. They are illustrative, poetic, rational, and rife with a worldly wisdom. Thank you ;)


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