Why Should I Respect You?

I posted this to my public network just awhile ago:

For the first time ever, I feel a real fear for the future of humanity. I have never felt this before... but now I fear that we are all looking towards an Islamic future. Wherever I go online, all I see are "Convert to Islam now" adds, everywhere. There's terrorism carried out by Islamic radicalists... I fear that in the future, we will all be forced into Islamic beliefs and this scares me, because the Islamic lifestyle is one that I could never hold as my own. I am afraid for the future, because I do not want to be forced into anything. I am afraid for the future, because I see that the methods for persuading people to abide by and to respect Islamic beliefs, are very violent in nature. I have a message for everyone right now, and that is— WE ARE NOT OUR RELIGIONS. You are not your religion, I am not my religion, none of us are our religions. Nobody in the world should force anybody else in the world, to conform or to respect, their religious beliefs or absence of religious beliefs. I pray that everybody realise that we should STOP trying to persuade ANYONE of any spiritual belief system. And more than that, the only reason why anyone should believe in anything spiritually, is if that spiritual path has invited them in with love and with beauty. Apart from that, there is no reason to follow any spiritual path, whatsoever. Do you really know which religion works? Because you will only know for sure after you are dead! And any other sign while you are still living, is any amount of beauty and love that a religion or a belief will be able to bring into your life. And that's all I have to say, in addressing this fear of mine. Please think about it, everyone. It's time to rise above religion.

       And I want to take the conversation even further down the lane of the concept of respect. It seems that everyone these days wants everyone else to respect them just for believing in something (or for not believing in something). You have to respect a Muslin for being a Muslim, you have to respect a Christian for being a Christian, you have to respect an Atheist for being an Atheist... so what does respect even mean, really? Here is the etymology of respect. Okay, so let's say we demand that others be civil towards our beliefs; but if we make such demands of others, does not this first require that we demand the same of ourselves, in relation to others? You have as much right to believe in something as someone else has the right to beleive in something else! You have as much right to believe in nothing at all, as someone else has the right to believe in every single God of the Pagan Myths! So where does this leave all of us at? This leaves all of us at the fact that we are 100% equally worthy of respect for whatever beliefs we choose to hold or not to hold! So what does that mean? That ultimately means that nobody on Earth is required to show an outward honour towards anyone else's beliefs! Nobody has to honor another's belief system, because everybody has the right not to believe in anything, or to believe in something totally 100% opposite! That's the truth right there!
       Futhermore, what do we think of, really, when we think of respect? Well, we think of giving honor to someone on behalf of something great; a great achievement, a great victory! So what the hell is the great victory in simply believing in something? Why the hell should I show outward honor for you just because you happen to believe in something? Did you work hard in order to be able to believe in it? Did you persevere over obstacles all your life, in order to be able to adhere to your beliefs? No! And most of the time, you were just born believing those beliefs just because your mom and dad and aunties and uncles told you that it was the only true thing to believe in! So what the hell? Why the hell is everyone going onto Facebook Pages and Youtube channels and demanding everyone respect that they are Atheists or that they are Christians or that they are Muslims? Nobody needs to respect you for anything that you don't or that you do believe in, because it's too easy to simply believe or not believe in something! It's too easy to believe that an apple is the creator of mankind if you were told since you were born that the apple is the creator of mankind! Sure, you can believe in the apple as God, but I don't need to revere you for that. Nobody needs to. And nobody has to revere anyone's disbelief in the apple, either! The truth is that, when it comes to spirituality, nobody needs to be thinking about what anybody else is doing, so long as the other person is not harming anyone! We only need to start thinking about what others are doing, and stepping in between the lines, when there is evidence that a religious belief system is the fuel in the suffering of other human beings! Because what we really need and must respect, is human life, is the right of all human beings to have freedom, to be free! No man was born in chains; it is their fellow man who has put them in chains, and at any given time, every single man and woman has the absolute right to break free from those chains of any nature and of any form! It is not God who has put you in any sort of bondage! It is your fellow man who puts you in bondage in the name of God!
       I suggest that everyone, everywhere, see that it is time to rise above religion! It is time to be more than what our religions or lack of religions dictate us to be! It is time for all of us to quit trying to convert anyone else into our own belief systems or lack of a belief system! It is time for every human being on Earth to start seeing that we are not our religions or lack of religions; but we are the humanity or the lack of humanity, in us! If you lack the beautiful empathy for your fellowman within, then you are not worthy of respect. If you have the beautiful empathy for your fellowman within, only then are you worthy of respect! You are worthy of respect because of who your soul is and because of the things that you do to achieve and to have victory in life! We do not achieve anything by trying to convert anyone to become as our own! There is no great abode waiting for you in Heaven depending upon how many people you converted into your religion! None! That is just a story to get you to convert more people onto your side! God is the God of everyone! Not of just them or of just they!
       Why are you living your life for death? Why is death the greater obsession here? Are you not given this life and what are you going to do with it? Are you going to create beauty and are you going to love? Or are you going to be a useless mistake by living your life for what happens after death? People live their lives now in fear of the afterlife, and in the process, they forget that they are still alive! And for as long as you are alive, my friend, you have the chance to break free from any bondages whatsoever, that your fellow man has put you in. Your passion should not come from any one religion; your passion should come and should be fueled by, the fact that you are human and that you have been given this life to leave your stamp of beauty and of progress upon mankind!
       We are living in a time wherein we are either going to rise above religion, or we are going to fall underneath it. I believe that we are living at a turning point in mankind's timeline, and the future of our species is going to be dictated by how we handle this now, by how we choose to change, now! What direction are we going to steer ourselves into, right now? Because destiny isn't what simply happens to us! Destiny is what we make happen to us! The people who know that, are the people who are going to win and who are going to be able to turn the direction of our ship into their current! So the key is that we all know this, so that we all look towards a direction that benefits all of us as a species, and that is the direction that leads us above religion and onto the unity that we have in all of us— the unity of the soul, the unity of the beauty that lives within us.

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