A Promise to Dania

A Promise to Dania

Little Dania, little Dania,
What is in your little box?

This is my little box of bad things
Fear, resentment, loss of hope

Little Dania, little Dania,
Why do you carry it around with you?

This is my little box of protection
They keep me away from the things that hurt

Little Dania, little Dania,
Wouldn’t you rather carry around good things?

This is my little box of things that don’t hurt
Good things hurt when they’re taken away from me

So if someone takes this box away from you
It won’t hurt? That’s why you carry it around with you?

Things have been taken away from me before
They were good and it hurt to lose them
But this box I carry around with me
Will never hurt me that way
Because it won’t hurt to lose it

Oh little Dania, little Dania,
This box has been keeping you away
From all the things that make life worth living
Don’t you see?
You can’t carry it around with you anymore

I have lived and I have lost
And this little box protects me
When I fear, I run away
When I’m angered, I stay away
This box will keep me safe

Little Dania, little Dania,
My heart bleeds for you
Take my box of joy and laughter
Take my box of warmth and trust
Take my box of honey and dew

If someone sees the box you give me
They will take it away one day
And then I will bleed to death
I cannot love, you see?
I would die if I do

Little Dania, little Dania,
It is my box I give to you
If somebody takes it away
I will give you another and another
It is not your box to lose
Let me take your old box
Let me take the bad one away
I’ll take it where you’ll never need it
I’ll take it where you’ll never find it
And I will give my boxes of good things
To you
Never yours to lose
Always mine to lose
Always yours to have and to hold
And if you lose the good things
If you lose the good box
They will be my loss
Not yours
And I will give you a new box
A new one, always new
With things like joy and laughter
With things like love and peace

Do you promise it won’t hurt me?
Not ever, ever, ever?

Sometimes things will hurt
But even though,
We should never hurt ourselves first
Surrounding yourself with darkness
Is hurting yourself
So nobody else can do it to you

Sometimes things can hurt
But what’s important
Is the joy that comes in the morning

And there will always be a morning?
Can you promise that?

I promise you
There will always be
A morning

Copyright © 2015 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

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