The Fish Are Dead

This one's for all of you women out there who have been in abusive marriages/ are in abusive marriages. If you're in one, get out of it. And if you were in one, celebrate its end and make sure you start healing.

The Fish Are Dead

He does so many good things
To show he’s a good person
To show that he’s in love
The problem is
I come home to him
At the end of the day
I live with the person
That nobody else sees
I live with the man
Who does nice things
To make up for
All the bad things

The gifts he bears me
Are peace treaties
Symbols of peace
He bears for himself
So he can look at himself
In the mirror

You see
The thing is,
I come home to the man
That nobody else sees
The one who
Bears gifts
Because he’s the one
Who carved the wounds
And I am supposed to be
Because there are gifts
I am supposed to be in love
Because there are
Symbols of peace
Lined up in the window
Everyone can see the window
No one can see inside
Our room, our bed
Nobody sees
Inside his head
He’s made his head
Into this bed
Into this house
It’s not my home
The fish in this fishbowl
Are dead
And I am supposed
To put a smile on my face

This isn’t love

Copyright © 2015 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

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