What They Teach You In Marketing School vs. What You Should Actually Do

       In marketing, we are taught that we need to sell a myth, we need to sell an image, we need to sell something that people want to be a part of but can never really reach, because it is this constant "reaching up" for the myth that we create, which will keep our customers feeling like they are inadequate lest they consume our products. So, when you look out into the world today, what you see is a great big society governed by this marketing strategy. Then we see the reflection of these negative effects on the minds of people, everywhere. Moreover, it's not just the young people who are moulded by these myths created by marketers; but it is adults, too! It's everyone!
       Perhaps the most prevalent negative effect we can observe is the negative effect that the fashion industry has on young girls, everywhere. We all know this story all too well: young girls feel inadequate, they feel that they need to have this clothing item, they need to have this cosmetic brand on their table, they need to fit into a size three... all these needs which are not really needs, but they become so real in the minds of women everywhere, thanks to marketing strategies. And I know this for certain because I took a course from Bocconi University, on fashion and luxury management, where we were taught extensively on the importance of the myth being the key factor in selling luxury and fashion items. In fact, the whole industry itself is built on these collective myths.
       But you see, the thing is, I really don't believe that people want to climb after myths, I don't believe that people want to reach up to be a part of something that they will never really be a part of, I don't believe that this is how to sell things. Rather, I believe that people want to know that they are valued, I believe that people want to see themselves reflected in the world around them, I believe that people want to have healthy things to aspire for, healthy dreams to latch onto, and achievable goals that are real, that are profound and that are attainable. I also believe that this is how we become a better civilisation; not by chasing after dreams that can never actually be ours, but by daring to dream, dreaming to dare, and helping one another reach our individual and collective goals. I also believe this is the foundation of true success stories— brands that create for value, because they value their customers— not forming unreachable dreams for people which are not organic in their minds. Rather, I believe that a company ought to reach in and see the organic dreams already in the minds of people, and open its arms to welcome those dreams in. This is an organic company, an organic community, a sustainable organization.
       As C. JoyBell C., I am not only an author, but a publisher as well, and my customers are my readers. And I run my "one-woman-company" on the basis of what I believe in. I believe in valuing each individual, I believe in being genuinely interested in everybody, I believe that there is true quality in the people that read my work and I aim to speak to that quality that is already in them; I don't aim to make them feel like they need to chase after a myth. And the funny thing is, that it is in my just being what I believe in, that people actually do hail me as a myth, as an unearthly thing, as something unattainable! And I have in fact projected myself as the opposite! Perhaps in a world full of fakeness and lies, one becomes known as a myth when one is simply genuine and able to give value to those around them.

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