You and Your Candle

       Darkness is not as powerful as the light. That sounds cliche, but do you actually understand why this is the case? Please listen while I explain. Darkness is not as powerful as the light, because it is the nature of darkness to appear bigger than it actually is. This is true physically as well as metaphysically and spiritually. In a dark room, we are able to imagine many horrendous things, we think there is more there than what is actually there! We think there is more in darkness, but there is actually a lot less. There is just darkness, which can be dispelled by even a tiny amount of light. And that is why light is more powerful than the dark; because light, in itself alone, without pretending to be anything more than what it is, is all of itself and embodies all of itself and in doing so, is able to dispel illusions of the mind. More than half of darkness is phantom; is not what is actually real. All it takes is a single candle to make the mind aware of that fact. And that is why, gentleness will always be stronger, humility will always be more powerful, understanding, love and open mindedness will always be more powerful than their counterparts. A candle will always be stronger than the night.
       Ask yourself, why is there so much deception in darkness? I have been deceived by darkness pretending to be light and I'm sure you have been, too! But have you stopped to ask yourself why there is deception in darkness? Why must darkness deceive in order to pass itself off as light? Why must a wolf cloak itself in sheepskin? Why must a hag appear as a young princess? Why? Well, it is exactly because of the reason that what is weaker must fake itself to be that which is powerful. It is the weak that must pass itself off as strong; it is never the strong that must pass itself off as weak! The only circumstance in which you will find the light disguised as the darkness, is when a bright being, after having experienced too much hurt and too much disappointment, will disguise itself to protect itself. But you will always eventually uncover the true nature and that darkness will surely fall off! Just how the true nature of darkness will inevitably be discovered and the disguise of light will soon crumble to the ground!
       Darkness will play with the characteristic traits of light, in order to deceive it. The characteristic traits of light are hope, trust, gentleness. The dark know that the light will hope easily, will trust easily and will not stab in the back. Darkness, in all of its self-entitlement, will play with these, to its own advantage. But the only success that the dark ever have in such cases, is due to the fact that we have been taught since childhood that the light is reactive instead of proactive; that the light is defensive instead of assertive; that the light is needy instead of empowered; that the light is downcast and trodden upon while others rise and succeed. We are taught lies about the light and it is because of this fact, that the darkness has won too many times. But the truth is that the light is what causes the plants and the trees to grow. It is the light that calls to the seed in the ground and with her call, causes that seed to sprout veins and leaves! It is the fire that can burn an entire city down! In fact, a single candle can burn an entire city down! Can the darkness burn anything down? No! Can the darkness call to life in the ground and conjure up a tree? A vineyard? A rose? Never. It is the light that is assertive; it is the light that is to be feared; it is the light that is to be loved; it is the light that is empowered and powerful.
       Sometimes, the lights are turned off because we cease to look in the light, we cease to reach out and to grasp. The lights in our lives are sometimes turned off, because it is in the darkness that we reach out and grasp for whatever our hands can touch! The darkness conceals treasures that are often overlooked by us, when the light is always on! We forget the power and the good fortune of light, and it is in darkness that we are reminded of these!
       I want you to remember fire, I want you to remember that even if you carry only a single candle with you, this is enough to burn a city down. Many times in my own life, I have had but a single candle with me, and I have protected that candle from the winds and the storms, holding onto it, shielding it... but with that single flame, I have been able to burn cities down and light the bonfires that have cooked the food of high feasts! I want you to remember that with your single flame— you can overcome! You can burn down the walls that surround you, you can prepare a feast for yourself and those who are with you, you can light many other fires and many other candles, too! You can burn down the rooms of isolation that stand in the vacant spaces of your mind. You can burn the bridges that lead back to the things that hurt you, to the things that blind you and to the things that weaken you. And you can light up lanterns along the new paths that you take.

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