A Treatise on Things Very Important

       How much of the energy that we carry around, is actually our own? How many of the voices that we hear in our heads, are actually our own tone of voice? How many of the thoughts that you have, are actually coming from your own energies, and not the thoughts that are products of energies of other people who have had influence in your life, that are encroaching upon your own?
       I caught myself mid-sentence into a thought, realising that the noise in my head wasn't even my own sentiment! It was actually the voice of my mother! How odd! And then my mind picked up on this in a nano-second and I was able to identify the source of other thoughts that go through my head on a daily basis, and surprisingly, those sentiments belonged to other people who have had influence in my life, as well! The unfortunate part about that, is that it's not usually the positive voices of people in your life that leave lasting footprints upon your mind; it's more likely the negative words spoken to you that leave scars upon your thoughts, and you end up getting used to those thought patterns, that are not even a representation of yourself! It's not to say that every interaction you've had with a certain person has been negative; but it's just to say that positivity doesn't leave scars. It's negativity that leaves scars, that leaves, "debris."
       So how much of the patterns that we fall into, are not actually representations of ourselves or how we actually feel as individuals? How much of the noise in your head is from voices representing opinions that are not even your own? Because if you can identify who those voices belong to— you can free yourself!
       I was just telling my son yesterday, about how it is the nature of things with roots within ourselves, to become uprooted upon discovery! There are things in our souls that are like moulds on bathroom walls! They thrive because it's moist and there's no sunlight. You uproot the moulds in your soul simply by tearing off the ceiling, or by breaking open the windows, or by really just burning down the walls! How does this happen? By simple discovery! There is no work involved! These things may only exist when they go undiscovered; but once they are discovered? Their roots disintegrate!
       When you are able to catch your thoughts in mid-sentence, and pick up on the fact that the tone of voice isn't even your own— you are able to uproot the influence of that very same opinion in your head! How many people are you allowing to rent your mind? And the pay for that rent isn't even good! The pay they are giving you is heartache, broken relationships, and wayward thinking! Now, I do not mean this in a schizophrenic kind of a way; but I mean this in an everyday way, the kind where we're all walking around with opinions and wayward thinking left in our minds by past relationships and by negative experiences with people of influence in our lives. But if you do have schizophrenia— who knows— perhaps the same basic principle applies! I don't know, but maybe!
       We think that we can go through life bravely enough to take things like broken relationships and precarious situations, head-on! But the reality is that we are left scarred and the scars are honestly not worth it. That is why I am an advocate of self-care, and of not "Y-O-L-O-ing" around! Sure, "you only live once", but what's on the other side of that? On the other side of that, you're dead! And that's a pretty big price to pay, I think!
       Regardless of where the opinions in our minds come from— whether they come from our direct choices that we've made to take people and situations head-on with disregard to the outcome; or whether they come from circumstances that we couldn't control, like when we were children and were vulnerable in life and couldn't make our own choices— we've got to start catching ourselves mid-sentence into thought! We've got to start identifying where our negative vibes come from, why they're there, and really stop to ask ourselves, Do I even support this belief? Is this even my own experience, or am I carrying this around because someone I loved so much was hurt in this way? Does this opinion even resonate with my own energy in life? Is this energy I'm carrying around even my own? 
       Lots of times, people can act like you are an "energy trashcan" and really just dump their own negative energy onto you! Stuff that you don't need and don't deserve! In fact, I like to think of the issue of borders and immigration, as the macro picture of what is going on, on a micro level! On the micro level, you've got people in your everyday life encroaching upon your own personal energy field resources! You have your own borders; but these borders are pushed upon and tested! We see this on the macro level with immigration issues. The same principle applies to our daily lives as individuals. YOU have to exercise your energy boundaries! YOU have to preserve your energy levels! I don't think people realise that what we see in the world is a reflection of what is going on, on a quantum level! The quantum level being the sub-atomic particles of YOU! Your energy resources, within your own auric field, are precious natural resources that other people will inevitably covet and will try to get a piece of— in any way possible! They can do this by trying to elicit emotional reactions from you through provocation, they can try to do this by really just preying on your predisposition to be there for others and to listen to them, they can do this by picking a fight! Because in all of these scenarios, there is an exchange of energy that happens between you and the other individual.
       You've got to treat your energy like gold. On the spiritual levels, gold can be compared to AEther/ The AEth. You've got to treat your AEther like you'd treat gold in your savings account. You've got to guard it and really choose the people whom you allow to interact with it and to draw from it. ESPECIALLY if you are a high-vibrational individual!
       Uproot the moulds in your soul by burning down the walls and letting in the sunlight. Protect yourselves from new mildew growth, by guarding your energy interactions with people and by choosing the people you let into that circle. Your circle of magic is not comprised by you and other individuals; your circle of magic is the circle that your have drawn around yourself, with your own energies! And you choose whom you let into that circle! And make sure that the voice you hear in your mind is your own; either that, or the voices of Angels.

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