Don't Listen To What They Teach You About Women

       Women are like bodies of water, and we are all bodies of water to different degrees of flow, greatness, reach, so on and so forth. This is the soul of woman. All women have individual souls, yes, but all of these individual souls are likened unto bodies of water. This is just the nature of the souls that we have.
        Today, men are being taught by columnist and blogger and editor and author and, "expert", to deal with women according only to what the corporeal nature has to say about her. In magazine columns and blog posts, books and articles here and there— we are referred to as if we are animals to be analysed. Only physical bodies without souls.
       Right now, we are at a definite point in time where men are being taught to define a, "real woman" as someone who can easily detach herself, someone who is, "not needy", "not clingy" and, "not jealous"... all these "not's"... which are all really just descriptions of not being a soul that cares about anything other than what is immediately practical. So men are taught to look for these traits in order to identify, "real" women, and then they marry these types of women, and then when the relationship becomes no longer practical, they are of course left by these types of women in favour of what is more practical and then the men are left in a sorry corner writing, "notes-to-self" about how all women are evil whores on the inside, and are materialistic beasts who only care about physical things. But here is my "note-to-men": you are being taught to search for this type of woman as the ideal woman, and because this is what women know you are looking for, this is what women in turn become! They become what you are more likely to choose! At the end of the day, the minds of men are moulded into wanting the very monsters that will break their hearts somewhere down the road, anyway.
       All throughout antiquity, it is the Goddess nature of the watery soul of the woman, to find security and solidarity in a man who possesses the strength enough to weather her storms and to stand strong throughout the very natures she possesses that make her a woman. The nature of the REAL woman, is to want to know that she has a man with whom she may feel free to be human! The ideal man is like a lighthouse, a beacon of light, a source of solidarity and reassurance! Strength. Inner strength and fortitude. How is a woman to know if a man is strong enough, if he is being taught to shun the very oceans, seas, rivers, waves that are vital to the woman's watery existence? In our oceans can be found shipwrecks, lost souls, coral reefs, treasures, pearls, diamonds and rubies... but can a man stand strong in the midst of all of these— this is the question! And it is when we are driven away from this innate spiritual need and desire, that we fall. If we are not secure in our freedom to flow and to feel and to be human, because there is not that strength that stands strong for us, then that is when love becomes pointless and simply a matter of practicality. But it was never initially that way, it was never meant to be that way. Our lighthouses are taken away from us by the very people who claim to know us so well (bloggers, editors, authors, "experts", so on and so forth). 
       Now, I'm really not talking about uncultured, uncivilised, barbaric behaviour here. As with all things, there are of course individuals who are simply uncultured and honestly quite barbaric and manipulative; of course, as another human being, you do want to steer clear of those kinds of people! Be they men or women! So, what I'm writing here is really not to say that I want to defend all forms of uncivilised behaviour and mentalities in females— no. But I need you to raise your consciousness higher right now and dwell upon the purpose of the female soul on a quantum and spiritual level. It is her nature to seek the lighthouse, it is her nature to yearn to be loved, it is her nature to protect what she loves, it is her nature to lavish in the elements that make her human, to swim in the very sea that is her soul! And yet it is this very nature that is attacked by modern day society and ridiculed and trampled under foot, in favour of the detached, conniving, "practical" woman of today. And there's nothing wrong with being a practical person. But if you are so practical to the point that you don't care about how you feel on the inside— that's when you know you have a problem with existing as a living being on this planet!
       There is not a problem with the female in general. Your, "notes-to-self" written in your lonesome corners are the published products of the monsters that you created. And it is modern day mainstream mentality that is in turn responsible for moulding these ideals in your minds, in the first place. The "monster moulds" were put there in your heads and you bought the moulds, and you baked cookies with them and then your cookies went bad, you went ahead and decided to blame it on the dough and the chocolate chips and everything else but your own cookie cutters!
       I am of course not saying that all women are good people and all men have made monsters out of women— no. But what I am saying, is, that it is time for every man to step back from what is being fed to him in his mind and to reflect upon what the nature of the woman really is. They have made you think that you are a, "real man" if you have a, "real woman"... the definition of, "real" here, is really actually, "unreal". I know for certain that everything I have read out there that is written about women, is not applicable to me, at least. It's probably not applicable to many other women out there, too. Like the desire to control? The desire to "catch"? They say all of us are like that... we want to, "tame" a man and after the taming is over, we are no longer interested... I find it fascinating how minds can even begin to accept this as truth! Maybe the degenerate female exudes these character traits— yes. But then there are also many degenerate males out there, and we can't all go comparing all other men to the degenerate ones. Same story with women. The articles I read don't even touch on the female soul, and they are usually, almost always, born from a story that starts out like this: "I wrote this to empower all men, everywhere, after that slut broke my heart ten years ago..." And I'm telling you that, when a story starts out like that— any story— it's the kind of advice you really want to stay away from. Like, really! That's the kind of advice that's going to plant poisonous seeds of bitterness in your minds and hearts!
       I want to tell all the misled "experts" out there... you are not going unseen and unwatched! I see you! You are lemmings leading other lemmings and you are not doing a good difference in the world— no. 
       As a last statement to this piece of writing, I would like to encourage all my fellow women out there, to not fall into the trap of what men are made to think that they want! We have the power to bring back the ancient light of the divine feminine! We have to stop listening to what they say about us, and actually rise to the occasion. To the beautiful occasion of being Goddess. Women are of sound mind, we are caring, we are loyal, we are steadfast, we are flowing water, we want to be loved and we want to love, we want to be cared for and we want to care, we love truly and deeply and we fly high and freely. We are to be desired because we are true, real, authentic and vulnerable. And all of this is so very beautiful. 

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