I Challenge You To See The Truth

       I am afraid of those who are too simple on the outside; for their vanities they wear upon their hearts. Better to meet a person who wears their vanities out in the open where you can see them! Than one who hides them in their hearts! For it is the stuff of the heart that is hidden; while the stuff on the outside is not. And we are all vain; the difference is where we put it! I would rather meet a person vain on the outside; while possessing the simplest of hearts.
       Who was Christ on this Earth, but a man who dined with harlots and thieves? Who was Christ on this Earth, but a man who allowed a prostitute to bathe his feet in perfumes? Who was Christ on this Earth, but He who said, "It is the stuff coming out of a man that defiles him; not the stuff going into him that ruins his heart."
       And yet what has the vain hearted man turned this Christ into? He has turned this same Christ into a symbol of all hypocrisy and perfectionism! The vain hearted man has turned this same Christ into a symbol of all that cannot be attained! A symbol of struggle against hell! He who swallowed hell whole; has been turned into a symbol of war against sin. There is no war against sin; all sin was made void, because it is not what is on the outside that is seen by God; but it is what is on the inside that God sees! And even this simple principle, has been catapulted into that which it does not even mean! Because they say what is on the outside does not matter; they then take their vanities and hide them, in an attempt to look like they do not even care! Where are their vanities hidden now? Their vanities are inside their hearts! Who did Christ sit and dine with? With those dressed in white robes; or with those whores dripping in gold earrings and pearls? Who did Christ sit with? With the Priests clad in white robes; or did he sit with the tax collectors? Christ sat with all manner of those who wore their vanities upon their own skin; but undoubtedly, had childlike hearts.
       I cannot be fooled by those who speak of Christ but did not know Him. Who does not know Christ? Is it the holy Priest or is it the harlot who sat with him for his meals? Who does not know Christ? Is it the untainted Priest, the Pharisee; or is it the thief who hung beside him at the cross? You all claim to know Christ, and to know what he is all about! And yet He would not sit with you if He were here, for your vanities, I tell you, your vanities you hide in your hearts!

They Asked Me How To Change The World

       I was asked, "How can we change the world?" And I answered, "You will never be able to change the world by projecting ideal images to aspire for. The only way to change the world is to penetrate the grassroots, to penetrate at the groundbreaking level— to be a mason— to dig into the core where all the tar and lumpy mud is located and to work with that shit until you bring out something beautiful. We change the world by dressing wounds, by listening to forgotten voices of the lost, by getting our hands dirty. Nobody is going to be able to change the world by painting a lovely picture. You have to know how to make paint. Then teach the people how to use a paintbrush. Then teach the people how to make strokes, how to wash the paintbrush, and how to mount their own paintings onto the wall. Because the alchemy of the world, of humanity as a whole, is really just the collective alchemy of every individual. Take what is darkness and transmutate it into a shining thing. Changing the world is never about the changer; it is about the world."
       All people want to belong to some sort of hierarchy. Allow me to explain. The rich want to be the richest; the poor want to be the smartest; those who are both rich and smart want to be the better persons; the better persons want to go to heaven; those who are in heaven will look down upon those who are in hell... there is always some kind of hierarchy desired by everyone; even by those who claim the opposite of this. So how do you find true divinity? Divinity is found in those who reach down low; because it is those who are above who must reach down low, while it is those who are below who must constantly reach for what is above! And this is divinity. What is divine, is what will have a curiosity in what is below. There is no fear of becoming "tainted"; because what is lesser can never really taint what is greater. it is what is greater that is able to transform what is lesser. The alchemist must first find the mud, pick it up, before she is able to transform it into diamond. She must first reach into the swamp, in order to pull out roses.

Spacetime and Lifetime

       I have been wondering and I have been thinking... what if we have already died? And what if we have already died many times before? And what if, after death, we simply return to the moment, or the day, or a few days, before the time that we died? And what if that is what deja vu really means? So, what if we are all going through life thinking that death is an ending to this lifetime, meanwhile, everybody has already actually died at least once before? What if we are actually continually reversing in time, going back to those days before our death, only to continue in what we believe is the same life? Receiving a second chance (or hundredth chance) to relive our lives? What if it's like a game and you're game over and you just go back to the last place you saved your game at, to try to do better this time?
       You see, spacetime is not a really fixed rule. In fact, we are still struggling to make meaning of spacetime continuum. It might be a loop, it might be bendy, it might be twisty like a stick of licorice! What if it's totally malleable? What if death has never actually been an end to life?
       When you go under anaesthesia, you wake up after the operation believing that nothing has happened yet, because your brain is connected to the very last moment before you went under the knife. So you wake up after your operation, asking, "Are we going to start now?" But in reality, it's already over! Now, what if this same principle applies to the lives that we are living? Think about it.

As It Is Above, So Is It Below

       No one can successfully tell me that material things cannot bring happiness. For as the spirit is medicine to the bones; so is the happiness of the bones a medicine to the spirit. Without a soul, the body is dust; but without a body, the soul cannot fulfil destiny. Neither one is more important than the other; both are equally important. One will last longer than the other, yes, but while we are on this Earth, both are equally important. Surely money itself cannot make one happy; but it is what one does with money that makes one happy! If you do not know what to do with it, then it will not bring you happiness! But if you know what to do with it; there is no reason why it cannot bring you happiness. People think I am a very spiritual person; yes, this is true; but I have not achieved it through denial of the flesh. I have a new vision. I take pleasure in the pleasures of this world and I seek fulfilment in the answers of the spirit. I find happiness in the material and the physical things of this nature and I find joy in the connections I have with what is divine. Do I imagine myself on top of a mountain, detached from all the things I want to buy and to own? Never. My spirituality is not one of negative righteousness; my spirituality is one of the rose. It is whole and it is above as it is below.
       This has always been my creed, and C. JoyBell C. was founded upon this creed. I developed this belief as it was revealed to me in my spirit, in my mind's eye. Nobody taught it to me. And then years later, after I had already used my courage to build upon the new foundation that I called my own and that nobody around me believed in; I then came across a very old Rosicrucian manuscript, written some hundred years ago. It is in that manuscript that I discovered that my creed was shared by the Rosicrucians. The creed of the Rosicrucian is to develop a threefold person in all equal portions: Mind, Body and Soul. There is no such thing as negative spirituality (Spirituality that results in a negative effect upon the body, in favour of the Soul). And those who belong to the self-denying spirituality are those who are misled, while in turn misleading others. 
       When I refer to, "The Rose", I am referring to the hidden secrets of the Rosicrucians. When I say, "it is above as it is below", I am referring to the hidden knowledge of Hermes. These things are not hidden to me, so what I freely receive, I also freely give! Although the things that I write are blanketed in modern-day presentations, in order to be understood by everyone; they are still the same ancient teachings that were once only taught to initiates. And who am I as an initiate? That is simple— I am me. 

Dear Seashell, Know Thyself!

       Hey, my wonderfuls! How is everybody doing today? :) Lately, I have been thinking about "multitasking" and also about "prioritising" and about what these two things mean, for one another and for us as individuals. First up— is "multitasking" even real? Scientifically, it's not. Scientifically, the brain is only able to truly focus on one thing at a time. Does that mean we will not be able to do many quality things? Not really. But does that mean we would live a more productive and fulfilling life if we were to curtail and discipline ourselves to focusing on one thing at a time? Probably so.
       It is the unfortunate reality that we live in a world that has somehow turned many of us into mindless consumers, participating in a worldwide corporation. No longer able to live with meaning, people are increasingly living for profit, or for whatever is able to make them react to stimulus. People have become mere reactions to various stimuli!
       What about prioritising? What does that mean? To me that means choosing what is more important and elevating those important things to a better standpoint in your life, where you are able to give more of your focus and affections, to it.
       So what does this all mean? Well I believe that this means, that it should be one of our greatest pursuits in life, to find the area of our priorities. To retreat from the reality of mindless consumerism and into the gardens within ourselves. Within our souls, we have gardens where our peace may be found; and within our minds we have oases wherein we are Masters of our Will. You may not be the Master of your own Will right now; but somewhere inside of You, you are! Somewhere inside of you, you are not an empty shell!
       Perhaps we are all shells; but some of us have found the pearls inside, and this makes all the difference!
       Marcus Aurelius once said, "Men seek retreats for themselves, houses in the country, sea-shores, and mountains... But this is altogether a mark of the most common sort of men, for it is in thy power whenever thou shalt choose to retire into thyself. For nowhere either with more quiet or more freedom from trouble does a man retire than into his own soul, particularly when he has within him such thoughts that by looking into them he is immediately in perfect tranquility; and I affirm that tranquility is nothing else than the good ordering of the mind."
       We prioritise by identifying those people and those things that deserve a place in the inner gardens of our minds and of our hearts. We keep those things and those people there, regardless of how many other tasks and things we need to look after and to work on, in our daily lives. But it's also where we keep our real selves, it's where we retreat to, in order to meet the pearls within the shells that we are.
       So, maybe it's not scientifically possible to truly multitask and maybe the world only understands how to prioritise on a very shallow surface level, but the whole idea of being you, is being different. And I believe that through these principles, we will be able to exercise this difference in our lives. Living within a system wherein we feel like we need to frantically struggle to keep up with ourselves, just to stay afloat on top of the "noise" (and we call this multitasking), we can be people who are able to go deeper than that, realising and understanding that it is not really about the ability to multitask (which is in itself a proven myth); but that it is really all about age-old principle of Mastership. Know thyself, master thine inner worlds. Create what is on the outside, through what is willed on the inside. As the Rosicrucians say, "When a man Wills for something, and he says, 'Nothing in this world and beyond will be able to stand in between myself and what I will', this is a man so strong that even the gods and angels honour and respect him." It is the Will of both man and woman, that must be cultivated, in order to live the higher form of life that we are all initially called to live.

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