As It Is Above, So Is It Below

       No one can successfully tell me that material things cannot bring happiness. For as the spirit is medicine to the bones; so is the happiness of the bones a medicine to the spirit. Without a soul, the body is dust; but without a body, the soul cannot fulfil destiny. Neither one is more important than the other; both are equally important. One will last longer than the other, yes, but while we are on this Earth, both are equally important. Surely money itself cannot make one happy; but it is what one does with money that makes one happy! If you do not know what to do with it, then it will not bring you happiness! But if you know what to do with it; there is no reason why it cannot bring you happiness. People think I am a very spiritual person; yes, this is true; but I have not achieved it through denial of the flesh. I have a new vision. I take pleasure in the pleasures of this world and I seek fulfilment in the answers of the spirit. I find happiness in the material and the physical things of this nature and I find joy in the connections I have with what is divine. Do I imagine myself on top of a mountain, detached from all the things I want to buy and to own? Never. My spirituality is not one of negative righteousness; my spirituality is one of the rose. It is whole and it is above as it is below.
       This has always been my creed, and C. JoyBell C. was founded upon this creed. I developed this belief as it was revealed to me in my spirit, in my mind's eye. Nobody taught it to me. And then years later, after I had already used my courage to build upon the new foundation that I called my own and that nobody around me believed in; I then came across a very old Rosicrucian manuscript, written some hundred years ago. It is in that manuscript that I discovered that my creed was shared by the Rosicrucians. The creed of the Rosicrucian is to develop a threefold person in all equal portions: Mind, Body and Soul. There is no such thing as negative spirituality (Spirituality that results in a negative effect upon the body, in favour of the Soul). And those who belong to the self-denying spirituality are those who are misled, while in turn misleading others. 
       When I refer to, "The Rose", I am referring to the hidden secrets of the Rosicrucians. When I say, "it is above as it is below", I am referring to the hidden knowledge of Hermes. These things are not hidden to me, so what I freely receive, I also freely give! Although the things that I write are blanketed in modern-day presentations, in order to be understood by everyone; they are still the same ancient teachings that were once only taught to initiates. And who am I as an initiate? That is simple— I am me. 

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