Spacetime and Lifetime

       I have been wondering and I have been thinking... what if we have already died? And what if we have already died many times before? And what if, after death, we simply return to the moment, or the day, or a few days, before the time that we died? And what if that is what deja vu really means? So, what if we are all going through life thinking that death is an ending to this lifetime, meanwhile, everybody has already actually died at least once before? What if we are actually continually reversing in time, going back to those days before our death, only to continue in what we believe is the same life? Receiving a second chance (or hundredth chance) to relive our lives? What if it's like a game and you're game over and you just go back to the last place you saved your game at, to try to do better this time?
       You see, spacetime is not a really fixed rule. In fact, we are still struggling to make meaning of spacetime continuum. It might be a loop, it might be bendy, it might be twisty like a stick of licorice! What if it's totally malleable? What if death has never actually been an end to life?
       When you go under anaesthesia, you wake up after the operation believing that nothing has happened yet, because your brain is connected to the very last moment before you went under the knife. So you wake up after your operation, asking, "Are we going to start now?" But in reality, it's already over! Now, what if this same principle applies to the lives that we are living? Think about it.

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