An Explanation Of What Is Going On

       Wherever you look, today, on social media and on t.v. and in articles on various blogs and so on and so forth— you are bound to run into terms such as "spiritual ascension, spiritual awakening, New Age, New Dawn, Enlightenment, The Secret," and etc. etc. etc. You will hear the constant message that in our era today, we are "waking up" to "ascend" in "spirit". But what does this all mean? What does this all really mean?
       Throughout the eras, there were always seen periods of theosophical breakthroughs. And back then, they were literally burned to death for their "heresies", accused of being "witches" and "heretics", many theosophists and mystics were burned to ashes at the stake! There are many mystics who came before us, who gave up their lives to save manuscripts and teachings, so that they could survive and be handed down to us, today!
       What are theosophists? What is theosophia? It is the lover and the love of divine wisdom. What are mystics? Mystics are people who break through dogmatic status quos, in order to unveil the inner light that would otherwise be so controlled and contained by external powers. Mystics are game-changers, status-quo changers, earth-shatterers and Heaven-callers. Keepers of truth, possessors of divine sight, people who break through conformities and dogmatic teachings that others fall so blindly under.
       The "New Age" is not "new", at all! There's nothing new about it! It is all old! It is the roots of an old tree that become covered in mountains of ash and dirt and rock throughout the ages, and every now and then, a strong wind blows all of those layers away, exposing the ancient roots. Who are the alchemists, the hermeticists? Simply those who are attached to those very same roots! It is not "new"; it is in fact the oldest of things! It is the blindness of everyone else that is infantile and that is "new"! It is the hermeticist, the mystic, the alchemist, the theosophist, who scrapes off that new mud from the eyes of many, reminding them of the original roots!
       Blavatsky, Boehme, Saint-Martin, Saint-Germain, Clymer, Paracelsus, Pythagoras, Russell, Yeats— all mystics! All theosophists! All lived a long, long time ago! Clinging to the original roots of life! In order to unveil them to the rest of the world!
       It is the blindness and the ignorance of the soul and of the spirit and of the mind, that is new! The Heavens existed before the Earth occurred down below! What is material and what is in front of our eyes, is only a development of what is already there, unseen! When we witness an "ascension" of mankind, we are not actually witnessing something infantile! It is only infantile and brand new, to those who have not known the hidden things!

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