It Is So Ordered


        Today, I read this official statement, and I would like to say, that for the longest time, I have not been a big admirer of the institution of marriage, however, upon reading this, I feel a fire sparked within me. Something ignited from the flames of inspiration. My faith in the institution of marriage has been restored (or maybe actually really created), and that's thanks to this statement, which would not be possible if not for gay people. And so I would like to thank gay people, everywhere, for being responsible for restoring my faith in the institution of marriage.
        There is this particular group of people in the world, who respect the ability to commit, so much, that they have fought so hard to be able to do it! There is this group of people in the world, who desire the ability to be bound by love even beyond death, so much, that they would fight with all the blood and sweat in their bodies, to be able to have just that! They're not jaded by all the straight people "commitment phobia"; they're not jaded by all the lackluster— and even hateful and violent— examples of relationships and marriages out there! They're not swayed by the fear of infidelity, the fear of not being good enough, they're just not swayed! They're brave people! People desirous of loyalty and fidelity! They want to be able to give themselves to another, to be able to love even beyond death! They believe it, they believe in loyalty, even when it's not granted them, even when they're told they're not allowed to be loyal to each other! Their faith in marriage as a bond granting their love to last beyond death, is so strong, that they would dedicate their whole lives to be able to have it! Check out this story of the first couple to wed under this ruling; they've been together for over half a century, and what's the one thing they've been waiting to do? That's right! They've been waiting to pledge their official devotion to one another! So it's thanks to this group of people, that I am now able to see marriage in such a way as they do! Is this what marriage means, the way that they see it? Because if this is what marriage means, then that means it's something that I really want to believe in, too! Because if they can do it, then why can't the rest of everybody else do it?
       Gay people getting married is not a threat to the institution of marriage. You know what's a threat to the institution of marriage? Infidelity is! Hate is! Unforgiveness is! Apathy is! Coldheartedness is! Fear is! And you know what's a threat to the kids? It's not having gay parents! Most gay kids have straight parents! And plenty of gay parents raise respectable, straight kids! The threat to children isn't their parents being gay; the threat to children is their parents not loving one another! Not caring for one another! Not being crazy about each other! Domestic violence is a threat to children. Stupidity is a threat to children. A swimming pool in the backyard with no supervision is a threat to children! Kids need to see that their parent figures are capable of commitment, perseverance, loyalty, affection, understanding! And if a gay couple can exemplify that for a child, then that's better than the next straight couple who can't. The threat to children is going to school and being bullied when they are gay! Some children kill themselves, take their own lives, because they are bullied so hard for being gay! THAT is the sin! THAT is the travesty! THAT is the threat! No child should take their own life, ever. Now, if the legalising of gay marriage is able to save even a single life of a child, somewhere in this world, because that child is able to say, "hey, I'm not going to kill myself just because I'm gay, because I have equal rights in the eyes of the law, therefore, I think I just may have equal rights to be alive", then that's called saving a life, period. There is no religion higher than love, there is no religion higher than the value of the life of a single child, there is no religion higher than gentleness, and there is no religion higher than the commitment between two people, to love one another. 

It is so ordered.

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