The Alchemy of Sex

       I find it funny how people view sex as something purely physical and animalistic in nature. Sex is never associated with innocence, is it not? Or with purity! But why? Why is it that in our minds, this act is never associated with innocence and with spirit? Why is it always categorised as "lust", and lust categorised as "animalistic", as only physical, as only material in nature?
       When we think about religion today, for example, when we think about Christianity, we immediately think of sex being impure unless it is done in the confines of marriage. Funny. How can a holy religion cause a natural thing to become unholy? And I bet you have never heard that before and I bet I have just opened your eyes right there (that's called gnosis). Think of this again: How can a holy belief system, cause a natural act to become unholy? Can what is holy cause anything natural to become unholy? Is something holy if it can cast unholiness upon a natural act that is actually an act responsible for the continuation of the human race?
       People ignorantly assume that Paganism treated sex as unholy and animalistic; but nothing can be further from the truth! The ancient belief systems now called "Paganism", actually regarded sex as a holy act, in itself, responsible for the elevation of the spirit. And why not think that? Why not believe that? The act that is responsible for the continuation of the human race, should in fact naturally be held in regard as also being responsible for the elevation and enlightenment of the spirit! What is the elevation and the enlightenment of the spirit? It is innocence. The more enlightened and elevated a soul is— the more childlike it is in nature!
       It is entirely through a system of brainwashing that we have all come to regard the act of sex as something unholy unless you go to get papers done for it saying that you can do it. And since when has paperwork made anything holy! Hahahha! Can papers filled out here on Earth make something holy? Can what is below validate what is above? Is it the lesser that is responsible for bringing up the higher? In what insane existence is this so? Why is it that people believe that outward acts are responsible for the condition of their souls that are inside of them? It is in fact the condition of your soul that is inside of you, which produces the effect of the outward acts that you do! And do you know who first said this? Jesus did!
       We honour and we revere the act of sex, not only because it is the greatest pleasure that mankind is capable of experiencing; but because it is in fact an act that truly elevates the spirit and the soul. Of course, when you have sex with no gnosis, as dumb as a doorknob and as insentient as a nail, then this is the same thing as dogs copulating; but take note of this: the effect is merely a result of the cause! The cause being that the individual is already initially insentient! Therefore, an insentient individual with the sense of a nail, can only produce what is of his/her own nature. It is not the result that takes effect upon the cause! It is the cause (the initiator of the act) that is responsible for bringing forth the effect!
       We honour and we revere the act of sex, not only when it is done in the confines of marriage as stated by major religions; but we honour and we revere the act of sex, because it is an act sacred to the human race. We bring new souls into the world through this act; we unite our soul with another through this act; we experience the most ecstatic of pleasures through this act. We honour the act shared between two people, as belonging to themselves, we honour and we revere their relationship, because it is a bond shared between the two. We honour marriage— yes we do. We honour people's relationships— yes we do. And we honour it even more, when we are awakened to the fact that it is a divine act, innocent in itself.
       Not all souls are equal— this is the hard-to-swallow truth. But it is the truth, nonetheless. It is the nature of the soul that is responsible for both the filth in this world and for the beauty in this world. Insentient souls produce all things damaging and horrific; sentient souls produce all things beautiful and divine. The same goes with sex! It is not the act of marriage that purifies sex and holds it in innocence; but it is the state of the soul that does this! Impure souls, even within marriage, cannot produce spiritual elevation through sex! The same goes for pure souls outside of marriage; the lack of a marriage certificate is not going to cause a lack of soul bonds between partners who produce beauty together, through this act.
       Now, I am not saying that I am against marriage and I am not saying that I am against religion. I am not against anything; I am in fact only looking at the truth. How does one look at truth? One looks at truth by stepping outside of the range of vision that normal people are capable of seeing things in, and seeing EVERYTHING THAT IS TO BE SEEN. Truth is seen by eyes of eagles!
       Why is lust any lesser, anyway? I should want to love whom I lust and lust whom I love! Why have people tried to separate their objects of desire from their objects of devotion? Cannot one desire what one is devoted to and also be devoted to what one desires? We are souls inside bodies, are we not? Cannot the soul and the body live in harmony and reverence one for the other? I think this is the way that it should be. What has religion done? Religion has only sought to separate the two; creating a vision within the mind that dictates one is worthy of hellfire while one is worthy of heavenly clouds! Preposterous! And so we are to worship a God who has put a Heavenly thing within a Hellbound thing? Who in their right mind would worship such a God? I do not believe that our bodies are hellbound while our souls are heavenbound! If there is any divinity in me, then may it be all throughout me! The carnality, the hedonism, the purity, the innocence— this is all divine, altogether! At least, in me I know it is!
       Sex can be innocent, pure, and ecstatic, all at the same time! It depends upon the condition of the souls involved. It is not a heinous act that must be purified by prison time; it is not an act of murder! It is in fact quite the opposite of that! Why must we, in our minds, separate our lust from our love? Why not let the two dance together? Why not respect both and thereby purify the deemed lesser material into what is pure and what is gold! If you think something is made of mere coal, then do not simply throw the coal to the side! Take the coal and make it into gold! And better yet— do not have any coal at all! But only filter everything through your filters of gold! And this is how you shall identify holiness! Holiness is what is capable of purifying that which it touches!

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