The Whereabouts of Soul

       I believe that we traverse this Earth, to find the missing materials that we need, for building our eternal homes in the world that is adjacent to this one. Adjacent and unseen; but not undetectable. But then during our lives here, we also utilise materials from our eternal space, for using as we build our lives here in our corporeal space. It is a give-and-take relationship. A give-and-take relationship between our bodies and our souls, between our minds and our spirits. There are materials here that are needed there and those are what we harvest whilst being here. But there are also many materials there that are needed here and those are what we pull into our lives while we are here.
       I of course do not think that this is being done by everybody, but I believe that this is being done by some. Some know this is what they are doing, while others later on realise this is what they have been doing all along.
       "Heaven" is actually a country that we build within ourselves, or that we continue to build. We come from it, and we harvest materials for it while we are here, doing this through sharing our talents with others, and through being dedicated to our relationships in life, through loving others and through strengthening our ability to believe, through our faith. What is faith? Faith is the strength to believe even when believing is a very difficult thing to do! I think that faith is acquired here in this world, because there is no need to have faith in our eternal countries. But here, as we acquire faith in the midst of our hardships, we are begetting unto our eternal countries the strong glue that holds some buildings and some temples together. It is all for the adjacent world that we do this. And yet, we may bring that world into this one, just the same as our voices are the sounds of our souls speaking through our throats; so are our eternal cities and eternal colours the breath that we breathe while in this life. And sometimes, breath materialises in condensation, and even more, in snow! It can be real. All of it can be real. We need not be limited by physical matter; but we may choose what to make into physical matter. We may choose our realities, mould them, create them, cause them to bloom in front of our eyes.
       I believe that we are not determined either to heaven or to hell, through our actions here on Earth. On the contrary, I believe that we come either from heaven or from hell, prior to this life, and we carry our prior origins inside of us, at all times. People just go back to where they originally came from. And they live in this life as a result of where they once were. Of course, we have the capacities to develop and to build and to create more, while we are here, and perhaps even to change the course of our destinies, but I believe that the soul matter of individuals, are varied and are not of all the same origins.
       Perhaps a human simply falls back into himself upon the disintegration of his physical body, and continues to take form within the self of himself, simply returning from whence he came.

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