The Antlers, The Green, and The Font

       I know that by now, you have noticed how I have updated my social media branding, and that's something I would like to explain with all of you, a little bit.
       First of all, the green hue is something I would like to call "Joybell green". It's a hue of green that I searched for, for hour upon hour! I must have chosen from a hundred HEX Codes, before settling with this particular shade of green! It's green but it's not so green; it's almost turquoise but not quite; it has just the right amount of blue in it; but not too much to make it look garish. It's the exact shade of green I could stare at for hours on end and never get tired of.
       The antlers are something that I chose, for their spiritual meaning and symbolism. Antlers are very magical and mystical, as they are able to rejuvenate and grow anew, even after falling out. So, they symbolise eternal youth and renewal, as well as a quiet power (rejuvenation is power). Aside from the antlers themselves, we know that these things are attached to a deer; the deer is the symbol of gentleness, elegance and intuition. Using their intuition, deer are able to escape much larger prey in a very graceful, elegant way. They don't use force; they remain gentle, always a beautiful sight to behold. The deer is also the symbol of continual innocence and stillness; a satisfaction with the innocence in life; never does it scramble for attention, but gently it lurs attention without any thought of doing so. A deer would rather hide her beauty amongst the trees, and yet, every eye is delighted to find a deer if they can find one!
       Innocence, gentleness, sensitivity, eternal renewal, grace, elegance, intuition, stillness, swiftness, watchfulness, humility, beauty and soft strength. All magical and mystical qualities of the deer and its antlers. In this light, I have taken up this symbol as my own, one of protection for myself, and an embodiment of who C. JoyBell C. is.
       You'll know that up until now, my symbol has been that of The Three Flights (The Eagle, The Pegasus-Unicorn, and The Swan). However, I recently let go of my previous paths in life, and have taken up a new one that feels more fortified, and this is the path of the deer. And this is one that I believe will stay as my symbol, for always.
       The simple typeface I've used is called "Venetian BT" and is a typeface based upon the Venetian Renaissance printers of old, originally created between the late 15th and mid 18th centuries. I've chosen this font, as I am a fan of all the Renaissance typefaces, and also because this particular font looks light, crisp, and exceptional. It is exquisite, I think, and is a font that I could never grow tired of looking at.
       And it is with this formal introduction that I would like to welcome you all to the new C. JoyBell C. branding (it's called branding but with regards to me, the real term to use would be symbolism). I hope you are able to bask in its beauty and enjoy it as much as I do! Now, have a blessed day ahead! :)

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  1. I was having trouble sleeping and this is where I landed. Thank you for creating this landing space to envelope my insomnia :)


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