The Five Rules (And One Golden Rule) For Thinking, Writing, And Being Quoted

       I've noticed that I have started some kind of revolution in the world! I don't know if "revolution" is the right word, but, at the moment I am too tired to think of a better word, so, this one will simply have to do.
       As you all know, at the moment I could very well be referred to as the, "quote queen" of the world and I'm sure everyone would agree upon that. What that means is, I've probably produced more aphorisms that are quoted by people worldwide, than anyone else. While I am delighted to see that I am inspiring people to share their aphorisms, thus, inspiring them to think and to reflect deeply, I would also like to give a warning about the motives behind doing this.
       Allow me to explain. I have simply always been writing aphorisms my whole life. Before I could write, my mother said I would speak the most intriguing things, and she would write them down on paper. I also remember writing in pink little notebooks as a child. The idea wasn't ever to write in order to be quoted. I just needed someplace to write them down! The only thing that changed later on, is the arrival of the internet and the invention of the blog. Because then I had a place to write them while sharing them with others, at the same time. The rest is history!
       What I am saying, is that the motive ought to be to keep track of your own thoughts, and then if people are blessed by those thoughts, then that's good! I don't think that the motive should be, "I want people to quote me."
        Sure, I did say to myself one day, "I will have achieved a great thing if my words are ever quoted by others." I have of course, exceeded my wish (thanks be to all the higher powers), and I am quoted by people whom I thought would never know that I exist on Earth! And more than that, they actually thank me for my mere existence in this world. This is in fact one of the most gratifying things for a person to experience, I think (to be thanked for merely existing on the planet) and I am so very thankful that I receive this from others, everywhere.
       I've seen people come out with places on the internet and entitling them thus so, "Quotes by ______" and that makes me want to give out some "quoting etiquette" guidelines, for everyone out there who aspires to follow in my footsteps. The biggest guideline is the one I've already explained above (to write not to be quoted by others; but to write in order to keep track of your own thoughts). Now, what follows is a set of rules for quoting etiquette that I would be happy to give, because, if anyone is to follow in my footsteps, God forbid they follow blindly and end up turning this profession into a laughing stock. If you are going to do something, then do it the best way you possibly can. Here are the small set of rules (etiquette) for doing it the best way you possibly can:

1. Never quote yourself. Oh god, please, please, never quote yourself! What does quoting yourself look like? It looks like this: "Last night I lost the world and gained the universe."— C. JoyBell C. Never, ever, ever say something followed by your name and inserted between quotation marks. The idea is to write; it's not your job to quote yourself! That's the job of other people! It's not a "quote" unless another person quotes you! And, no, that other person can never be your shadow self!

2. Never say something original of your own creation whilst inserting it into quotation marks. Quotation marks are for sharing something that somebody else said! If you do that for yourself (even if you don't follow it up with your name at the end) you'll just look like you don't know punctuation! And if you don't know punctuation, it then follows that the respect your readers have for you, will drop like the falling and fading sparks of a firecracker plummeting to the ground! I would insert a series of sound effects right about now, but, I'm too tired to think of a series of sound effects, so, just imagine that on your own! A la comic book style!

3. Don't act like you're incredible just because you're being quoted. This goes back to the golden rule I first shared above— the idea is to think— then if other people find what you think to be worthwhile, then that means you are honoured. That never means you are incredible! They're incredible for finding you out of 7 billion people in the world! So, don't be an asshole!

4. Never beg people to "check out" your "quotes". First of all, they are called "aphorisms"; they are not called "quotes" until other people call them that, because they are in fact quoting you. Don't beg them to come and read your aphorisms. Aphorisms are not a form of entertainment! They are the products of mental and spiritual reflection!

5. Never see the process of philosophy as a stairway to fame! The process of philosophy is a stairway to enlightenment and awareness and truth. If you see philosophy (the love of wisdom which will in turn produce aphorisms), as a shortcut to fame— it will really, really show! It will smell and people will be able to smell that and you will turn into a stinky trashcan. You don't want that, so don't do it. If you do that, if you do think like that, then you will only be famed amongst those with no intuition and no foresight and insight. You will not be famed amongst those who have intuition enough to smell your motives!

       I think that will be all! :) It is my earnest hope that those of you who are following in my footsteps (and I know that there are many of you), will adhere to this oh-so-very important list of "quoting etiquette" rules! And if you don't adhere to these, then you don't have my blessing to go out into the world and multiply your aphorisms! :p Have a great day, wonderfuls! :)

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  1. Thank you very much. I needed to hear this. I find my soul whispering a whole lot of aphorisms to me lately. It is tempting to quote yourself. This makes sense thank you


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