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       Hello, wonderfuls! Today I want to share an excerpt with you, it's taken from The Asatru Edda: Sacred Lore of the North by the Norroena Society. I have the book and have read it from cover to cover, but this excerpt is from the free online version. The passages are short but there is a wealth of knowledge in here worth pondering and expounding upon. The whole Asatru Edda is like that, there are mounds of gold to be found in just a few paragraphs! The gold is hidden under layers of words that are not readily understood by people, but that's why I want to provide the meaning of this excerpt for all of you, today. Even this small morsel is enough to change a life and point it into the right direction!
       When people associate Asatru with the "White Race" or the "Supreme Race", or really just the Northern European race, of course that is understandable, as this is, after all, the lore of the North; however, to say that the spirituality of the North belongs only to the North and is symbolic of that fact— is wrong and is a byproduct of a mind that does not understand its own spirituality. I don't think there is any other spirituality/religion on Earth, that best represents the mix of culture and of race, as Asatru does! In Asatru you will find Dark Elves who marry Light Elves (two distinct types of elves), Aesir marrying Vanir (two distinct types of gods), and even gods marrying giants (two totally different species). Just in this handful alone, we have black and white, North and South, bird and elephant! And what's more, is that, I don't think any other religion on Earth represents so beautifully the blended family, as Asatru does! Stepdaughters and stepsons are accepted into the houses of the gods, as if they are their own! Same with illegitimate offspring, and even offspring with different species (the giants). All sins are forgiven for the sake of the children, and great feuds are put to an end, for the sake of the sons/daughters. I have not read about so much forgiveness and openness, anywhere else, other than in the Asatru Edda! You have the acceptance of mixed races, mixed marriages, blended families, stepchildren, illegitimate children, so on and so forth. It is therefore an ignorance of this religion, to say that it is a form of spirituality only for one race of people! Anyone who says that is merely using the religion for their own propaganda.
       Now that I'm done explaining all of that, it's time to begin the reading, and I'm sure that at the end of this, you will come to realize, that The Asatru Edda contains much beautiful, spiritual knowledge that is very much hidden, with meanings that cannot be understood easily by just anyone. But I am here to guide you. If you choose to read The Asatru Edda in full, and have no idea what you are reading, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me and I can explain to you what it means. Remember, esoterica is my own language! Now, without further ado:

1. "Faith is participation. It is choosing not to choose and turning to decide that all is undecided and awaits, eternal journey." = Faith is not a passive thing that one receives. At least, true faith is not. Faith is in fact an active participation, which is a paradox between making the choice not to choose, whilst making the decision that all is undecided and still awaits, during that eternal journey that you are on.

2. "It is influential: know that I can journey and all realms of experience are open to my tread. Share with another and they travel also." = Faith influences our journey and brings us into higher realms of experience, opening up the doors to us, doors that we would otherwise not have access to without belief. Faith therefore influences our experience on our eternal journey, with allowing us access to these realms. So it is not only a participation that receives action from us; but it is in fact also something that acts on its own, upon our lives, influencing our lives and our souls in the process. When we share our faith with another, they will also travel with us on our eternal journey, if they choose to (if they make the first participatory act to do just that).

3. "Believe that what I behold is 'just imagination' or 'just expectation' and I am moored tight to my own shore. Can or can't, real of imagined: either way, I am 'right'. The can and real are richer and connect me to a deeper journey." = Doubt is what will moore you tight to your own shore, doubt is what will maroon you to your own island, with no ship, no boat; it is what will not allow you to set sail onto that sea, onto that ocean! Referring to the things that you believe in (the objects of your faith), as merely imaginations and only expectations, is what will trap you, not allowing you onto your eternal journey. With belief, with faith, the questions of can or can't, real or imagined, are not relevant, because what is relevant becomes the fact that belief is what will bring you onto your eternal journey, therefore, that means you are "right" for believing, for having belief— in itself.

So now I will make an action of participation, in choosing to believe in "can" and "real" instead of "can't" and "imagined", because in my choice to believe in "can" and "real", I am connecting myself to a deeper journey, and to connect myself to a deeper journey, is to live knowing that I am "right". It is in fact that deeper journey experience that makes us "right"!

4. "Bliss is in the moments but the moments are far longer than what they seem. Each is endless if one but let it be so." = We find our happiness in moments, we find the meaning of life in moments containing bliss, but these are not to be seen as fleeting things; rather, these are to be seen as portions of eternity, it all lies in how we treat each moment and how we allow those moments to affect our lives, to stretch out into the rest of our lives, to linger on and to paint everything that we think and that we do and that we say.

You may be living in a difficult, discouraging situation in your life right now, but like everyone else, each of your days contains moments of eternal bliss. You may take these moments and build upon them, stretch them out over longer periods of time, enshrine them, glorify them, cause them to influence your life and your output into the world, in such a way that it will become your reality and your eternity; rather than the discouraging situation you would otherwise dwell in and see as you look around you.

5. "Once smithied, the sword is ever near my grasp. Will becomes reflexive once built. Thorr's forge smithies greater evolution." = The sword is both something that we will grasp and call ourselves "warrior" with, but it is also a symbol of forbearance, longsuffering, steadfastness, we are forged like the sword, for greater evolution! But we will also hold the sword in our hands one day, to show, that the furnace we went through, has produced a precious stone, a warrior, a diamond. Our scars shall not be hidden; but shall be worn proudly as battle scars, as our evidence of the forge, of the furnace that we overcame to get to the other side.

6. "It constructs a higher world by effort's hammer. Then Odinn, laughing, releases it all and I ascend the glass mountain to the Godin." = Through our faith, through our forbearance, we construct higher worlds for ourselves, we build our own Inner Countries (Inner Country is my own term, actually), and when it is time for the release (the end of the forge with the sword), it is time for laughter, it is time to walk on a glass mountain (beauty), it is time to ascend to the Gods (to ascend, to glory, to enlighten, to evolve, to laugh, to remain in bliss).

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