Orchid Children and Adam Number Two

       I've come across some really good stuff lately, I want to put them in a safe place where I won't lose them, so that they can continually be shared with all of you, and where else is a better place than here on my blog, right?
       First, I would like to link you up to an article that I had the true pleasure of stumbling upon just yesterday. The article talks about "Orchid Children". Amongst esoteric circles, you would be able to see reference to this type of person under the filing of "Indigo Children" or "Crystal Children" or "Rainbow Children". I know that the three types I just mentioned are distinct in their own ways, but they are all highly-sensitive individuals, nonetheless, and that is what orchids are all about, they are about being highly sensitive. The term "Orchid Child", though, is coined by science and not by spiritualism. It is wonderful to read what science has to say about highly sensitive individuals, and I'm sure you will find this article to be just as informative as I think it is!
       Next up is the greatest speech I have ever had the pleasure of listening to! I didn't even know who this speaker was, before stumbling upon this talk on Youtube! And now I have been blessed to listen to his talk (twice now, I've replayed it twice already), feeling like I have been given a bar of gold. This speech puts into words the observations that I have been longing to be able to put into words, and backs it with references to history and research. I appreciate this speech to no end and that's why I want to share it with you today! I hope that you enjoy reading the article about Orchid Children, and I hope that you enjoy watching the video that I have for you below. But more importantly, I hope that you absorb and that you learn, as I have. Thank you for being here!

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