You Don't See My Roots

       I think that there are some people who read the wonderful words that many other people have written about me/for me, and those reading easily presume that since these words are "offered" to me all the time, then I must be "full of myself." But you see, this is the furthest thing from the truth. The truth is that, the many words that have been said to me, and about me, that are wonderful, are words that were there when I needed them the most. During times when I was at my lowest, these words came to me in messages, from people everywhere, one by one, as if they knew what I was going through (but they really didn't, there's no way they could know.). The words said about me, are divine interventions in my life, and they can truly be called divine interventions, because if not for them, I might have truly given up hope many times before, and I wouldn't even still be C. JoyBell C. right now.
       I think that there are many things about other people, that are seen only on the surface, people fail to see the roots underneath the surface of the ground; they only see the flower! They don't know what the flower had to do to grow roots! And that is exactly what it is like, for me. People see me as the rose, they don't see the roots that I had to grow to become the rose. There is no way that I could possibly become "full of myself" no matter what wonderful things people have to say about me. They call me a goddess, an ethereal being, some think I am an actual vampire! Some have called me "the mother of the universe." These are all very lofty and very beautiful things; but one must remember, that the truly lofty things do not grow high into the sky unless the foundation has also run very deep. Like roots of a rose. Like roots of a tree. Any joys that I experience, have already been paralleled by pains that are unseen by unknowing eyes.

C. Bells

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  1. You're a beautiful writer and your work always pours love into my mind :)


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