Has Been Called Batman!

       A few days ago, I was invited by Katie Marshall, of Soul Anatomy Magazine, to an interview with her. I'd like to share that interview with all of you, today. Furthermore, Soul Anatomy is founded by Brianna Wiest, a contributing writer to Huffington Post, Teen Vogue, Thought Catalog, Glamour, Bustle, etc. Both Katie and Brianna have been so kind to me and my interview with the magazine has been a very positive experience.
       I did not read the questions beforehand, because I wanted to answer them with an element of surprise on my part, that way, my answers would be more genuine. Some of the questions (most of them) require digging down deep into the soul, so it was a very revealing experience and the results are really much better than what I could have imagined!
       I am officially changing my tagline now, to state, "Has been called Batman", in reference to Katie documenting me as such, in her introduction to the interview (thank you, Katie, you really did create a milestone in my career and life just there) Batman for the win!!!!
       It's seldom that you will find women like Katie and Brianna, who are eager and willing to uphold another woman like myself. There is just too much competition amongst women in general, and especially in the literary industry, so an experience like this is one that I really commend these two wonderful women for sharing with me. Thanks again! And to all my wonderfuls, I hope you enjoy reading my very first proper magazine interview! Remember that it's come on the week when all the 5 planets are aligned in our skies! Cheers!

Lightning Bugs and Romantic Minds

Hello, wonderfuls!

       I have been coming across some excellent videos lately, all of which I feel the world really needs to see! How to show the world? Well at least I can try to do that by posting said videos here on my blog and sharing them via my social networks.

       The first video I want to share today— first of all, let me just say that it is superb and beyond excellent— moreover, it has a message that really does go down a lot deeper and vaster than what immediately meets the eye. When you watch it, you'll see what I'm talking about. I can say that this video resonated with me and echoed in the chambers of my mind.

       Did you watch it? Did you love it? I hope you did, because the message is something I truly believe everyone living in this generation needs to internalise and chew on. I think that it goes very well with this next video that I am about to show you, which I think is an excellent discussion about a reality that ails everyone in our modern era. It is so very important to discuss these two mindsets in light of our social-media-obsessed culture, because when we become aware of these two mindsets explained in the video below, we will be able to choose a thinking pattern to apply to our lives that will enable us to be happier.

       Thank you for watching and I hope that you have found the videos here to be as helpful and as informative as I feel they really are!

How To Create Beauty

Hello, wonderfuls!

       Today I would like to share with all of you, a video that I believe is so very important. It's about building beautiful cities, it discusses the principles behind how this can be done and how this can be thought about. These same principles are thoughts that I have been pondering upon from a very young age, but I never before possessed the knowledge enabling me to express those thoughts. Watching this video now, I feel like I have been provided with the knowledge to express the principles that I so deeply believe in.
       You have often asked me about my writing techniques and I have always answered you the same way. I have always told you that when I write, I don't see letters, sentences and paragraphs; rather, I see buildings, structures, cities! The reason why I have always said that, is because it is exactly what I mean! My cities may be unseen, my buildings and structures may be part of the unseen worlds; however, I firmly believe that what we create in the unseen world, we should strive to create in the world that we can touch and see.
       Cities have always been incredibly important to me and I am truly the type of person who cannot be fully happy in an ugly city. I have been criticized for this before, by people who say that they cannot see ugliness. I for one can definitely see ugliness. I can see both ugliness and beauty and I know that there is a HUGE difference between the two! Ugly cities inflict my mind with unease and contempt, really, and I spend my days thinking of all the beautiful ones. But there's a twist! If only we could start making beautiful cities again! If only we could re-ignite our passion for beauty all around us and instead of trying to always produce the latest most attractive cell phone, we could all focus on trying to produce the latest and most attractive city!
       So what is an attractive city, what entails the beauty of an attractive collection of people, places and things? I will let the video explain these things to you, and hopefully, you will feel as empowered and as informed as I did, right after watching it. Do enjoy!

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