Lightning Bugs and Romantic Minds

Hello, wonderfuls!

       I have been coming across some excellent videos lately, all of which I feel the world really needs to see! How to show the world? Well at least I can try to do that by posting said videos here on my blog and sharing them via my social networks.

       The first video I want to share today— first of all, let me just say that it is superb and beyond excellent— moreover, it has a message that really does go down a lot deeper and vaster than what immediately meets the eye. When you watch it, you'll see what I'm talking about. I can say that this video resonated with me and echoed in the chambers of my mind.

       Did you watch it? Did you love it? I hope you did, because the message is something I truly believe everyone living in this generation needs to internalise and chew on. I think that it goes very well with this next video that I am about to show you, which I think is an excellent discussion about a reality that ails everyone in our modern era. It is so very important to discuss these two mindsets in light of our social-media-obsessed culture, because when we become aware of these two mindsets explained in the video below, we will be able to choose a thinking pattern to apply to our lives that will enable us to be happier.

       Thank you for watching and I hope that you have found the videos here to be as helpful and as informative as I feel they really are!

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