Beta Reader Myr

This is Myr Lim. Myr lives in The Philippines.

This is what Myr had to say when she first started reading The Conversation of Venusta:

“This book is a transporter of place, thought and time. I say transporter because as I read along, a certain paragraph leads me to recall childhood incidents shedding more light now to the significance of those episodes. Then the next sentence brought me to contemplate about the unseen future, and as I turn over a new page it brings awareness of the present moment and the essence of life. This is not your typical sequential book where it leaves the purpose or goal at the end. This book is full of hidden messages, in each page and on every turn. It’s a handbook for the free-thinkers, those who want to see and feel every little thing this world has to offer and more so; what might lie beyond. The Conversation of Venusta is a compendium we all need as a reminder of the goddess in each of us, the love we must carry in our life and the beauty we must not take for granted in the world we live in.”

And this is what Myr is saying now after reading the whole book:

“This book speaks to the soul. It’s like you’re looking at your own reflection and describing your innermost thoughts & feelings. It’s understanding the purpose of your life and how to live it well. C. JoyBell C’s use of conversation to express what every individual longs to say but can’t find the right words is simply divine. One can’t help but cling to the wisdom and supreme knowledge this book bestows, especially; when life seem so complicated and yet the author’s gift in delivering esoteric messages is made clear, simple and concise. There are billions of book in this world, some books are made for me, some are made for you, some are made for them, but this one (The Conversation of Venusta) is made for all of us.”

Learn more about Myr:

Myr is a business owner that supplies food packaging throughout The Philippines. She is also a certified Fashion Stylist who graduated at Make-Up Designory Los Angeles. She manages her company on weekdays and teaches beauty make-up & hairstyling on weekends.

Myr’s also an avid yogi, having discovered yoga eight years ago; she never looked back since. With no background in dance or any sports whatsoever; yoga has taught her the importance of movement, meditation & mindfulness.

She considers travelling as her passion and goes somewhere she's never been to every year on her birthday. She has been on her wanderlust journey for the past fourteen years and that's only the beginning.

Myr supports Humanitarian Tzu Chi Foundation which is a non governmental organization (NGO) that has a worldwide care program helping and serving all those in need and struck by calamities. This NGO was founded by Dharma Master Chen Yen who's often called "the Mother Teresa of Asia".

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The Conversation of Venusta is available on Amazon, at CreateSpace, and at many other online stores. If you would rather place an order of this book via your brick and mortar bookstore, simply order it at their front desk and it will arrive in two weeks, regardless of where you are in the world.

Beta Reader Yahaya

This is Yahaya Aluke. Yahaya lives in Nigeria.

This is what Yahaya had to say right before he started reading The Conversation of Venusta:

“I have a feeling this is going to be life changing.”

And this is what Yahaya is saying now after reading the whole book:

“I’ve read the book. I finished it last week and I started reading it for the second time on a quiet farm within the week. Going off to the edge of civilization and reading it again makes me believe The Conversation of Venusta is not the commute type of book that you read on the move, in a noisy, crowded place... because reading it in a farm — surrounded by nature, sitting on a bale of hay to the background sounds of birds chirping and the intermittent braying of donkeys and the gentle whistling of wind overhead made the book come alive in another dimension.

Alone with the book, the words seem to fall off the pages and take an embodiment of the Goddess sitting with the girl, sitting with me, Their conversation becoming my conversation, voicing out questions only my soul knew it had.

Reading The Conversation of Venusta has been a profound experience, like a conversation you wished you’d always had with a loved one — a parent, a beloved aged Grandmother — for so long and finally you’re having it, and you’re overwhelmed at some points by the sheer surreality of it all. Questions answered powerfully. Deep questions, whose answers I’ve always somehow known but have never been sure. Some answers are much needed reminders, while some of the questions I’ve never even thought of, yet when the answers are uncovered it gives a serendipitous settling peace.

I’m yet to read your Vade Mecum, but I know that The Conversation of Venusta is going to be my own Vade Mecum. It’s a book that has made such a great impression, a book I’ll buy and read, and read again and carry around till it’s all dogeared from use. A book I’ll reference often, and quote, and make art with its words, frame them and keep where I can see them everyday. Because it is food for the soul, it is a fortification, an armor, it’s a soothing balm, it’s the wind under the wings of angels. It’s something wonderful.

Finally, while you often write about beauty, a concept, perhaps better understood by the female folks, I don’t think your work should be boxed in by being identified so majorly with femininity because I as a man, I feel I need it just as much.”

Get to know Yahaya a lot better:

Yahaya is a recognized team builder and leader throughout Nigeria. He is also an activist and advocate for various causes that he cares about, such as his involvement with Rotaract, where he organized a fundraiser for a children’s orphanage. As a volunteer Facilitator at YMCA Emerge Project, he has taught Secondary School kids about Democracy, Human Rights, Gender Equality, Personal Identity among other things. Yahaya is currently the Lead Web Developer at Pneumasoft Technologies Limited, Nigeria.

You can connect with Yahaya HERE

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The Conversation of Venusta is available on Amazon, at CreateSpace, and at many other online stores. If you would rather place an order of this book via your brick and mortar bookstore, simply order it at their front desk and it will arrive in two weeks, regardless of where you are in the world.

Beta Reader Kristian

This is Kristian Dupont. Kristian lives in Copenhagen.

This is what Kristian has to say about The Conversation of Venusta:

“My daily work is about formulating solutions to problems in a way that is so unambiguous that even a computer can read it. This probably appeals to me because I am a left-brained kind of person. And yet, I also rely on music and art to stimulate my mood and curiosity. Those are two very different things and they give me value in very different ways. Reading The Conversation of Venusta, I noticed that C. Joybell C. managed to do both at the same time. She has some very rational observations and conclusions of why we act like we do and why we are the way we are. At the same time, she uses stories and metaphors that reach you on a completely different and much more subconscious level.

I saw a standup comedian say that the best humor works because it gives you a way to tackle sides of yourself that you are uncomfortable with, in a safe manner. The laugh is a big sigh of relief. The comedian, it turns out, has the same dark sides as you do, and dares to bring them out which means that maybe they’re not something to feel so bad about after all!

In a way, this book does something similar. Not through humor, and not just dark sides, but to me it definitely brought up a number of things that were on my mind, consciously and subconsciously. Reading it was an experience that gave me a number of realizations and, yes, reliefs. It’s a soul searching and very honest work that does not serve up klichés like you might expect of a book that ponders on life like this.

The fact that C. Joybell C.’s quotes show up in graphics all over the internet speaks to her tremendous ability to articulate the abstract. Her writing is auto-therapeutic to me. It’s not a story, and yet it is in so many ways. It’s not a self-help book, but it is that as well. It’s a conversation that makes you see things in a broader perspective.”

Discover more about Kris:

Kristian Dupont is a programmer. He has been involved in several startup projects and is now living in Copenhagen after years of living like a digital nomad.

(I encouraged him to share more about himself, but he says that makes him feel uncomfortable.)

You can connect with Kristian HERE

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The Conversation of Venusta is available on Amazon, at CreateSpace, and at many other online stores. If you would rather place an order of this book via your brick and mortar bookstore, simply order it at their front desk and it will arrive in two weeks, regardless of where you are in the world.

Beta Reader Priyanka

This is Priyanka Dass. Priyanka lives in India.

This is what Priyanka had to say while she was still reading my book:

“I am halfway through this book and I am just awestruck by how captivating and honest this book is. It is meant to be a conversation with self; the higher and mundane one and it left me with the same conversation with self. It’s almost like sitting with myself and thinking about things I never did. It felt almost divine at certain points and I still can’t comprehend the beautiful mind of C. Joybell C. to craft such deep meaningful thoughts in simple and beautiful words. I am sure once I finish reading this book it will not leave me so easily, there are pieces that I will pick up and practice everyday, and I can’t wait for it.”

This is what Priyanka is saying now after she has read the whole book:

“This book is nothing less than magnificent and wonderful. It is the simplest and purest answer for all the complex questions that we ask ourselves everyday. While reading The Conversation of Venusta, you will be bare faced with your own soul; it is a sweet reunion with the self that we are often so blinded to see.

I enjoyed all the metaphors and symbols in this book and the revelation of their divine meaning. It is a parallel journey of spirituality and realism, flesh and soul, thoughts and our works. It led me to a greater understanding of loving myself, making the right decisions, waiting on the right people in life, faith and belief.

I will pick The Conversation of Venusta every time when I will question myself and find myself in doubt. This book is more than encouragement; it is a beautifully crafted way of finding the truth, the truth that is otherwise twisted by this world. And I can assure that amidst the words inside, you will find whatever you are seeking in life.”

Discover more about Pri:

Priyanka is a Biotechnologist who is currently working towards her Masters in Biotechnology at Christian Eminent College. She is also founder of Kohled Words, a professional Writing Studio that provides clients with various services.

Pri is also a part of Victory Fellowship International, a Christian Youth Fellowship in India, founded by students from Africa. She is the Committee of their Indore branch.

Aside from all the brainy stuff that Priyanka likes to do, she also enjoys the art of hand lettering, painting, and enjoys playing with children.

You can connect with Priyanka on Instagram here: @priyankadass

You can read some of her poetry and prose on Instagram here: @fleshandsoul

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Beta Reader Jim

This is Jim Crotty. Jim lives in Ohio.

This is what Jim had to say about The Conversation of Venusta while he was still reading it:

“I am just past the halfway mark on reading The Conversation of Venusta. I would probably be much further along if it were not for my impulse to re-read so much, highlight and constantly make exclamation points and stars in the margins. And not for the reason you may fear. Not by a long shot! It’s due to the fact the lessons and wisdom within this conversation is like a trail of diamonds, one leading to the next in a brilliant display of prose beautifully balanced between mind, heart and soul. By nature of what I do I am a very visually oriented person so my apologies for being over analogous in my initial review but being given the opportunity to preview and proof Venusta is akin to privileged access to an oasis for the soul while roaming the desert of the temporal, the fearful and the vain. It is an affirmation that indeed we have sojourners in this, the journey of life, and it is a beautiful blessing and serendipitous that we should connect with an author as talented and courageous as C. JoyBell C.

Venusta has arrived at such a perfect time because the topics of the ‘conversation’ — the questions asked and the answers provided — are truly powerful in their healing energy, especially for sensitive souls who have recently experienced any type of deep, personal loss recently or are in the process of questioning their decisions regarding where we come from, where are we going and how to recognize true love and beauty when it is visited upon us during our journeys. This last year I experienced death and loss within my own family and journeyed down some false paths. What I am reading in Venusta has renewed and reawakened my soul-voice. To come up out of the darkness and limits of ‘compartmentalization’ and toward the peaceful acceptance of what a soul given wings is capable of accomplishing, in growing, expressing, sharing. And I’m only halfway through the book! Thank you, C., thank you, thank you.”

“I’m on page 182. What you are writing is resounding in me unlike any other work I’ve read prior to ‘Venusta,’ from ANY author. This is amazing.”

And this is what Jim is saying now after reading the whole book:

“The experience of reading 'The Conversation of Venusta' is far from merely reading words on pages. It is an experience much more akin to stepping aside and bearing witness to the journey of one’s own soul, all the while guided by a voice of heartfelt reason and a pure intention from love — a love of life, of beauty, of truth. That is C. JoyBell C.

It was a wonderful privilege to read and preview ‘Venusta.’ While bookstore shelves are filled with countless self-help guides to the betterment of the body and self, it’s a refreshing change to discover this wonderful guide and voice to the betterment of the soul. Never condemning, not judgmental, but rather gently leading the reader to the truth and beauty of his or her own heart as well as refining awareness of where real love resides.

On the surface considered esoteric I would venture to go further and describe C. JoyBell C’s writing and work with ‘Venusta’ as a divine composition of, and balance of, the inherent goodness of all that is beautiful and spiritual, both of what is seen and unseen. It is rare indeed to find a writer with such originality of feeling, awareness of all the energy of life and gifted prose that is universal and transcends the obstacles of religious and cultural classifications and judgmental simplifications. She speaks to all souls.

Through ‘Venusta’ the reader begins to see his or her full potential when the growth journey moves beyond the limits of body and ego and engages spirit and soul. I stated this in my mid-way review and I will state it again here — it’s serendipitous of how and when ‘Venusta’ came into my life, not only as a beta reader but in the collaborative work I did with C. JoyBell C. in photographing the cover image.

Over the last year I’ve personally experienced several life-altering events, exactly the type of experiences that lead to the most important topics of this ‘Conversation,’ from the passing on of loved ones, trials of the heart and struggles with the trap of ego. More than once did I feel and hear the voice of my now deceased mother come through, leading me onward to engage fully the truth of not only my own soul but to see clearly the good hearts meant to sojourn with me. This, the ‘journey to peace.’

‘Venusta’ will resonate particularly in a powerful way for those on a faith journey who have experienced many wrong paths, just as what can happen in organized fundamentalism and overemphasis on dogma. You are not alone! There is such a sense of positive, renewing energy to this ‘Conversation’ and affirmation that questioning institutionalized (and in many ways commercialized) soul-faith-journey is not only the right thing to do but is necessary to ascend to the spiritual heights of which most of us are destined. Even now I’m afraid to go further with that thought due to lingering fears that were entrenched during my own wrong paths and all the scars of self-condemnation, but the truth is the truth and it is beautiful!

The ‘conversation’ moves seamlessly from faith journey to love and relationships. All is interconnected and C. JoyBell C. is a master at showing the whole growth process of the soul as being comprised of all that makes life truly meaningful and guides us to beauty and greater realization of our full potentials. Here to the pitfalls of succumbing to the limits of ego and fear are illustrated by not so much describing desire as shameful but more of why it is so important to refine awareness and discernment through self-worth and gaining the right vision of oneself. Sex fully within the context of love is beautiful in its power to move the soul, unlike any other interaction between two people. Once again, breaking down the walls of shame and guilt. ‘All freedom is love.’

Yes, the soul is on a journey within this life and I do agree with C. JoyBell C. that we ‘create our own Heavens and Hells here on Earth’. There must be growth. There must be balance. There must be self-worth to the point of being fully capable of extending and receiving pure love. Every page of ‘The Conversation of Venusta’ delivers gems of soul-feeling and I think it will be C. JoyBell C.’s most quoted work (there’s genuine gold throughout). She’s already the most quoted Author on Goodreads and there’s a reason why. ‘Venusta’ is beyond confirmation to that well-earned honor.

‘Fill your soul with the wine of life.’ With ‘Venusta’ C. JoyBell C. has lovingly crafted a joyful vessel for delivering such wine, one laden in the beauty of her words and the love-foundation of her wisdom. We can — and we will — build beautiful temples of our souls, in this world and beyond. Thank you C. JoyBell C.”

Discover more about Jim:

Jim is the Owner and Photographer at Picture Ohio, LLC. Aside from Jim’s involvement with the arts and entrepreneurship (he comes from a long line of entrepreneurs), he also gained a firm foundation in perseverance and determination while serving as a United States Marine. Jim’s evidence of loyalty to the United States Marine Corps Reserve includes the following: Honorable service including active duty training at Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, SC; graduate of USAF Security Police Academy at Lackland Air Force Base, Marine Corps Detachment; Camp Lejeune, North Carolina; Ft. Carson, Colorado Springs, CO and Camp Kinser, Okinawa, Japan. Corporal E-4 with Selective Marine Corps Reserve Award.

Jim has been a Marketing Communications Manager, a Journalism Teacher and a Speech Communications Teacher. His true love, though, goes to his two daughters, Emma and Chloe; and also to his son, Philip. His love is also evident in his affection for the arts. Jim says about his photography: “Life is art and a love for the art of living infuses every project I become involved with, from commercial photography assignments to teaching photography to capturing images that effectively express my appreciation for the beauty and wonder of nature. What I do as a profession and avocation resides deep within my being.”

More info: Jim is the photographer I collaborated with to produce the cover of this book.

You may connect with Jim HERE

You may like Jim's Facebook Page HERE

Also, visit his Website for more.

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Beta Reader Joanna

This is Joanna Basior. Joanna lives in Taiwan.

This is what Joanna has to say about my book:

“The Conversation of Venusta is a must-read for every individual: from those needing to be uplifted to those whose positivity, joy and peace fill every crevice of their Soul. This naturally flowing, effortless dialogue draws the reader in completely with an incredible focus on the conversation. Even though initially the reader ‘listens in’ on the conversation, there is no feeling of intrusion. In fact, within the first few pages of the exchange the reader becomes the conversation; it’s an incredible sensation! The insights expressed in the book immediately resonate within the Soul; this goes for the known and understood ideas, as well as for new revelations; the Soul recognizes them and allows the mind to acknowledge, accept and rejoice.

Many women in today’s society are natural caregivers and caretakers of their Loved Ones, fully giving and sacrificing themselves, forgetting that they, too, ought to love and appreciate themselves. ‘The Conversation of Venusta’ powerfully reminds them of the importance of acknowledging their own greatness and remembering that their beautiful Light needs nurturing and recognition, resulting in a compelling empowerment. We are reminded of our infinite gift to ourselves and to others, allowing us to shine even brighter. This imperative dialogue consciously takes us back to the only religion there is: Beauty.

I truly hope that ‘The Conversation of Venusta’ will be translated into Chinese; both the traditional and the simplified versions. People raised in the Chinese society, with strong Confucian ideology, with an overwhelming focus on filial piety (inclusive of obedience) and inevitable fate, will undoubtedly benefit from the wisdom revealed in this book. It will provide an absolutely life changing epiphany, which will allow many to acknowledge their individuality, their greatness and move from fear to freedom; resulting in a possibility of meeting their destiny, instead of being resigned to fate.

I devoured the wisdom contained in this precious dialogue, wholly nourishing my mind and my Soul. C. JoyBell C. stitches her words onto the silk of our existence, leaving an eternal imprint on the reader. Her unique perspective challenges and pacifies at the same time. ‘The Conversation of Venusta’ left me with the feeling of overflowing joy, peace and Love."

Discover more about Joanna:

Joanna Basior is the President of Sphera International, which she co-founded with her brother and business partner in 2010. She is also Managing Partner of Tempus Development Solutions, Inc; a Dallas, TX-based company, which services building development clientele in the US. Joanna attended University of Michigan, Peking University and Georgetown University where she graduated with degrees in Chinese Language and Linguistics.

Growing up in communist Poland and having acquired an education in Poland, the United States and China, Joanna gained a unique combination of technical knowledge and practical understanding of politics, culture and languages from three very different continents. Combining her unique background, education, cultural and linguistic knowledge, business acumen and creativity, Joanna successfully develops and directs international projects by implementing cutting-edge initiatives.

In line with Joanna’s personal linguistic passions, she is an active language consultant and international conference and presentation advisor at National Taiwan University Hospital in Taipei, Taiwan.

Joanna’s passions include reading, writing, public speaking, innovation, volunteering and international travel.

Connect with Joanna HERE

Work Website

Charities close to her heart:

Helping Hearts Helping Hands

The Sanctuary Taiwan

Joanna is smart. Be like Joanna. =)

Beta Reader Ruh

This is Ruh Ullah Mohammad Barna. Ruh lives in Bangladesh.

This is what Ruh had to say about my work, while he was still reading it:

“Half way done. Even though it is supposed to feel like a conversation between your mind and soul, most of the time I’m feeling like you are talking to me. Being there for me no matter I’m up or down, like a guardian angel. And I can just BE. Already feeling a bit sad that it’s halfway over! I wish, you could consider continuing this as a series of books along the ‘Vade Mecum’ series.”

“Almost 3/4th done. The more I’m reading your words, the more I'm knowing myself better. In case I forget to say to you later, thank you for this book. Elegance of Mind... and the idea of true humility making me think the most... the way the idea of hovering made me feel in its prequel. Not every reader gets the chance to talk to the writer about the book while reading, I feel so, so, too lucky every single moment of this wonderful journey!”

This is what Ruh is saying now after completing his reading of The Conversation of Venusta:

“The Conversation of Venusta, might turn out to be the best ever gift till date to its readers from the Author C. JoyBell C. It is a sequel to her earlier creation ‘The Conversation of Merachefet’, a great thought- provoking one, itself. Surpassing the prequel is always a tough job to do, she did it with magical ease like the way a child smiles.

It’s one of those big size books one can get lost inside so easily, like an escape from anything you desire not to be in touch with for the time being. Just like its predecessor, it’s written in the style of one single conversation between mind and soul, this time spreading over 240 pages. At the beginning, someone might think it’s a lot of pages, but once he or she gets inside the soulful journey; it’s one hell of a tough job to take any break at all. And at the end it’s just the matter of moments to realize how much you crave for some more pages. And in this case for even better, instead of losing oneself one may find themselves in it. Or even more than that, one might even find who they always thought to be or wanted to be. The hope of being the very best they can be, with the secret pathway to reach their destined destination.

What it is about? To me it’s about beauty of living in love. Being whole of whomever you truly are, to defeat the evil of darkness with the light; deeply rooted into your soul. The thing that amazes me most is the way she feels and expresses extraordinarily with simplest of words in most relatable way. It doesn’t really matter if I am up or down, there’s always something for me that can help me get through mostly anything to make it my day. It could have easily been named, A Philosopher’s Guide to a Life Worth Living. It makes you wonder and gives you the answer you seek and need to be a better or even the best of you. It could also be called ‘The Mirror’, to peek inside your soul. Pages after pages of knowing thyself, even parts you never knew that exists or has a name. It felt like giving a face to someone I always knew but never met before.

You don’t just read a book. Sometimes if you are awake enough, you get to feel and live it too. This book cleared my vision, made me smile with self-belief that I do matter too. Such a beautiful vibe it flows with. It is a gem to keep and share with the ones you love and care about. Let the metamorphosis begin.”

Find out more about Ruh:

Ruh is a student of Masters in Accounting in Bangladesh. He considers himself to be a simple introvert. He loves his family, he loves appreciating nature, taking peaceful photos, and enjoying a good cup of tea! He also says that he loves to “annoy people as long as they enjoy it.” His greatest aspiration in life is to “keep on being a good friend” and to “spread happiness to all”. His greatest pride in life is that he is fun to be around, and also his ability to put himself in the shoes of others and feel whatever they might be feeling in any given moment.

Ruh has a passion for football and cricket, coupled with a passion for listening to the secrets and the needs of other people; he says that other people feel comfortable coming to him with their problems and that he is always happy to be there for others in their times of need.

“Ruh Ullah”, means “Soul of the Creator” while his last name, “Barna”, means “Color”. Now isn’t that a beautiful name?

You can connect with Ruh via his Instagram account: @RU_6888

Ruh is smart. Be like Ruh. =)

Beta Reader Uzma

This is Uzma Khan. Uzma Khan lives in Pakistan.

This is what Uzma had to say about my book while she was reading it:

“My dear

I’m half way through the thought provoking journey of reading The Conversation of Venusta. Sometimes mesmerised sometimes riveted but totally enraptured, so much that I don't want to read it fast lest it ends. The most amazing thing so far is that I feel I am having these conversations myself. That I’m back to being the curious child that I was. And all along I’m imagining Venusta. Like sometimes I try and imagine God. Not to see really but to Feel.
Relishing every bit, little by little, more and more.

Love and light

And this is what Uzma is saying after reading the whole conversation:

“Ahh so it ended. But then did it end really? What is so marvelous about ‘The Conversation of Venusta’ is that it never begins or ends. It’s about everything, everywhere, all the time.

I felt as if I was transposed to right in the middle of the Universe. It weaved for me a hammock of gossamer-like feelings and I lay happily in it, swinging swiftly and gazing at the stars that it kept strewing all around me, sourced from that deep space of awareness and oneness with one’s higher self and the Divine.

Such a special book in that it never preaches yet it’s like a sacred scripture. I want to read it again and again, whenever I want to lay in my hammock again. And I won’t even have to hold the book to read it every time. The words, thoughts and feelings it ignited, triggered, crystalized and synthesized for me have become an imprint. I will wear this gossamer around me and I will pass it on to my daughter.

You are amazing C. JoyBell C. Such a wizardry of words that tantalize one’s deepest thoughts, to come dancing out. I feel at peace, like a patient does after getting a dose of medication. Like having the shore in sight when drifting, the promise of a beautiful land of understanding. It directly interacted with my soul and left me with a tingling calmness and peace.

I was enchanted when I read ‘The Conversation of Merachefet’. And then this was simply rapturous. It’s a book that you feel; not read, but feel. Like every time I have felt something I have had a conversation with myself in trying to understand my feeling. Reading these two books has given me immeasurable hope that I am neither alone nor mad. How wonderful it is to have someone like C. JoyBell C. put it out there as something so natural, simple and earnest.

Simply Marvelous. Waiting for the encore. God bless.”

Get to know Uzma better:

Uzma is the Chief Executive officer of INJAZ, Pakistan (Junior Achievement Worldwide member nation). With almost 3 decades of experience in the banking sector, she has successfully led and inspired highly motivated and successful teams in top global banks like Chase, ANZ and Standard Chartered; across Pakistan, South Arica and Singapore. Her passion has always been people and her recent position as a CEO of a social development NGO that aims to transform the lives of youth was a culmination of her desire to be at the helm of creating positive change for the under served segment of society. She is passionate and driven about getting things done, and ensuring that everyone does things right and does the right things. She “always strives for perfection” whilst recognizing that we don’t always get there and that we are on a continuous journey of improvement.

As a surprise for Uzma (she doesn't know I'm going to throw this in), I'd like to say "hi" to her beloved daughter, Nataliya! You've got a beautiful mum, Nataliya! :)

You can connect with Uzma HERE

Uzma is smart. Be like Uzma. =)

Beta Reader Nicolae

This is Nicolae Tanase. Nicolae lives in Iceland.

This is what Nicolae has to say after reading The Conversation of Venusta:

"Wonderful book about the innocence and beauty of the soul. An accurate description about the purity of a flower, unblemished, left in its pristine form. No matter what happens around, silence, noise, envy or some loving eyes, the flower will still bloom and shine its originality.

A book about the destiny of souls. What is destined, what is chosen by the soul will happen sooner or later. It will happen when the time is ripe. A destiny we’ve chosen sometimes before space and time. A book about the freedom to choose love or to postpone it. There is no other way. For it is meant to happen. It is carved in marble.

Accurate depictions about the distinction between the mundane and spiritual. Between mind and the soul. Between what the body wants and what the heart longs for, and is destined for.

An elegant book that brings forth the elegance of mind and the humbleness of heart. Words that will awaken the elegant manners in the reader.

I wish I could say more but the book is like a little perfect jewel, complete in itself. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read such a wonderful book. It’s been an honor."

More on Nicolae:

Aside from the fact that Nicolae is from Iceland and I don't know anybody else from Iceland, he is also the Founder of Excellence Reporter and a Writer at Love Is Like The Fragrance In A Flower.

Nicolae invited me to an interview over at Excellence Reporter, and it is after that interview that I in turn invited him to join my beta reader team for my book. He finished reading my book in just two days, which makes him the fastest reader on my team! I asked him to write a bio for himself, but he insisted he only wants to share his two links below (one for his magazine and one for his blog).

You may visit Nicolae's magazine HERE

And you may visit Nicolae's blog HERE

Nicolae is smart. Be like Nicolae. =)

Beta Reader Israel

This is Israel Johnson. Israel lives in Virginia.

This is what Israel has to say about The Conversation of Venusta:

"There are few books that I have read that really take you on a journey and challenge you to look at life in a different way. The Conversation of Venusta is one of those books. A thought-provoking read, The Conversation of Venusta touches on many aspects of life, including but not limited to friendship, love, justice, forgiveness, and redemption.

I was left in silence after completing the book, spending some time reflecting on its many lessons. The book includes a reference to painting, which reminded me of the concept of leadership, not only having the ability to lead others, but also turning others into leaders. This is a great work that reminds the reader that everyone has the capability to make a difference in the world. However, in many cases, a great effort is needed to achieve that difference. Our level of effort reveals how much value we place in the change we wish to see in the world.

The book brings the reader to a realization that virtues like compassion and humility are traits that we can easily lose sight of or forget over the course of our lives. And yet, we are able to claim these traits back, and influence others to do the same. I encourage others to read The Conversation of Venusta. It is worth taking the journey."

Here's more information about Israel:

Israel Johnson is a Software Engineer who works in the Defense Industry. He is a college graduate from the University of Virginia, having worked in Research and Development as well as in the Healthcare Industry. He also enjoys doing freelance work as an Artist, having completed work as a Concept Artist for many volunteer projects in local communities.

Israel has worked with Thurman Brisben Homeless Shelter in Fredericksburg, VA, where he volunteered to prepare meals for the homeless. He has also participated in Poverty Alleviation as a CAVS CARE volunteer with the University of Virginia Alumni Club of the Triangle. Furthermore, Israel currently supports Boy Scouts of America, Model United Nations Development Organisation, People to People Ambassador Programs, and American Cancer Society.

You can connect with Israel HERE.

Israel is smart. Be like Israel. =)

Beta Reader David

This is David Gaspar Romero. David lives in California.

This is what David had to say about my book while he was still reading it:

“To be honest I feel like you are an angel and I am blessed to read these words. They resonate with me on so many levels. I've never been so teary eyed reading a book — but I get your words. I feel as if divinely I was meant to read your words to remind me of my purpose. Your book is going to positively affect so many lives. Very grateful you have chosen me as one of the select individuals to preview your book.”

“You are an angel. Know that.

Everything in your book resonates with me on a level of remembering... your words remind me of my purpose. Like a guide post.

Your words remind me of my standards, of my calling, of energetically being a man, of my universal belief system, and my purpose on this planet. I stand by these statements too.”

And this is what David is saying about my book now after he has finished reading it:

“This is quite possibly the most heartfelt, real, touching book I have ever read. Author C. JoyBell C.’s ability to take the universal and esoteric and put it into written words is beyond astonishing. I have never read a book that touched me so deeply on so many levels. Line by line as I read the book, I felt myself opening up. It’s comforting to know that there are other beings that see, feel, witness, and observe the world in a similar fashion as I do. The book itself made me feel not alone.

I believe that there are souls and spirits of all depths, dimensions, both timeless and new that embody this planet. I believe this planet is a learning a ground, a training ground, a growing ground. We are connected to all of them if we allow ourselves to connect. C. JoyBell C. is an Angel and a messenger. I am not Jewish, but I was having a conversation with a Jewish friend and we were talking about Angels. Angel in Hebrew is Malak. Malak means messenger… a messenger from God. C. JoyBell C. is indeed that — a messenger from a higher power. What she has to share is her truth — I love to hear the truth of others.

As I moved through the book, I felt as if this book was a love letter or a love story. Perhaps a different take on the book, but it was one woman’s realization and connection to her higher-self. To be able to express herself so eloquently and beautifully could be nothing more than a demonstration of self-love. To have such a deep conversation with oneself is an example of self-love. To share this love, this knowledge, this truth with others, is an example of self-love.
One of my favorite parts of the book was the conversation about a partnership between man and woman. I have always felt this way. I loved the conversation about humility and being humble. There is a story in the Bhagavad Gita about Shiva, Sita, and Dasha that is all about humility, recognizing the ego, and ego ultimately recognizing the higher self. Check out the backstory of Virabhadrasana.

I would recommend this book to anyone willing to take a journey down the path of self-enlightenment, humility, honesty, openness, and willingness. The world is ready for a book like this, with this type of depth. In my field of teaching yoga, most if not all of my students that come to my class are open to this type of knowledge. I hope to gift this book to many people. I hope to see this book on shelves all over the world. I hope to see author C.JoyBell C. continue to share her art of connecting the dots between the physical and spiritual.
I loved this book - I plan to read it over and over as a reminder of my path. C. Joybell C., thank you for sharing your knowledge, love, art, expressions, thoughts, and depth of your being with the world. DON’T STOP whether it’s in this dimension or other dimensions.”

Here's some information about David:

David Romero is the CEO and President of The Yogi DR™ The Yogi DR™ is a multi-faceted company focusing not only on yoga, but creating a portal for patients, clients, and practitioners to reach sought after industry leading medical professionals. The Yogi DR™ believes in establishing and maintaining a wholly balanced life – rooted in strength, balance, and awareness.

David graduated from the US Air Force Academy in 2002 with a Bachelors of Science in Biology. He was a Program Manager and Acquisition Officer on several Space Launch and Satellite Programs for the US Air Force from 2003 until 2008. In 2008, David resigned his commission as a Captain to pursue a career in medicine and medical device sales. David began working for St. Jude Medical, Inc., a Fortune 500 medical device company, assisting physicians with the implantation of neuromodulation devices.

After working and building a career in medical devices and surgical sales, David felt an even stronger calling to pursue his passion – to develop a company focused on the health and wellness of patients and clients through the practice of yoga. Over the last six years, David has worked with Los Angeles’ most talented Pain Management Physicians, Physiatrists, Neurosurgeons, and Orthopedic Surgeons. David understands that patients and clients need a balanced regimen of physical exercise, stretching, breathing, nutritional intake, and meditation to create a higher level of awareness and well-being. David is dedicated to sharing and living not only his truth, but helping others heal, grow strong, and realize their beneficial presence on this planet.

You can check out David more at The Yogi Doctor
You can also connect with him on Instagram: @theyogidr

David is smart. Be like David. =)

Beta Reader Athanasia

This is Athanasia Steffen. Athans lives in Australia.

This is what Athans first said about my book when she started reading it:

“Sometimes, in life, a reader will come across a book that whispers to their soul ‘you once knew me.’ This is what I feel reading The Conversation of Venusta in the quiet of the night.150 pages in and I know when I get to the end I will be changed. I can feel it. I will be her again.”

And this is what Athans is saying after reading the whole book:

“I was right to read this book in the quiet of the night. It deserves the quietness only the dead of night can bring for it is in this stillness I was able to hear the words whispering to me ‘you once knew me.’ You see, we all travel through life, some of us breeze through it seemingly untouched by the trials and tribulations of living while others struggle to make sense of themselves and their place in the world. Young, bright eyed and bushy tailed, looking through rose tinted glasses. That’s how we start. But life is not like that. Living is not like that. And the people around us are not constructs of those innocent ideas and beliefs. It is then when we realize this, we begin to lose ourselves. And for some, that loss embeds itself so deeply for so long, it becomes the way of life. ‘Is it or isn’t it, am I or aren’t I, will I or won’t I, do I believe or don’t I believe, do I do as they say or do I do as I say, don’t think like that, think like this, be this, don’t be that, I know something— no— I know nothing! Feel this, don’t’ feel that, judge others before they judge you. It is a never-ending cacophony of warring words in our heads.

Then one chances on an author, an author whose words differ at such a basic intrinsic level from other authors and their observations on the complexities of the soul, that it awakens something so dormant, so far down, so deep in the subconscious, it is a wonder if it was all some distant dream! The Conversation of Venusta is an important piece of work in that it tempers that chaos; it brings clearness so precise, it is translucent. And right there— all that angst, the years of mélange— fade away. Just like that. Because the younger us, who embarked on this journey called life, started the journey with the words of Venusta. Only we did not know them as such. We knew them as our own words. Along the way, they simply fell by the wayside, forgotten! This book has resurrected them. This is how I felt reading Venusta. I remembered.

I especially urge young people to read The Conversation of Venusta. Read it again and again. The Conversation of Venusta will be the words to reinforce your words when forgotten, when life beats them out of you. Venusta will nourish your soul and will never leave your side. She is all knowing. She is Love.”

Get to know Athans better:

Athans is an Administrative Facilitator in the areas of accounting and finance, having worked in sectors ranging from the giants of the oil industries, BHP, Shell, Woodside, BP, and has also spent some of her career in Recruitment and Human Resources sector.
Athans also advises and educates consumers on the long-term use of products which incorporate toxic ingredients and their long- term impact on our bodies. She educates the importance on using cruelty-free products, the reasons as to why animal testing is obsolete and products that are safe for our fragile ecosystems. Her actions are based upon her view that education and awareness bring change.

Athanasia’s greatest love is animals. She was invited to sit on the Board as Treasurer of a Non Profit Organization dealing with Animal Welfare in Asia. Her role was to ensure all financial reporting was accurate while instilling good governance to both mitigate risk and provide transparency for stakeholders and other animal organizations working in tandem with their work.

Having left that position, her work continues as a volunteer assisting smaller Animal Welfare groups to bring awareness to the plight of our diminishing wildlife, due to factors such as habitat loss from over population, trophy hunting, poaching for body parts to be used in pseudo medicine, decimation of ecosystems, and other environmental factors. In her own words: ‘Exploiting vulnerable non humans seems to be the way of life in this world. Animals continue to be commodities and playthings for humans that believe there should be no equality for them. Animals are not things and those that exploit and destroy them should be taught to regard them as sentient beings with fundamental rights and not to be treated as the property or resources of the human race.’ She is currently working on projects to expose the ongoing abuse in pseudo sanctuaries.

You can connect with Athanasia here.

Athanasia is smart. Be like Athanasia. =)

I have brought together a beautiful team of people from all over the world, to preview my upcoming book, The Conversation of Venusta. This photo album is all about them and all about what they have to say about my book.

I am very happy to have them as my team and I'm also very happy to receive all of their feedback which has really shaken me to my core! Honestly, their feedback on my work is electricity through my veins! Perhaps this is my reward for writing my book— I get to see how much my words have worked in the souls of people!

I will be adding their photos, feedbacks and bios one-by-one as they gradually finish reading my book.

Do enjoy!

The Conversation of Venusta is sequel to The Conversation of Merachefet and is coming very soon! 

What Is The Meaning of Life?

       I was very recently invited by Nicolae Tanase of Excellence Reporter, to come and answer the question he has asked many movers & shakers, scientists, doctors, and other influential figures of this day and age: What is the meaning of life?
       I must say, it was a positive experience and one that I really enjoyed. I am honored to be up there alongside all of those amazing people. I want to share my interview with all of you, and I'd be happy if you share it with others! Enjoy reading it, contemplate upon it, and then pass it on. And have a wonderful day!

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