Beta Reader Athanasia

This is Athanasia Steffen. Athans lives in Australia.

This is what Athans first said about my book when she started reading it:

“Sometimes, in life, a reader will come across a book that whispers to their soul ‘you once knew me.’ This is what I feel reading The Conversation of Venusta in the quiet of the night.150 pages in and I know when I get to the end I will be changed. I can feel it. I will be her again.”

And this is what Athans is saying after reading the whole book:

“I was right to read this book in the quiet of the night. It deserves the quietness only the dead of night can bring for it is in this stillness I was able to hear the words whispering to me ‘you once knew me.’ You see, we all travel through life, some of us breeze through it seemingly untouched by the trials and tribulations of living while others struggle to make sense of themselves and their place in the world. Young, bright eyed and bushy tailed, looking through rose tinted glasses. That’s how we start. But life is not like that. Living is not like that. And the people around us are not constructs of those innocent ideas and beliefs. It is then when we realize this, we begin to lose ourselves. And for some, that loss embeds itself so deeply for so long, it becomes the way of life. ‘Is it or isn’t it, am I or aren’t I, will I or won’t I, do I believe or don’t I believe, do I do as they say or do I do as I say, don’t think like that, think like this, be this, don’t be that, I know something— no— I know nothing! Feel this, don’t’ feel that, judge others before they judge you. It is a never-ending cacophony of warring words in our heads.

Then one chances on an author, an author whose words differ at such a basic intrinsic level from other authors and their observations on the complexities of the soul, that it awakens something so dormant, so far down, so deep in the subconscious, it is a wonder if it was all some distant dream! The Conversation of Venusta is an important piece of work in that it tempers that chaos; it brings clearness so precise, it is translucent. And right there— all that angst, the years of mélange— fade away. Just like that. Because the younger us, who embarked on this journey called life, started the journey with the words of Venusta. Only we did not know them as such. We knew them as our own words. Along the way, they simply fell by the wayside, forgotten! This book has resurrected them. This is how I felt reading Venusta. I remembered.

I especially urge young people to read The Conversation of Venusta. Read it again and again. The Conversation of Venusta will be the words to reinforce your words when forgotten, when life beats them out of you. Venusta will nourish your soul and will never leave your side. She is all knowing. She is Love.”

Get to know Athans better:

Athans is an Administrative Facilitator in the areas of accounting and finance, having worked in sectors ranging from the giants of the oil industries, BHP, Shell, Woodside, BP, and has also spent some of her career in Recruitment and Human Resources sector.
Athans also advises and educates consumers on the long-term use of products which incorporate toxic ingredients and their long- term impact on our bodies. She educates the importance on using cruelty-free products, the reasons as to why animal testing is obsolete and products that are safe for our fragile ecosystems. Her actions are based upon her view that education and awareness bring change.

Athanasia’s greatest love is animals. She was invited to sit on the Board as Treasurer of a Non Profit Organization dealing with Animal Welfare in Asia. Her role was to ensure all financial reporting was accurate while instilling good governance to both mitigate risk and provide transparency for stakeholders and other animal organizations working in tandem with their work.

Having left that position, her work continues as a volunteer assisting smaller Animal Welfare groups to bring awareness to the plight of our diminishing wildlife, due to factors such as habitat loss from over population, trophy hunting, poaching for body parts to be used in pseudo medicine, decimation of ecosystems, and other environmental factors. In her own words: ‘Exploiting vulnerable non humans seems to be the way of life in this world. Animals continue to be commodities and playthings for humans that believe there should be no equality for them. Animals are not things and those that exploit and destroy them should be taught to regard them as sentient beings with fundamental rights and not to be treated as the property or resources of the human race.’ She is currently working on projects to expose the ongoing abuse in pseudo sanctuaries.

You can connect with Athanasia here.

Athanasia is smart. Be like Athanasia. =)

I have brought together a beautiful team of people from all over the world, to preview my upcoming book, The Conversation of Venusta. This photo album is all about them and all about what they have to say about my book.

I am very happy to have them as my team and I'm also very happy to receive all of their feedback which has really shaken me to my core! Honestly, their feedback on my work is electricity through my veins! Perhaps this is my reward for writing my book— I get to see how much my words have worked in the souls of people!

I will be adding their photos, feedbacks and bios one-by-one as they gradually finish reading my book.

Do enjoy!

The Conversation of Venusta is sequel to The Conversation of Merachefet and is coming very soon! 

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