Beta Reader Uzma

This is Uzma Khan. Uzma Khan lives in Pakistan.

This is what Uzma had to say about my book while she was reading it:

“My dear

I’m half way through the thought provoking journey of reading The Conversation of Venusta. Sometimes mesmerised sometimes riveted but totally enraptured, so much that I don't want to read it fast lest it ends. The most amazing thing so far is that I feel I am having these conversations myself. That I’m back to being the curious child that I was. And all along I’m imagining Venusta. Like sometimes I try and imagine God. Not to see really but to Feel.
Relishing every bit, little by little, more and more.

Love and light

And this is what Uzma is saying after reading the whole conversation:

“Ahh so it ended. But then did it end really? What is so marvelous about ‘The Conversation of Venusta’ is that it never begins or ends. It’s about everything, everywhere, all the time.

I felt as if I was transposed to right in the middle of the Universe. It weaved for me a hammock of gossamer-like feelings and I lay happily in it, swinging swiftly and gazing at the stars that it kept strewing all around me, sourced from that deep space of awareness and oneness with one’s higher self and the Divine.

Such a special book in that it never preaches yet it’s like a sacred scripture. I want to read it again and again, whenever I want to lay in my hammock again. And I won’t even have to hold the book to read it every time. The words, thoughts and feelings it ignited, triggered, crystalized and synthesized for me have become an imprint. I will wear this gossamer around me and I will pass it on to my daughter.

You are amazing C. JoyBell C. Such a wizardry of words that tantalize one’s deepest thoughts, to come dancing out. I feel at peace, like a patient does after getting a dose of medication. Like having the shore in sight when drifting, the promise of a beautiful land of understanding. It directly interacted with my soul and left me with a tingling calmness and peace.

I was enchanted when I read ‘The Conversation of Merachefet’. And then this was simply rapturous. It’s a book that you feel; not read, but feel. Like every time I have felt something I have had a conversation with myself in trying to understand my feeling. Reading these two books has given me immeasurable hope that I am neither alone nor mad. How wonderful it is to have someone like C. JoyBell C. put it out there as something so natural, simple and earnest.

Simply Marvelous. Waiting for the encore. God bless.”

Get to know Uzma better:

Uzma is the Chief Executive officer of INJAZ, Pakistan (Junior Achievement Worldwide member nation). With almost 3 decades of experience in the banking sector, she has successfully led and inspired highly motivated and successful teams in top global banks like Chase, ANZ and Standard Chartered; across Pakistan, South Arica and Singapore. Her passion has always been people and her recent position as a CEO of a social development NGO that aims to transform the lives of youth was a culmination of her desire to be at the helm of creating positive change for the under served segment of society. She is passionate and driven about getting things done, and ensuring that everyone does things right and does the right things. She “always strives for perfection” whilst recognizing that we don’t always get there and that we are on a continuous journey of improvement.

As a surprise for Uzma (she doesn't know I'm going to throw this in), I'd like to say "hi" to her beloved daughter, Nataliya! You've got a beautiful mum, Nataliya! :)

You can connect with Uzma HERE

Uzma is smart. Be like Uzma. =)

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