A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

       Today, I would like to talk about the virtue of helping people. I know that this is something that people project all the time, because people know that this is a highly-admirable character trait. So they are so loud about how good it is to help others, how we all need to help refugees, and so on and so forth.
       But I would like to talk about the deep virtue of helping people. The virtue that is not only Facebook-deep. You see, the universal problem in the world today is this: That people want forgiveness, but they don't know how to forgive; that people feel entitled to receive help from others, but they don't know how to help; that people want to be seen as good people, but they don't actually act like good people.
       We should not help others if it could cost us our lives, or if it could cost us everything we have. I am not an advocate of taking one's shirt off of one's back and giving that away to another person. But if you can help, and when you can help, even just a little, then why the hell not?
       It seems like when someone is in need, the reaction is to turn away rather than to run towards. Why is this the case? If you can help in a way that is not going to rob you of what you already have, then why aren't you going to do that? Do you not realise that one day, you will also need help? And do you not know that if you do not know how to help others, then help will also not be there for you? It is even possible to be a kind of person who always helps others, and yet, you do not receive help from others in return! Goodness is not always repaid by goodness, in this world. How much more if you do not know how to help another! Then surely, help will not in return come to you. Seldom is evil repaid by goodness in this universe.
       We must know when to help and when not to help. But one must always know the virtue of honestly helping another. My mother, father, and I— we have been helping people for as long as I can remember. My parents are the kinds of people who would take their own shirts off their own backs and give them to others. I am not that kind of person, simply because I have seen that there is no justice in this act. I will not take my shirt off and give it to you. But if I can, I can buy you your own shirt! Or I can give you a different shirt of mine, if I don't need it.
       Since I grew up with parents constantly helping others (my parents aren't perfect people, but one thing they truly are— are givers), helping people comes naturally to me. But I never really knew what it feels like to be helped, until the time came that I was stuck in my own hours of need. In your own hours of need— that is when you will learn the virtue of helping others, because you feel the need, yourself. It is something that (hopefully) you will never want any other person to feel.
       I know that this message has been taught and preached and taught and preached over and over again, to the point of sounding worthless; but I just want to say, that the people of the world need to ask themselves, "What is my worth in this world, if I am unable to help other people?"
       If Facebook points counted as points going to Paradise after death, then I'm sure, everyone would go to Paradise! But as it turns out, Facebook points don't count as real-life Paradise points! Passing Jesus' face around on Easter Sunday isn't going to help cleanse you of your sins. If you want forgiveness— forgive others. If you want help— help others in the ways that you can help. If you want to be a good person— act like a good person. This is just a friendly reminder.

Beta Reader Tayla

This is Tayla Beaumont. Tayla lives in Cape Town, South Africa.

This is what Tayla has to say about her experience reading The Conversation of Venusta:

“As a long time enthusiast of Ms JoyBell’s work, I was extremely honoured to have been given the chance to read the book prior to its release. There is something delicate and graceful in the way C. JoyBell C. writes – providing messages that resonate deeply with my soul. Throughout the book, much introspection was needed and I found myself learning and trying to unlearn many characteristics and mannerisms of who I am and who I strive to be. Learning to love yourself, and doing so selfishly, because you are worthy and deserve so much – but also not being blinded by the ego. Many emotions were triggered in these profound 215 pages and it was ultimately necessary to help me gain a better insight into myself and my actions. It is almost as if the author is speaking to me – this allowed me to confront and grow from those experiences and aspects of who I am, which I am extremely grateful for. I will be returning to this book often. I recommend the Conversations of Venusta to everyone who hopes to explore themselves in a raw and reassuring way. Everyone can learn and take guidance from it.”

And here's more to discover about her:

Tayla is the youngest member on my team of beta readers. She just very recently began her first year in University, working towards a Bachelor of Law at the University of Cape Town. I am thrilled that Tayla has been reading my work from high school, crossing that bridge on into University.

Zulu Land is Tayla’s hometown, she grew up on a farm in Northern Kwa-Zulu Natal where she rides horses and also competes as an equestrienne. Tayla says that her animals have been a large part of her life, taken up a big space in her heart. Another thing she cares about is Women’s Rights, especially when having to do with her native land. Women’s Rights in South Africa has become a passion of hers, particularly in the context of race and gender intersecting, which is an area needing urgent attention in her region.

Tayla says that she aspires every day to become a better person than she was yesterday, and to hopefully help those around her in a way that will benefit and transform her society.

Tay would like to bring attention to the Women’s Legal Centre in Cape Town

You can connect with Tayla via her LinkedIn account

You can also follow Tayla on Instagram: @Tayla_Beaumont

Tayla is smart. Be like Tayla! =)

The Conversation of Venusta is available on Amazon, at CreateSpace, and at many other online stores. If you would rather place an order of this book via your brick and mortar bookstore, simply order it at their front desk and it will arrive in two weeks, regardless of where you are in the world.

And So It Is Easter

       Today is Easter Sunday. We all have seen many posts about this Holiday, many beautiful pictures, and most probably you have also seen many articles about the Pagan origins of this particular Holiday; articles peddled by those who would seek to "enlighten" the masses and "set them free."
       Yes, I am aware of the Pagan origins of Easter. Also of Christmas, and nearly everything else. Even Thanksgiving is a Holiday celebrating the harmonious banquet that took place between Animist Native Americans and the newly settled Protestant British colonies in Northern America. But so what? I mean, really, so what?
       So, you have some ancient information that not everybody knows about— so what. So you feel that you have been set free by knowing the truth about a Holiday— so what? Does this make you a kinder person? A more loving person? Because if it doesn't, then what good is this knowledge in your hands? No good at all.
       It is amusing to me, to watch many people say to many other people, "Do not be a sheep! Wake up! Follow the Truth! Become enlightened! You are a slave, stop being a slave! Do not walk with the blind masses! Forge your own unique path!" And I am amused by this, because, while they are advocates of forging a unique path, they all share the same exact opinion. And they are all saying the same things. Therefore, they are another group defined as "masses" who share the same ideas, same opinions... albeit they are different from others, but then that just means that the others are also different from them. :-)
       So, Easter is all about Ishtar, and also all about Idunn, and also related to the Goddesses like Iris and Selene and Venus... so what? The eggs are all about Ishtar, Spring and the rabbits are all about Idunn, The rainbow belongs to Iris, the deer are loyal to Selene, the Love and Beauty is all about Venus... so what? Who said that all the gods are fighting, anyway? Jesus rose again after three days, therefore overcoming darkness, just as Spring overcame Winter... the reemergence of life! Is it not only man who makes the gods appear to be fighting one another? Men want to fight one another, and so they want their gods to fight one another, as well. Just because Easter is about Ishtar, that doesn't mean Ishtar hates Jesus. And Jesus doesn't hate Ishtar, either. The gods get along. All except for Loki, of course. So why can't people all get along?
       More valuable is the man who, in his heart, is steadfast to his religion, oblivious to "truths" and "enlightenments", than the man who has all knowledge about all ancient and secret things, yet holds no innocence within his heart. Innocence is far more valuable than knowledge. I could stand here in front of you, and know every single truth in the universe, and yet, none of that would be as valuable as the innocence that I also hold within my heart.
       More valuable is the man who visits Cathedral and bows a knee to pray at the marble feet of a Saint who, oblivious to him, is actually the reconstruction of an old Roman Deity; more valuable is he than the man who says, "I am free because I have knowledge!" Yes, knowledge sets us free, but sweetness of heart brings us eternal life. Religion does not bring us eternal life; sweetness of heart does that. There is far more sweetness of heart in a prayer on the lips of a man who humbles himself, than in the knowledge of the other man that does not cause him to be a more loving person or a more caring person.
       Blessed is the man who spends not his time finding fault in others, or in the ways of others. Blessed is the man who lives his life in love, harmony, humility, and acceptance.  May you have a blessed Easter, whether you are innocent or not.

Beta Reader Laurie

This is Laurie Anne Jackson. Laurie lives in Massachusetts.

This is what Laurie first had to say about Venusta, while she was still reading it:

“Five minutes in and I have the chills. I am only a few pages in and I was meant to read this book. Completely teary. Bless your beautiful heart and Soul.”

“This work of yours is truly needed in this world right now. These words are light and breath combined.”

And this is what Laurie is saying about The Conversation of Venusta now that she's done reading:

"From the moment I began her new novel and saw the introduction by C JoyBell C which read, 'This is for the Brave, This is for the True, This is for the Seeker, The Sage, The Pure', I knew that I was about to embark on a beautiful adventure with this book. I was ready to dive in and that I did. Whenever I have connected in the past with the words of C Joybell, I would always find myself at my deepest source and engulfed in words of truth. From that point on, I became almost obsessed with looking for more of her words, more of her quotes so that I could feel that sense of true understanding again! This book is no different from before. She helps the reader tap into their true nature of being whole and broken all at the same time. She does so by her own incredible capacity to share her deeply rooted, soulful and humanistic perspective with us. I wept at times and quite frankly I couldn't put the book down. It was as if I was reading precisely what I needed to hear at that moment as if an angel came to me whispering... 'Here, this is what you have been waiting for!' I felt truly seen while reading this book and after all, isn't that all we crave and desire: to feel seen by another?!

Although each one of us has indeed been broken in the past and maybe some of us even today still feel broken from loss, grief and heartache, The Conversation of Venusta is a reminder of what we each one of us share collectively and all that binds us as earthly human beings. What a way to heal! She articulately communicates (with passion that only she can do!) the fundamental need to feel connected to one another as human souls and that to be needed and to want another for intimacy, love and connection is our souls' highest purpose.

It is so easy to get caught up in the trance of feeling 'less than' in our society these days where we disconnect from ourselves and the world, but The Conversation of Venusta brings us directly home. Home is the place we most long for isn't it!? The place where we can be ourselves and weep if we wish to do so! This is the perfect book to pick up when we need the reminder that we are not alone in our hopes and our dreams. This is the perfect book to rediscover a glimpse into our soul and to cry even, as I did many times reading The Conversation of Venusta.

From a dialogue on the truth of the soul, the truth of the whole self, emotionality, shame and fear, she is able to emerge this great sense of knowingness within the reader which is incredibly familiar and profoundly beautiful. For someone seeking Freedom within their mind, body and soul, this is the book for them."

Discover more about Laurie:

Laurie provides mental health services in Southeastern Massachusetts, serving all populations from children to grandparents. In this capacity, she specializes in chronic relationship and family issues, facilitating children’s emotional and behavioral strengths, the impacts of loss, domestic violence, substance abuse and treating post-traumatic stress.

Laurie is currently an adjunct faculty member and Senior Instructor at both Bridgewater State University and Cambridge College in their Counseling and Psychology programs. Ms. Jackson’s passion is in the field of trauma as she received a Post Masters Clinical Certificate in Relational and Multi-Contextual Treatment of Trauma from Simmons College in Boston, Massachusetts in 2010. She earned a Master of Education degree from Bridgewater State University in 2009 with a concentration in Mental Health Counseling.

Her experience has primarily been with those impacted by trauma and also with diverse populations in low income communities. Her dedication to working with diverse populations affected by trauma is reflected in her travels to Uganda for an international service project in 2010 and also as a former child protective social worker. Ms. Jackson served as State Program Director in MA for the FEMA Crisis Counseling Program due to the tornado that devastated Western, MA. Ms. Jackson had the honor of being an external reviewer for the New Jersey Crisis Counseling Program grant application due to the Sandy disaster. Ms. Jackson recently completed the Fema-SAMHSA Train-the-Trainer Crisis Counseling Assistance and Training Program: Training State Trainers in 2012.

Ms. Jackson has conducted trainings related to all phases of the FEMA Crisis Counseling Program in Massachusetts. She is also familiar with the SAMHSA Crisis Counseling Program Data Collection and Online evaluation database. Lastly, Ms. Jackson has recently joined SAMHSA as a mental health disaster consultant.

You can connect with Laurie via her website and through her LinkedIn account:

Laurie is definitely smart. Be like Laurie. =)

The Conversation of Venusta is available on Amazon, at CreateSpace, and at many other online stores. If you would rather place an order of this book via your brick and mortar bookstore, simply order it at their front desk and it will arrive in two weeks, regardless of where you are in the world.

Beta Reader Melita

This is Melita Lami. Melita lives in Greece.

Here's what Melita has to say about her experience reading The Conversation of Venusta:

“The Conversation of Venusta is a book written by the soul, and for the soul. At once tender and fiercely courageous, it challenges you with an embrace while seducing you with a discerning blade that points directly at the heart of what matters most in life and in death.

C. JoyBell C. has made it certain that she will connect to her wide range of readers; juvenile or adult, loveless of love-lots, and the whole concoction of what a man can be. Regardless of your status, you will surely find a quote that you will keep for the rest of your lives, or might as well may even stand as your new principle in living.

She built a conversation that will not let you imagine what is happening between the pages, but will make you realize some things about your life itself which have been obscured all along. And when you have finished the last word on the last page, even if your logical mind doesn’t completely understand all that you’ve read, your eternal spirit will be dancing with joy!

I have adored reading this book, and I will read it over and over again. It is like sinking deeply into your own joyful and bleeding heart. It is purity, kindness, eloquence. It is comforting and real. It came at the perfect time in my life and has truly nourished me. It has challenged my thoughts, torn at my vulnerability and comforted my aching. It should be recommended to anyone who is willing to be open to see what truly lies within.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!"

Discover more about Meilta:

Melita is currently working with SLUMS DUNK an organization that aims at improving the life conditions of children and youth living in the community of Mabathini (Mattare slum, Nairobi). Basketball is the tool they have chosen to involve, mobilize and attract the beneficiaries and it is the medium used to facilitate life skills and health education in twenty informal primary schools located in the slum.

She is also the founder of Humans of Athens (HOA), an organization inspired by Humans of New York (HONY).

From 2012 – 2013, she was the Marketing Manager and Producer of Ten is Love, a basketball-based charity project in Europe, by the JR Holden Foundation, she was also the Public Relations Manager of JR Holden and helped with the worldwide promotion of his book, Blessed Footsteps.

She says that airports is one of her favorite places in the world, and that is why she worked for eleven years in sales and promotion at the Athens International Airport for fashion brands like Armani Jeans, Porsche Design, and Disney. Fashion is her “thing” and this claim is backed by the fact that she is a fashion model, herself.

Melita spends her days pursuing her spiritual endeavors through the means of Reiki. She loves music, basketball, reading and traveling, and says that she could never choose one over the other because she is passionate about them all equally.

Additional information: Mel is the sponsor of the Kindle editions of my Conversations series of books (The Conversation of Merachefet and The Conversation of Venusta). She has sponsored the Kindle versions personally, through the name of her organisation, Humans of Athens. Thank you, Melita! And thank you, HOA!

Melita is smart. Be like Melita! =)

The Conversation of Venusta is available on Amazon  at CreateSpace and at many other online stores. If you would rather place an order of this book via your brick and mortar bookstore, simply order it at their front desk and it will arrive in two weeks, regardless of where you are in the world.

Beta Reader Lilly

This is Lilly Burchstead. Lilly lives in Los Angeles, California.

This is what Lilly is saying about The Conversation of Venusta:

"The Conversation of Venusta is a beautiful, magical, profound book. Each page astonishes you and challenges you. It helps you to know yourself more and understand the choices you have made in your life. It is a profound conversation between your inner and outer, soul and mind. It helps you to learn from your past and at the same time guides and nurtures you through the process of letting go. It will accompany you on your journey of living your best life. It is truly written with love. You feel this love throughout the entire book. This is a book that you will want to read again and again, and discover and feel something new and different each time. It helps you to move from the darkness to the light, to accept and love yourself in the new light.

I have never been moved and touched by a book as I have been moved and touched with ‘The Conversation of Venusta’. It has been one of the hardest and most beautiful, elegant books that I have read. It took me to my past but in a painless manner. It was a different feeling. It was more about understanding, accepting and saying a definite ‘good bye’ to pain, disappointment and loss. I felt as if you [C. JoyBell C.] had been with me through my painful moments and had felt them just like me. Just like you [C. JoyBell C.], I believe in signs. The time for me to read this book was perfect, as if you knew or felt I was ready to read it. This was a sign. You truly are an angel.

As I was reading each page of The Conversation of Venusta, I did not want the book to end. You have this beautiful connection with the book that you never want it to end as much as you want to read how the book ends. You want to feel it close to your heart forever. This book is the hug that you had asked or desired to have when you were in so much pain, the hand that you wanted to hold so tight when you felt alone and betrayed, and the beautiful voice that you wanted to hear when you felt weak, lost and dead. And as you ‘meet’ the last page, you realize that it is a beautifully bright beginning. You recognize your light and how it has always been there throughout the journey.

Thank you, C. JoyBell C., for this beautiful gift. Thank you for sharing your light, love, passion and beautiful gift of writing. Your words have helped me to stop looking for the old me in the dark and accepting my new me in the light and to smile again and again. While I was reading The Conversation of Venusta, I kept on holding the manuscript so tight, close to my heart. I cried because each page is written with love. I felt it. Just as Vademecum, I want to carry The Conversation of Venusta with me, forever in my heart. Thank you for this beautiful gift. You will never be forgotten, God bless you always."

Discover more about beautiful and loving Lilly (in her own words):

"I live in Los Angeles, California. I am a Finance Manager at Paramount Pictures and have been working at Paramount for almost 12 years. I have been fortunate to work with incredible people who have become mentors, friends and family. I have a beautiful daughter named Madeline, who inspires me every day.

I am involved with Mixed Roots Foundation, which is a nonprofit organization. Mixed Roots collaborates with individuals, businesses and organizations to promote and support organizations, create awareness and inspire future generations touched by adoption and foster care to achieve their dreams and goals. It educates and inspires the greater community about the importance of knowing and embracing your own identity of being mixed roots, including your biological, cultural, and spiritual roots which ultimately makes up and brings together the diversity in the community.

My friend and I produced 'Stars Are Already Dead'. It is an independent film that will be released this year. The film is about hope, faith and light."

You can connect with Lilly on LinkedIn HERE.

Lilly is smart. Be like Lilly. =)

The Conversation of Venusta is available on Amazon, at CreateSpace, and at many other online stores. If you would rather place an order of this book via your brick and mortar bookstore, simply order it at their front desk and it will arrive in two weeks, regardless of where you are in the world.

It's Not Man Vs. Woman; It's Man and Woman Vs. Corporate Greed

       Thanks to a new movement called #WomenNotObjects, more and more awareness is being drawn to the objectification of women in the media, in popular culture; all perpetrated by companies and organisations that would go to any extent, no matter how inhumane, to use the bodies of women to call attention to their products or to their causes.
       I don't believe that men as a gender are responsible for perpetuating the objectification of women for financial gain or otherwise profits. I do believe that the responsible parties are companies, corporations, organisations— those looking to attract a type of profit or attention. Many feminist groups will automatically say that men are at fault; but I believe that corporations are at fault. Companies are at fault. Organisations are at fault.
       What is "objectification"? I think the answer to that is very simple. Is it wrong to desire a woman's body? Of course not. Is it wrong to lust? Of course not. Is it wrong for companies to hire attractive models to sell things with? Of course not. But is it wrong to show utter disregard for very real world issues like rape, domestic violence and paedophilia? Yes it is! Is it wrong to chop women up, hack them up, and reenact heinous murder scenes just to sell a car or just to promote a personal life choice (veganism)? Yes it is! Is it wrong to incorporate pornographic material and to reenact pornographic scenes, in order to sell a product? Yes it is! It seems like the very frail minds of people do not know how to draw the line in the sand, between what is wrong and what is right. Very basic knowledge of wrong and right, but it seems like people have such difficulty grasping it!
       Someone said to me, "She looks like she's enjoying the attention", and I told her, that the ads for companies which we see on a daily basis, are not controlled by the models in the ads themselves; but are controlled by the creative directors of the companies building those ads and selling those products. In fact, you can watch any of the very highly rated "Next Top Model" or other modelling contest shows, and you will be able to confirm the fact that female models are people who are designed by the modelling industry to have no opinions, no convictions, no will, no right to say "no" to anything that they are told to do. I have watched these shows, and I have seen women break down in tears because they are shamed for saying "no" to things that they simply don't feel comfortable doing! "You want to be on top? You can't say no!" These t.v. shows are nothing but the systematic portrayal of the bending of personal conviction, personal will, and personal choice. The more they are muted and silenced and bent— the more they are paid and praised! In other words, female models are moulded, shaped and formed in order to fit not only into a physical mould; but also more importantly, into a mental and emotional mould. They have no right to say "no" to anything. And for this, they are called beautiful; it is this that makes them professional; it is this that makes them top earners; it is this that makes them more desirable! It is this that our young girls understand. And it is that very same culture that comes directly through in the ads that these companies place. And the message that these t.v. shows send out, that these modelling organisations send out, is the message that if you want to be desired and if you want to be paid large sums of money and become famous, then you must never say "no."
       Never being able to say "no" is the exact message that the modelling industry is sending out to young women, everywhere. A weak will, a weak conviction. And yet it is masked by so-called strength and the "will to win this contest to be on top". It is a great deception. The very same message comes out loud and clear through the ads and other promotional material. You'd wonder why a model couldn't just say, "This photoshoot is against my personal convictions as an individual"; but in reality, they simply would be fired or shamed to no end, if they were to voice anything in their minds that is against the will of the company that hired them.
       Still, society has managed to place the job of being a model on a pedestal, and make it into one of the most high-paying jobs in the world! This is all a perpetuation of the message that the less you think, the more will be given to you. Go ahead and let the company slice up your picture and hang you from the ceiling as slabs of butchered meat; that doesn't mean anything! It's just something you need to do to land more jobs in the future!
       This sick message, and the sick prioritization of the value of various jobs that society categorizes people into— all of this plays major roles in the objectification of  women's bodies. Men are not the enemy. Greed is. Disrespect is. Corporate world is.
       I took a management course in fashion and luxury brand management. In this course, we were taught repeatedly that the main selling point of fashion, is to sell the "myth" behind it, and to always make people feel like the myth is just a little bit out of their reach, so that those same people will struggle to reach up higher for it. And why? Well of course so they will spend all the money that they have on trying to reach something they will never reach! So, the root of the matter is GREED. It is MONEY. And it is the same root ingrained into the reason why supermodels are terribly skinny: because, again, it is something difficult to attain.
       By nature, human beings reach for what is just out of their reach! Personally, I am not like this at all. I am very well aware of the hells in this world and the shortness of the human life, enough to know that gifts given to you ought to be cherished immensely! Why are you over there reaching for something that you can actually not attain? Are you fucking stupid? Attain the best that you can achieve, yes, but please know the difference between that and between being fooled by marketing strategies and ludicrous self-help articles (which are still just marketing strategies)!
       We will be able to put an end to the objectification of women, when we are able to put an end to the cycle of deception and greed that runs through the veins of corporations, brand names, organisations, t.v. shows, and mind sets that are by now deeply ingrained in the psyche. And why should we put an end to this? Because how the world sees that woman on the billboard, is how your daughter will think the world needs to see her! How that man standing in front of that add takes for granted the seriousness of rape and domestic violence, is how that man right there will take for granted the safety of your own daughter, sister, mother, wife!
       I also want men everywhere to realise that, no, you are NOT the root cause of evil, of all the problems that women face in this day and age. You simply are not. You, as a man, you are also the victim of greed. Your view of woman is distorted by the window given to you by greed, through which you now view woman! The window is not yours; it was fabricated for somebody else's profit and/or benefit! You are being used, just as much as us women are being used! You, as men, are being used as a key proponent in the continuation of this cycle of greed. Your minds are being conditioned to believe that all women want to be objectified and that you are giving us exactly what we want, while women are being taught that the only way up the ladder in life, is through the objectification of their bodies! This is not a man vs. woman thing! It is man and woman vs. corporate greed thing!
       These are some very strong and I believe very essential thoughts that must be born and stirred within the hearts and minds of all people, everywhere, so that we may be able to bring about the end of this travesty and create a new future for men and women, everywhere. Please share this message, and thank you for doing so.

Beta Reader Darlene

This is Darlene Bernadette Falceso. Darlene lives in The Philippines.

This is what Darlene had to say while she was still reading The Conversation of Venusta:

“Honestly, I am very hooked that from the time I started reading, I find myself crying at one point and at one point smiling, at some point I find myself laughing hard. I was literally crying from page 1 to page 10... I love how your book, how your words can reach the deepest inner me. I’ve read a lot of books, as a journalism graduate myself, I’ve read a lot of writing styles, but yours is truly exceptional. This book shows me all my sins! I have given up countless people because of my cowardice. I have been leaving people behind and I can’t even explain to them the reason why. I have been living my life in a way that I really cast aside those whom I feel are closest to me because being with them makes me feel weak for relying on other people too much. I am not even halfway through, but I think I can’t let loose on reading now — because despite of these uneasy feelings, this book is making me accept and love wholeheartedly my crooked self.”

“I’m halfway done with the book Miss! And I’ve been getting colds lately because of frequent crying while reading the book. Thank you so much Miss! Thank you so much! Every bits of your words felt like the book was written for me. THANK YOU so much for being an angel to my life. Thank you for your existence!!!!”

And this is what Darlene is saying now after she has read the whole book:

"One thing is I am very sure of — that I will never be the same again as the person who started reading The Conversation of Venusta. I had countless goosebumps during reading, upon realizing that I was having an encounter with a life changing book — so life changing that while reading and pondering on every word, I came to address, confront, and face issues at hand that I have been denying for so long, issues that were hurting me for so long! I can find myself then — at lost and walking along shorelines of coarse sands, too coarse that in every step, I can feel my feet bleed and I can see myself bleeding until I found these precious words that glitter like diamonds amidst all the hurts and pains I have been drowning in for years. Yes, this book is like a diamond for me — too priceless, like they say diamonds are forever so are the words and the lessons this book taught me for days of reading. Yes, The Conversation of Venusta is like a diamond, incomparable, that if I am to be told to walk on coarse sand and bleed hard again so I can search for this diamond amidst, I would willingly oblige — without second thoughts.This book touched my very soul, word by word, it felt like the writer knew very well who I am, both my outer shell and my inner core; my past, my present, my future — my agitations, my unanswered questions, my doubts, my self issues, the right and wrong decisions I had made, even the meaning of my very existence, all were addressed page by page that whenever I wanted to stop reading, I couldn’t, because my very core kept on aching to know more who I really am, why I am here, what is the purpose of my life, what is the meaning of my actions, what is more to life that I am living right now and what is it that really matters.

After I started reading, I cried a lot! During my readings, I had these pauses because I broke into tears, getting these frequent colds from crying so much... after I finished the book, I went into a total break down realizing without doubt, this book is really written for me — the lost, the doubtful, the brokenhearted, the hesitant, the frightened, the coward — ME. This book helped me so much in the process of my reading. I love this book a million times — while reading, the words gave me the courage to save a friendship which I thought was on the verge of destruction; it gave me a hope that my heart will be healed after a break up; that my lost self could still be found after all mess I had drowned into; the words helped me gain enough confidence for a life and death decision for my future’s sake — more so, after reading, I came to love myself more. I came to see how beautifully I am made by God. I came to realize my worth as a person — that I am worthy to be truly loved by a man, that I am perfect despite my imperfections, that I deserve to have the warmth of a loving family and friends, that I am Goddess inside and outside, though despite not everyone can see my value as one, as long as I embrace myself wholeheartedly; my flaws, the sins I have committed, the wrong decisions I’ve done, my dark pasts; as long as I cling to them unafraid and willing to change, I will become more beautiful, even more beautiful than I am now! Maybe not in everybody’s eyes, but in my eyes, in God’s loving and accepting eyes — I am a Goddess.

Reading The Conversation of Venusta is more than just reading alone, for me it is soul-searching. Miss C. JoyBell. C stitched her words in one bible— of a person’s pains, hurts, faults, sins, questions, guilts, hesitations, doubts, insecurities but at the same time answers and addresses these issues with the most precise and heartbreaking truths but are all consoling, eloquent and lovable. This book helped me find my lost self. This book helped me love myself harder than the half-baked love I’ve been giving myself until now. The Conversation of Venusta for me is HOPE."

Discover more about Darlene (in her own words):

I am Darlene Bernadette Falceso, 21 years old, from the Philippines. I am a double degree holder of Journalism and Education. I graduated at Centro Escolar University (CEU-Manila) with the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication Major in Journalism with 18 units Education. I am also into photography — I am an amateur landscape photographer. After my love for writing and photography, comes my love for teaching and hopefully I will become a full-time Journalism Teacher one day soon. During leisure moments, if I am not engaged in photoshoots, I’m tucked in bed with any crime mystery books I find and Manga of course, or I am tuned in watching my all-time favorite, all-time love of my life — Anime shows! I have this ultimate dream of visiting Japan, knowing their culture, tasting their delicacies, exploring every prefecture, familiarizing Nihonggo, and maybe if given a chance, I want to stay there for good (maybe a dream brought about by my obsession with Anime and Manga).

I am a traveler, I love traveling be it by land, water, and air. As a Photographer, my favorite subjects are sunsets, wildflowers, seas, and silhouettes. I love dream catchers and I am also a certified coffee addict.

You can connect with Darlene via her Instagram: @d.b_iewfinder

You can also connect with Darlene on Facebook.

Darlene is smart. Be like Darlene. =)

The Conversation of Venusta is available on Amazon, at CreateSpace , and at many other online stores. If you would rather place an order of this book via your brick and mortar bookstore, simply order it at their front desk and it will arrive in two weeks, regardless of where you are in the world.

Beta Reader Sue

This is Sue Fitzmaurice. Sue is a nomad (she lives in lots of places) but she is originally from New Zealand.

This is what Sue has to say about my newest release, The Conversation of Venusta:

"C. Joybell C's 'The Conversation of Venusta' follows on from the wisdom shared in her 2013 'The Conversation of Merachefet', and indeed tops that beautiful volume several-fold with page after page, sentence after sentence, of such beautiful and practical wisdom that almost everyone will think it was written just for them. Even the most die-hard of book conservationists will want to underline and make notes in the margins.

I will personally revel in the hard copy I will purchase of this book, and it will join the very small handful of books I recommend over and over and over to everyone I meet; books that resonate and vibrate with a pure Truth and Beauty that is every writer's dream but which only a few attain. You must add this to your bookshelf, and then you must take it down regularly and feed your soul."

And here is more information about Sue:

Sue Fitzmaurice is from New Zealand. She has been a nurse, a CEO, an executive business consultant and coach; she’s a mother of two young adults, a son and a daughter; she’s an author, and she has a large inspirational social media following.

Sue has an undergraduate degree in philosophy and political science, with a First Class Honours in international law and international relations; and she has a Masters in Business.

Sue had felt for a lot of years that she had a book in her and a few years ago wrote her novel “Angels in the Architecture”, inspired by her severely autistic nephew. The book began with the idea that there is more going on in the heads of autists than we generally think, and it grew into an historic tale, a discussion on prejudice, and an exploration of our beliefs about what is real and what can we know.

Sue has been a spiritual seeker since childhood; she has researched all of the world’s major religions and became a Baha’i at age 22, remaining a member of that Faith for 25 years, until her journey took her full circle to the challenges she experienced in joining an organised religion in the first place two and a half decades earlier.

Sue’s current journey has her helping others in their search for meaning and purpose, something she loves doing. She is naturally very inquisitive about others’ journeys and goals, and asks everyone she meets a lot of questions about themselves, and can offer both a very spiritually-oriented as well as a very practical approach to developing your personal and business goals. She has been described as having the thinking person’s inspirational Facebook page, and is known for her considerable humour and ability to laugh at herself, as much as for her more thoughtful offerings.

Sue has been open about her own clinical depression, which lasted 15 years following the birth of her daughter, and how she has slowly healed this. She has also talked about her own limitations in discovering and living her own purpose, including self-destructive behaviours and a habit of judging others as harshly as she judged herself.

In 2015 she released her first non-fiction offering, simply called “Purpose”. She offers courses online to assist with helping you find and live your purpose, as well as one-to-one and group coaching.

Sue is currently of “no fixed abode” and is travelling the world. Her daughter, an artist, is also traveling, following completion of high school; and her son, a comedian, has plans to take to the road too.

You can connect with Sue by visiting her website, linking with her on LinkedIn, and joining her on Facebook.

Sue is smart. Be like Sue. =)

The Conversation of Venusta is available on Amazon, at CreateSpace, and at many other online stores. If you would rather place an order of this book via your brick and mortar bookstore, simply order it at their front desk and it will arrive in two weeks, regardless of where you are in the world.

Beta Reader Jenna

This is Jenna Freimark. Jenna lives in Ohio.

This is what Jenna had to say about my book when she first started reading it:

“Dear C.,

I finished reading a couple days ago, and am about to read it a second time. Again, as with 'The Conversation of Merachefet,' it was as if 'The Conversation of Venusta' was written specifically for me at the exact moment that I needed it! It is truly unbelievable! All of my deepest questions answered. Words do not even begin to explain the experience of reading this book. It speaks directly to my being and is a divine source of healing, truth, and enlightenment. This time the tears didn’t come until the very last few pages. It’s hard to describe it..these tears. They aren’t like ones I’ve experienced before. It’s just that everything begins to make so much sense. Everything that I've ever questioned about life, myself, and those around me is answered all at once and I am flooded with a deep sense of comfort and understanding and the tears just roll in.

Thank you for creating such a profound and transformational experience for me.

I will be providing you with more feedback as I read it again.

Love & blessings,

Jenna Freimark”

And this is what Jenna is saying now that she has finished reading The Conversation of Venusta:

‘Within the writings of this book divine truths are revealed to me that will forever be engrained upon my soul. After reading this, there is no turning back to what once was. It is as though a rebirth has taken place in a sense. I am now able to see myself for the Goddess that I am and transcend to my highest-self. It truly led me to exactly where I am meant to be in this life. After reading ‘The Conversation of Merachefet’, synchronicities began to occur in my life. Now, after completing ‘The Conversation of Venusta’, more and more synchronicities are occurring. Everything is just beginning to make sense. Things are falling into place and simply flow as they are meant to. Resistance is no longer. I am released from past hurts and any false sense of identities that I held onto.

It is truly a gift to be able to read a work that brings about so much self-growth and self-enlightenment. I am forever grateful for C. JoyBell C. and cherish her and this book so very much. I will continue to read this again and again and will gain from it each time. I plan to pass it onto generation after generation. The experience of reading this is truly a magical experience that I wish for everyone to have.

I have never resonated so deeply with any one book (besides ‘Merachefet’). I am filled with an eternal peace and comfort and I am immersed in love. I am left in a state of pure bliss and I am so incredibly grateful for it. Everyone could benefit so much from this beautiful work. Simply put, if you are a seeker of truth you will find it within this book. Seek no further.

This has been a life changing experience! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Discover more about who Jenna is:

Jenna Freimark is a Registered Nurse who is also trained in YogaNursing, a new and trademarked advancement in healthcare practice. She is also a current member of The American Holistic Nurses Association and is planning on gaining certifications in Aromatherapy, Healing Touch, Health and Wellness Coaching, and Massage Therapy. Jenna says that it is “at the core of her heart” to help “uplift and nurture people”. She says, “I want to leave others better than I found them.”

Jenna holds a special place in her heart for adoption, as this touches a very personal aspect in her life, which is actually responsible for leading her on her journey of self-discovery, searching for truth, and in fact finding the works of C. JoyBell C.

Jenna likes to spend her time reading Philosophy and other writings that help to lead her and others onto the path of self-improvement, the discovery of truth, and the better understanding of others.

More info: Jenna has thrice read The Conversation of Merachefet and twice read The Conversation of Venusta.

Jenna is smart. Be like Jenna. =)

The Conversation of Venusta is available on Amazon, at CreateSpace, and at many other online stores. If you would rather place an order of this book via your brick and mortar bookstore, simply order it at their front desk and it will arrive in two weeks, regardless of where you are in the world.

Beta Reader Natalie

This is Natalie Brady. Natalie lives in Ohio. Natalie is one of the two youngest beta readers on my team, she has been reading my work since she was in high school.

Here's what Natalie has to say about The Conversation of Venusta:

There’s nothing more peaceful than to watch the embers of an autumn fire lick up at the sky, to close our eyes and listen to her hiss and crackle, spitting out warmth. Oh, does she love to spit out that warmth, filling our chest with contentment and our vision with a slow melding of smoke on flame on wood.

But there is something about an autumn fire that can leave us feeling cold and bereft. The dichotomy: the lucid light versus the dense dark. The light chases away all the shadows and provides solace, but the dark embraces those shadows, and begs for us to console them. Do we listen? Why should we? We have all we need sitting in her illumination: warmth, light, and security. Why should we step out of that circle of trust, to a field of uneasiness? Why should we abandon our home to explore one untouched by her glow?

If we were to give it a chance, if we were to hold on tight and take one step, two, three, we might stumble — the perfect excuse to turn back and run for shelter. If we were to look our uncertainty in the eye and continue, to take four, five, six steps, we might feel a lump in our throat, one we are unable to push down to our stomach — another excuse. But if we were to continue further, to face all the fear snaking throughout our body, to take seven, eight, nine steps, we will find that our eyes… They are adjusting. We can see. We can see a whole different world, a whole new way of living, a place we never could have imagined still huddled in her embers.

The Conversation of Venusta is this darkness; this enlightenment. All we have to do is take the plunge into the shadows, to take those first three steps and skin our knee. To take those next three and tell our body to remain calm. To take those final three and pause, to let our eyes adjust to the new world around us, to let our mind free from our bias, our judgment, our preconceived notions, and to let ourselves absorb the beauty of the thoughts encasing us. Only when we embrace her shadows, her anonymity, can we begin to comprehend the world around us.

I allowed myself to be swallowed by the shadows, to exit my comfort zone and look at my surroundings in a light that, while cloaked in murkiness, outshines every star.

C. Joybell C.’s The Conversation of Venusta is worth those nine steps.

And here's more about Natalie:

Ever since she was little, Natalie found herself writing away her problems, singing through her woes, and finding new ways to help people reach their potential.

An inventor, Natalie had her first product on the market when she was three years old. Her latest product is an online system, myfearzapper.com, she invented at the age of nine, which helps teach children how to build confidence by facing and overcoming their fears. She has shared her love of inventing and her approach to creativity and writing at a number of different schools, including through a program on intellectual property, produced for high school students, by Northern Kentucky University.

In high school, Natalie explored her love of music by playing trumpet in multiple bands and singing in a variety of choruses. She also discovered her love of leadership, serving as Section Leader for the large trumpet section, as well as helping the school’s levy effort, helping with elementary newspaper classes, serving in editor positions for the Amazing Kids! International E-zine, teaching trumpet to junior high students, and writing her own blog, indigobelle.net.

Natalie is currently studying Creative Writing and Jazz Voice Performance at Northern Kentucky University.

Lastly, Natalie wants to say, that she is blessed to have been asked to contribute a writing as a member of C. Joybell C.’s team of Beta Readers.

You can connect with Natalie here:

And visit www.myfearzapper.com to learn more about her work!

Natalie is smart. Be like Natalie. heart emoticon

The Conversation of Venusta is available on Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/dp/152372126X/ref=cm_sw_su_dp), at CreateSpace (https://www.createspace.com/5981932), and at many other online stores (http://www.cjoybellc.com/book-store.html). If you would rather place an order of this book via your brick and mortar bookstore, simply order it at their front desk and it will arrive in two weeks, regardless of where you are in the world.

Beta Reader Karen Joy

This is Karen Joy Langley. Karen lives in England.

This is what Karen is saying about The Conversation of Venusta:

"I first came across C. JoyBell C. in the Spring of 2012, even though there is no such thing as a coincidence, I stumbled upon a blog. The Fairy Tale had begun. I was enchanted. Everything happens for a reason and I enjoy living in this exciting, child-like, magical space.
C. JoyBell’s name mirrored mine, which created a special bond (what’s in a name?) and the family had nicknamed my son’s girlfriend ‘Chelsea-Bell’. I rest my case!

As the C. JoyBell C. spirit infused my soul, I craved more of her. Who is she? Where does she live? What else has she written? ... but I found very little information. Even more intriguing! What a relief when I discovered her book, ‘The Sun Is Snowing’ and quenched my thirst. The sweet addiction had begun.

I inscribe the inside page of my most precious books with a message to the author and with an imaginary message pinged back to me. Here’s part of my message sent to C. JoyBell C. in 2012: ‘You made me skip a breath. Captivated, paralysed by the beauty and truth of your love.’

Life really, really, really is one gigantic awesome circle, liberally drenched in C. JoyBell C. fairydust. Add a pinch of divine timing, and voila, C. JoyBell C. appears theatre-left on my stage in January 2016. My social media site innocently displayed her face, and sheepishly asked the question ‘is there someone you want to connect with?’. Hell yes! C. JoyBell C. of course! The invisible universal ‘love affair’ had spun its web across time and space for four years, then wove us back together.

There’s something very special about the innocent, free & fluid way C. Bell writes. It would be trite to say her latest publication ‘The Conversation of Venusta’ is written from the heart, because that’s the baseline for any great artiste sharing their creative passion & vision with the world. C. JoyBell C. has something that’s hard to define, but her ‘fairydust’ is very special.

She uses words quite purposefully, as she goes about her innate talent of viscerally assaulting your senses. Just as a Reiki practitioner would channel spirit guides via their hands, just as a surgeon would find the source of dis-ease using a scalpel, C. JoyBell C. is a consummate and immaculate healer with words.

Her works of literary art are poetry in motion, emanating from a divine and higher source. It by-passes the logical left brain, and somehow enters the gut intraveneously — yes, the seat of human intuition and emotions. Its powerful arrow leaves its mark and I defy you to stop it!
The book is reminiscent of the applauded ‘Conversation with God’ (Neale Donald Walshe) and ‘The Power of Now’ (Eckhart Tolle). I am a spiritual child on an amazing quest to re-member my divine self. My bookshelves heave under heavyweights in the self-help industry. Enlightened teachers such as Dr. Bruce Lipton, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, and my idol Dr. Rev Michael Beckwith give me goosebumps. They are all in my Spiritual Hall of Fame. They are the spiritual ‘Rock Stars’ spreading messages of enlightenment across the universe, reminding us we CAN re-member our souls’ highest purpose. Bell’s work has pride of place on my bookshelf. She is in my Spiritual Hall of Fame and she is a spiritual ‘Rock Star’ who although afraid, pushes mental boundaries, opens our eyes and shines light into the darkest and most painful emotional wounds... so that they can heal.

The cracks and crevices that unfortunately arise in the human psyche via the process of seeking love, care, recognition and understanding, cannot be under-estimated, hence my driving passion for becoming a psychotherapist.

‘The Conversation of Venusta’, C. JoyBell’s latest work, touches on the universal problems we all face and the haphazard solutions we find. The themes covered include: the complexity and pain of relationships, the romanticisation of love, faith, religious extremism and the concept of heaven and hell... plus so much more.

Alternating between the voice of C. JoyBell C. and Her Higher Self (Venusta, the Goddess of Beauty), the themes twist and turn and fight with themselves until... the Truth is out! The book title demonstrates that divine things happen in everyday life even when we think very little of the event: ‘...it is the golden necklace that is worn every day...’

As all artistes suffer in the exposure of their work, C. JoyBell C. too lays herself bare and vulnerable to feedback. Whilst channeling her stream of consciousness, she shares her hopes, dreams and aspirations for her latest publication. She admits humbly that it comes from a higher source The Goddess Venus. ‘...I know this is my Higher Voice answering the questions of my Mundane Mind...’

The real injustice and loss would be in not experiencing C. JoyBell C.’s unique perspective. She bypasses the logical mind and provides direct nourishment Soul-to-Soul."

And, you can learn more about Karen (in her own words):

"I am the ‘Thought Catcher’, and I help men and women in their late 30s – early 40s, to re-set and manage their emotions; this covers life issues such as stress, anxiety, depression and anger. My life coaching, cognitive behavioural skills (CBT), and counseling conversations merge in a powerful way so that clients can stop, listen and develop a sharper awareness of the negative stories and the string of negative thoughts they filter second by second.

I have worked in the talk-therapy profession as a qualified psychotherapist since 2005, and supported a wide range of age groups to re-set their emotional button and return to a more relaxed, happier and creative way of being. I particularly enjoyed my seven years of working with college students taking their tentative steps into adulthood.

I have volunteered in local mental health agencies, given up time to support wellness activities for the older generation, co-facilitated a year-long group supporting those experiencing mental health to handle debt and money matters, delivered workshops to my local community on various topics (Self-Esteem, Value of Love, Identity) … and recently started volunteering for a charity called Age Concern: befriending older people suffering from loneliness."

You may connect with Karen Joy HERE

And you can visit her WEBSITE

Karen is smart. Be like Karen. =)

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