A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

       Today, I would like to talk about the virtue of helping people. I know that this is something that people project all the time, because people know that this is a highly-admirable character trait. So they are so loud about how good it is to help others, how we all need to help refugees, and so on and so forth.
       But I would like to talk about the deep virtue of helping people. The virtue that is not only Facebook-deep. You see, the universal problem in the world today is this: That people want forgiveness, but they don't know how to forgive; that people feel entitled to receive help from others, but they don't know how to help; that people want to be seen as good people, but they don't actually act like good people.
       We should not help others if it could cost us our lives, or if it could cost us everything we have. I am not an advocate of taking one's shirt off of one's back and giving that away to another person. But if you can help, and when you can help, even just a little, then why the hell not?
       It seems like when someone is in need, the reaction is to turn away rather than to run towards. Why is this the case? If you can help in a way that is not going to rob you of what you already have, then why aren't you going to do that? Do you not realise that one day, you will also need help? And do you not know that if you do not know how to help others, then help will also not be there for you? It is even possible to be a kind of person who always helps others, and yet, you do not receive help from others in return! Goodness is not always repaid by goodness, in this world. How much more if you do not know how to help another! Then surely, help will not in return come to you. Seldom is evil repaid by goodness in this universe.
       We must know when to help and when not to help. But one must always know the virtue of honestly helping another. My mother, father, and I— we have been helping people for as long as I can remember. My parents are the kinds of people who would take their own shirts off their own backs and give them to others. I am not that kind of person, simply because I have seen that there is no justice in this act. I will not take my shirt off and give it to you. But if I can, I can buy you your own shirt! Or I can give you a different shirt of mine, if I don't need it.
       Since I grew up with parents constantly helping others (my parents aren't perfect people, but one thing they truly are— are givers), helping people comes naturally to me. But I never really knew what it feels like to be helped, until the time came that I was stuck in my own hours of need. In your own hours of need— that is when you will learn the virtue of helping others, because you feel the need, yourself. It is something that (hopefully) you will never want any other person to feel.
       I know that this message has been taught and preached and taught and preached over and over again, to the point of sounding worthless; but I just want to say, that the people of the world need to ask themselves, "What is my worth in this world, if I am unable to help other people?"
       If Facebook points counted as points going to Paradise after death, then I'm sure, everyone would go to Paradise! But as it turns out, Facebook points don't count as real-life Paradise points! Passing Jesus' face around on Easter Sunday isn't going to help cleanse you of your sins. If you want forgiveness— forgive others. If you want help— help others in the ways that you can help. If you want to be a good person— act like a good person. This is just a friendly reminder.

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