And So It Is Easter

       Today is Easter Sunday. We all have seen many posts about this Holiday, many beautiful pictures, and most probably you have also seen many articles about the Pagan origins of this particular Holiday; articles peddled by those who would seek to "enlighten" the masses and "set them free."
       Yes, I am aware of the Pagan origins of Easter. Also of Christmas, and nearly everything else. Even Thanksgiving is a Holiday celebrating the harmonious banquet that took place between Animist Native Americans and the newly settled Protestant British colonies in Northern America. But so what? I mean, really, so what?
       So, you have some ancient information that not everybody knows about— so what. So you feel that you have been set free by knowing the truth about a Holiday— so what? Does this make you a kinder person? A more loving person? Because if it doesn't, then what good is this knowledge in your hands? No good at all.
       It is amusing to me, to watch many people say to many other people, "Do not be a sheep! Wake up! Follow the Truth! Become enlightened! You are a slave, stop being a slave! Do not walk with the blind masses! Forge your own unique path!" And I am amused by this, because, while they are advocates of forging a unique path, they all share the same exact opinion. And they are all saying the same things. Therefore, they are another group defined as "masses" who share the same ideas, same opinions... albeit they are different from others, but then that just means that the others are also different from them. :-)
       So, Easter is all about Ishtar, and also all about Idunn, and also related to the Goddesses like Iris and Selene and Venus... so what? The eggs are all about Ishtar, Spring and the rabbits are all about Idunn, The rainbow belongs to Iris, the deer are loyal to Selene, the Love and Beauty is all about Venus... so what? Who said that all the gods are fighting, anyway? Jesus rose again after three days, therefore overcoming darkness, just as Spring overcame Winter... the reemergence of life! Is it not only man who makes the gods appear to be fighting one another? Men want to fight one another, and so they want their gods to fight one another, as well. Just because Easter is about Ishtar, that doesn't mean Ishtar hates Jesus. And Jesus doesn't hate Ishtar, either. The gods get along. All except for Loki, of course. So why can't people all get along?
       More valuable is the man who, in his heart, is steadfast to his religion, oblivious to "truths" and "enlightenments", than the man who has all knowledge about all ancient and secret things, yet holds no innocence within his heart. Innocence is far more valuable than knowledge. I could stand here in front of you, and know every single truth in the universe, and yet, none of that would be as valuable as the innocence that I also hold within my heart.
       More valuable is the man who visits Cathedral and bows a knee to pray at the marble feet of a Saint who, oblivious to him, is actually the reconstruction of an old Roman Deity; more valuable is he than the man who says, "I am free because I have knowledge!" Yes, knowledge sets us free, but sweetness of heart brings us eternal life. Religion does not bring us eternal life; sweetness of heart does that. There is far more sweetness of heart in a prayer on the lips of a man who humbles himself, than in the knowledge of the other man that does not cause him to be a more loving person or a more caring person.
       Blessed is the man who spends not his time finding fault in others, or in the ways of others. Blessed is the man who lives his life in love, harmony, humility, and acceptance.  May you have a blessed Easter, whether you are innocent or not.

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