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This is Darlene Bernadette Falceso. Darlene lives in The Philippines.

This is what Darlene had to say while she was still reading The Conversation of Venusta:

“Honestly, I am very hooked that from the time I started reading, I find myself crying at one point and at one point smiling, at some point I find myself laughing hard. I was literally crying from page 1 to page 10... I love how your book, how your words can reach the deepest inner me. I’ve read a lot of books, as a journalism graduate myself, I’ve read a lot of writing styles, but yours is truly exceptional. This book shows me all my sins! I have given up countless people because of my cowardice. I have been leaving people behind and I can’t even explain to them the reason why. I have been living my life in a way that I really cast aside those whom I feel are closest to me because being with them makes me feel weak for relying on other people too much. I am not even halfway through, but I think I can’t let loose on reading now — because despite of these uneasy feelings, this book is making me accept and love wholeheartedly my crooked self.”

“I’m halfway done with the book Miss! And I’ve been getting colds lately because of frequent crying while reading the book. Thank you so much Miss! Thank you so much! Every bits of your words felt like the book was written for me. THANK YOU so much for being an angel to my life. Thank you for your existence!!!!”

And this is what Darlene is saying now after she has read the whole book:

"One thing is I am very sure of — that I will never be the same again as the person who started reading The Conversation of Venusta. I had countless goosebumps during reading, upon realizing that I was having an encounter with a life changing book — so life changing that while reading and pondering on every word, I came to address, confront, and face issues at hand that I have been denying for so long, issues that were hurting me for so long! I can find myself then — at lost and walking along shorelines of coarse sands, too coarse that in every step, I can feel my feet bleed and I can see myself bleeding until I found these precious words that glitter like diamonds amidst all the hurts and pains I have been drowning in for years. Yes, this book is like a diamond for me — too priceless, like they say diamonds are forever so are the words and the lessons this book taught me for days of reading. Yes, The Conversation of Venusta is like a diamond, incomparable, that if I am to be told to walk on coarse sand and bleed hard again so I can search for this diamond amidst, I would willingly oblige — without second thoughts.This book touched my very soul, word by word, it felt like the writer knew very well who I am, both my outer shell and my inner core; my past, my present, my future — my agitations, my unanswered questions, my doubts, my self issues, the right and wrong decisions I had made, even the meaning of my very existence, all were addressed page by page that whenever I wanted to stop reading, I couldn’t, because my very core kept on aching to know more who I really am, why I am here, what is the purpose of my life, what is the meaning of my actions, what is more to life that I am living right now and what is it that really matters.

After I started reading, I cried a lot! During my readings, I had these pauses because I broke into tears, getting these frequent colds from crying so much... after I finished the book, I went into a total break down realizing without doubt, this book is really written for me — the lost, the doubtful, the brokenhearted, the hesitant, the frightened, the coward — ME. This book helped me so much in the process of my reading. I love this book a million times — while reading, the words gave me the courage to save a friendship which I thought was on the verge of destruction; it gave me a hope that my heart will be healed after a break up; that my lost self could still be found after all mess I had drowned into; the words helped me gain enough confidence for a life and death decision for my future’s sake — more so, after reading, I came to love myself more. I came to see how beautifully I am made by God. I came to realize my worth as a person — that I am worthy to be truly loved by a man, that I am perfect despite my imperfections, that I deserve to have the warmth of a loving family and friends, that I am Goddess inside and outside, though despite not everyone can see my value as one, as long as I embrace myself wholeheartedly; my flaws, the sins I have committed, the wrong decisions I’ve done, my dark pasts; as long as I cling to them unafraid and willing to change, I will become more beautiful, even more beautiful than I am now! Maybe not in everybody’s eyes, but in my eyes, in God’s loving and accepting eyes — I am a Goddess.

Reading The Conversation of Venusta is more than just reading alone, for me it is soul-searching. Miss C. JoyBell. C stitched her words in one bible— of a person’s pains, hurts, faults, sins, questions, guilts, hesitations, doubts, insecurities but at the same time answers and addresses these issues with the most precise and heartbreaking truths but are all consoling, eloquent and lovable. This book helped me find my lost self. This book helped me love myself harder than the half-baked love I’ve been giving myself until now. The Conversation of Venusta for me is HOPE."

Discover more about Darlene (in her own words):

I am Darlene Bernadette Falceso, 21 years old, from the Philippines. I am a double degree holder of Journalism and Education. I graduated at Centro Escolar University (CEU-Manila) with the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication Major in Journalism with 18 units Education. I am also into photography — I am an amateur landscape photographer. After my love for writing and photography, comes my love for teaching and hopefully I will become a full-time Journalism Teacher one day soon. During leisure moments, if I am not engaged in photoshoots, I’m tucked in bed with any crime mystery books I find and Manga of course, or I am tuned in watching my all-time favorite, all-time love of my life — Anime shows! I have this ultimate dream of visiting Japan, knowing their culture, tasting their delicacies, exploring every prefecture, familiarizing Nihonggo, and maybe if given a chance, I want to stay there for good (maybe a dream brought about by my obsession with Anime and Manga).

I am a traveler, I love traveling be it by land, water, and air. As a Photographer, my favorite subjects are sunsets, wildflowers, seas, and silhouettes. I love dream catchers and I am also a certified coffee addict.

You can connect with Darlene via her Instagram: @d.b_iewfinder

You can also connect with Darlene on Facebook.

Darlene is smart. Be like Darlene. =)

The Conversation of Venusta is available on Amazon, at CreateSpace , and at many other online stores. If you would rather place an order of this book via your brick and mortar bookstore, simply order it at their front desk and it will arrive in two weeks, regardless of where you are in the world.

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