Beta Reader Jenna

This is Jenna Freimark. Jenna lives in Ohio.

This is what Jenna had to say about my book when she first started reading it:

“Dear C.,

I finished reading a couple days ago, and am about to read it a second time. Again, as with 'The Conversation of Merachefet,' it was as if 'The Conversation of Venusta' was written specifically for me at the exact moment that I needed it! It is truly unbelievable! All of my deepest questions answered. Words do not even begin to explain the experience of reading this book. It speaks directly to my being and is a divine source of healing, truth, and enlightenment. This time the tears didn’t come until the very last few pages. It’s hard to describe it..these tears. They aren’t like ones I’ve experienced before. It’s just that everything begins to make so much sense. Everything that I've ever questioned about life, myself, and those around me is answered all at once and I am flooded with a deep sense of comfort and understanding and the tears just roll in.

Thank you for creating such a profound and transformational experience for me.

I will be providing you with more feedback as I read it again.

Love & blessings,

Jenna Freimark”

And this is what Jenna is saying now that she has finished reading The Conversation of Venusta:

‘Within the writings of this book divine truths are revealed to me that will forever be engrained upon my soul. After reading this, there is no turning back to what once was. It is as though a rebirth has taken place in a sense. I am now able to see myself for the Goddess that I am and transcend to my highest-self. It truly led me to exactly where I am meant to be in this life. After reading ‘The Conversation of Merachefet’, synchronicities began to occur in my life. Now, after completing ‘The Conversation of Venusta’, more and more synchronicities are occurring. Everything is just beginning to make sense. Things are falling into place and simply flow as they are meant to. Resistance is no longer. I am released from past hurts and any false sense of identities that I held onto.

It is truly a gift to be able to read a work that brings about so much self-growth and self-enlightenment. I am forever grateful for C. JoyBell C. and cherish her and this book so very much. I will continue to read this again and again and will gain from it each time. I plan to pass it onto generation after generation. The experience of reading this is truly a magical experience that I wish for everyone to have.

I have never resonated so deeply with any one book (besides ‘Merachefet’). I am filled with an eternal peace and comfort and I am immersed in love. I am left in a state of pure bliss and I am so incredibly grateful for it. Everyone could benefit so much from this beautiful work. Simply put, if you are a seeker of truth you will find it within this book. Seek no further.

This has been a life changing experience! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Discover more about who Jenna is:

Jenna Freimark is a Registered Nurse who is also trained in YogaNursing, a new and trademarked advancement in healthcare practice. She is also a current member of The American Holistic Nurses Association and is planning on gaining certifications in Aromatherapy, Healing Touch, Health and Wellness Coaching, and Massage Therapy. Jenna says that it is “at the core of her heart” to help “uplift and nurture people”. She says, “I want to leave others better than I found them.”

Jenna holds a special place in her heart for adoption, as this touches a very personal aspect in her life, which is actually responsible for leading her on her journey of self-discovery, searching for truth, and in fact finding the works of C. JoyBell C.

Jenna likes to spend her time reading Philosophy and other writings that help to lead her and others onto the path of self-improvement, the discovery of truth, and the better understanding of others.

More info: Jenna has thrice read The Conversation of Merachefet and twice read The Conversation of Venusta.

Jenna is smart. Be like Jenna. =)

The Conversation of Venusta is available on Amazon, at CreateSpace, and at many other online stores. If you would rather place an order of this book via your brick and mortar bookstore, simply order it at their front desk and it will arrive in two weeks, regardless of where you are in the world.

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