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This is Karen Joy Langley. Karen lives in England.

This is what Karen is saying about The Conversation of Venusta:

"I first came across C. JoyBell C. in the Spring of 2012, even though there is no such thing as a coincidence, I stumbled upon a blog. The Fairy Tale had begun. I was enchanted. Everything happens for a reason and I enjoy living in this exciting, child-like, magical space.
C. JoyBell’s name mirrored mine, which created a special bond (what’s in a name?) and the family had nicknamed my son’s girlfriend ‘Chelsea-Bell’. I rest my case!

As the C. JoyBell C. spirit infused my soul, I craved more of her. Who is she? Where does she live? What else has she written? ... but I found very little information. Even more intriguing! What a relief when I discovered her book, ‘The Sun Is Snowing’ and quenched my thirst. The sweet addiction had begun.

I inscribe the inside page of my most precious books with a message to the author and with an imaginary message pinged back to me. Here’s part of my message sent to C. JoyBell C. in 2012: ‘You made me skip a breath. Captivated, paralysed by the beauty and truth of your love.’

Life really, really, really is one gigantic awesome circle, liberally drenched in C. JoyBell C. fairydust. Add a pinch of divine timing, and voila, C. JoyBell C. appears theatre-left on my stage in January 2016. My social media site innocently displayed her face, and sheepishly asked the question ‘is there someone you want to connect with?’. Hell yes! C. JoyBell C. of course! The invisible universal ‘love affair’ had spun its web across time and space for four years, then wove us back together.

There’s something very special about the innocent, free & fluid way C. Bell writes. It would be trite to say her latest publication ‘The Conversation of Venusta’ is written from the heart, because that’s the baseline for any great artiste sharing their creative passion & vision with the world. C. JoyBell C. has something that’s hard to define, but her ‘fairydust’ is very special.

She uses words quite purposefully, as she goes about her innate talent of viscerally assaulting your senses. Just as a Reiki practitioner would channel spirit guides via their hands, just as a surgeon would find the source of dis-ease using a scalpel, C. JoyBell C. is a consummate and immaculate healer with words.

Her works of literary art are poetry in motion, emanating from a divine and higher source. It by-passes the logical left brain, and somehow enters the gut intraveneously — yes, the seat of human intuition and emotions. Its powerful arrow leaves its mark and I defy you to stop it!
The book is reminiscent of the applauded ‘Conversation with God’ (Neale Donald Walshe) and ‘The Power of Now’ (Eckhart Tolle). I am a spiritual child on an amazing quest to re-member my divine self. My bookshelves heave under heavyweights in the self-help industry. Enlightened teachers such as Dr. Bruce Lipton, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, and my idol Dr. Rev Michael Beckwith give me goosebumps. They are all in my Spiritual Hall of Fame. They are the spiritual ‘Rock Stars’ spreading messages of enlightenment across the universe, reminding us we CAN re-member our souls’ highest purpose. Bell’s work has pride of place on my bookshelf. She is in my Spiritual Hall of Fame and she is a spiritual ‘Rock Star’ who although afraid, pushes mental boundaries, opens our eyes and shines light into the darkest and most painful emotional wounds... so that they can heal.

The cracks and crevices that unfortunately arise in the human psyche via the process of seeking love, care, recognition and understanding, cannot be under-estimated, hence my driving passion for becoming a psychotherapist.

‘The Conversation of Venusta’, C. JoyBell’s latest work, touches on the universal problems we all face and the haphazard solutions we find. The themes covered include: the complexity and pain of relationships, the romanticisation of love, faith, religious extremism and the concept of heaven and hell... plus so much more.

Alternating between the voice of C. JoyBell C. and Her Higher Self (Venusta, the Goddess of Beauty), the themes twist and turn and fight with themselves until... the Truth is out! The book title demonstrates that divine things happen in everyday life even when we think very little of the event: ‘ is the golden necklace that is worn every day...’

As all artistes suffer in the exposure of their work, C. JoyBell C. too lays herself bare and vulnerable to feedback. Whilst channeling her stream of consciousness, she shares her hopes, dreams and aspirations for her latest publication. She admits humbly that it comes from a higher source The Goddess Venus. ‘...I know this is my Higher Voice answering the questions of my Mundane Mind...’

The real injustice and loss would be in not experiencing C. JoyBell C.’s unique perspective. She bypasses the logical mind and provides direct nourishment Soul-to-Soul."

And, you can learn more about Karen (in her own words):

"I am the ‘Thought Catcher’, and I help men and women in their late 30s – early 40s, to re-set and manage their emotions; this covers life issues such as stress, anxiety, depression and anger. My life coaching, cognitive behavioural skills (CBT), and counseling conversations merge in a powerful way so that clients can stop, listen and develop a sharper awareness of the negative stories and the string of negative thoughts they filter second by second.

I have worked in the talk-therapy profession as a qualified psychotherapist since 2005, and supported a wide range of age groups to re-set their emotional button and return to a more relaxed, happier and creative way of being. I particularly enjoyed my seven years of working with college students taking their tentative steps into adulthood.

I have volunteered in local mental health agencies, given up time to support wellness activities for the older generation, co-facilitated a year-long group supporting those experiencing mental health to handle debt and money matters, delivered workshops to my local community on various topics (Self-Esteem, Value of Love, Identity) … and recently started volunteering for a charity called Age Concern: befriending older people suffering from loneliness."

You may connect with Karen Joy HERE

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Karen is smart. Be like Karen. =)

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