It's Not Man Vs. Woman; It's Man and Woman Vs. Corporate Greed

       Thanks to a new movement called #WomenNotObjects, more and more awareness is being drawn to the objectification of women in the media, in popular culture; all perpetrated by companies and organisations that would go to any extent, no matter how inhumane, to use the bodies of women to call attention to their products or to their causes.
       I don't believe that men as a gender are responsible for perpetuating the objectification of women for financial gain or otherwise profits. I do believe that the responsible parties are companies, corporations, organisations— those looking to attract a type of profit or attention. Many feminist groups will automatically say that men are at fault; but I believe that corporations are at fault. Companies are at fault. Organisations are at fault.
       What is "objectification"? I think the answer to that is very simple. Is it wrong to desire a woman's body? Of course not. Is it wrong to lust? Of course not. Is it wrong for companies to hire attractive models to sell things with? Of course not. But is it wrong to show utter disregard for very real world issues like rape, domestic violence and paedophilia? Yes it is! Is it wrong to chop women up, hack them up, and reenact heinous murder scenes just to sell a car or just to promote a personal life choice (veganism)? Yes it is! Is it wrong to incorporate pornographic material and to reenact pornographic scenes, in order to sell a product? Yes it is! It seems like the very frail minds of people do not know how to draw the line in the sand, between what is wrong and what is right. Very basic knowledge of wrong and right, but it seems like people have such difficulty grasping it!
       Someone said to me, "She looks like she's enjoying the attention", and I told her, that the ads for companies which we see on a daily basis, are not controlled by the models in the ads themselves; but are controlled by the creative directors of the companies building those ads and selling those products. In fact, you can watch any of the very highly rated "Next Top Model" or other modelling contest shows, and you will be able to confirm the fact that female models are people who are designed by the modelling industry to have no opinions, no convictions, no will, no right to say "no" to anything that they are told to do. I have watched these shows, and I have seen women break down in tears because they are shamed for saying "no" to things that they simply don't feel comfortable doing! "You want to be on top? You can't say no!" These t.v. shows are nothing but the systematic portrayal of the bending of personal conviction, personal will, and personal choice. The more they are muted and silenced and bent— the more they are paid and praised! In other words, female models are moulded, shaped and formed in order to fit not only into a physical mould; but also more importantly, into a mental and emotional mould. They have no right to say "no" to anything. And for this, they are called beautiful; it is this that makes them professional; it is this that makes them top earners; it is this that makes them more desirable! It is this that our young girls understand. And it is that very same culture that comes directly through in the ads that these companies place. And the message that these t.v. shows send out, that these modelling organisations send out, is the message that if you want to be desired and if you want to be paid large sums of money and become famous, then you must never say "no."
       Never being able to say "no" is the exact message that the modelling industry is sending out to young women, everywhere. A weak will, a weak conviction. And yet it is masked by so-called strength and the "will to win this contest to be on top". It is a great deception. The very same message comes out loud and clear through the ads and other promotional material. You'd wonder why a model couldn't just say, "This photoshoot is against my personal convictions as an individual"; but in reality, they simply would be fired or shamed to no end, if they were to voice anything in their minds that is against the will of the company that hired them.
       Still, society has managed to place the job of being a model on a pedestal, and make it into one of the most high-paying jobs in the world! This is all a perpetuation of the message that the less you think, the more will be given to you. Go ahead and let the company slice up your picture and hang you from the ceiling as slabs of butchered meat; that doesn't mean anything! It's just something you need to do to land more jobs in the future!
       This sick message, and the sick prioritization of the value of various jobs that society categorizes people into— all of this plays major roles in the objectification of  women's bodies. Men are not the enemy. Greed is. Disrespect is. Corporate world is.
       I took a management course in fashion and luxury brand management. In this course, we were taught repeatedly that the main selling point of fashion, is to sell the "myth" behind it, and to always make people feel like the myth is just a little bit out of their reach, so that those same people will struggle to reach up higher for it. And why? Well of course so they will spend all the money that they have on trying to reach something they will never reach! So, the root of the matter is GREED. It is MONEY. And it is the same root ingrained into the reason why supermodels are terribly skinny: because, again, it is something difficult to attain.
       By nature, human beings reach for what is just out of their reach! Personally, I am not like this at all. I am very well aware of the hells in this world and the shortness of the human life, enough to know that gifts given to you ought to be cherished immensely! Why are you over there reaching for something that you can actually not attain? Are you fucking stupid? Attain the best that you can achieve, yes, but please know the difference between that and between being fooled by marketing strategies and ludicrous self-help articles (which are still just marketing strategies)!
       We will be able to put an end to the objectification of women, when we are able to put an end to the cycle of deception and greed that runs through the veins of corporations, brand names, organisations, t.v. shows, and mind sets that are by now deeply ingrained in the psyche. And why should we put an end to this? Because how the world sees that woman on the billboard, is how your daughter will think the world needs to see her! How that man standing in front of that add takes for granted the seriousness of rape and domestic violence, is how that man right there will take for granted the safety of your own daughter, sister, mother, wife!
       I also want men everywhere to realise that, no, you are NOT the root cause of evil, of all the problems that women face in this day and age. You simply are not. You, as a man, you are also the victim of greed. Your view of woman is distorted by the window given to you by greed, through which you now view woman! The window is not yours; it was fabricated for somebody else's profit and/or benefit! You are being used, just as much as us women are being used! You, as men, are being used as a key proponent in the continuation of this cycle of greed. Your minds are being conditioned to believe that all women want to be objectified and that you are giving us exactly what we want, while women are being taught that the only way up the ladder in life, is through the objectification of their bodies! This is not a man vs. woman thing! It is man and woman vs. corporate greed thing!
       These are some very strong and I believe very essential thoughts that must be born and stirred within the hearts and minds of all people, everywhere, so that we may be able to bring about the end of this travesty and create a new future for men and women, everywhere. Please share this message, and thank you for doing so.

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