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       Humanity, listen to me. So many of our opinions, preferences and presumptions about other people and about what the world must most definitely be like, are placed into our minds by our childhood religions. So few of that is from our own experiences of our lives from outside of that religious blanket.
       I cannot give you evidence that my God is real and you cannot give me evidence that your God is real. You may laugh at the stories of my God while I laugh at the stories of your God. In reality, both stories are of absolutely equal reliability. They are stories that we believe. And that is it. Your God lives within your faith of Him or Her. And my God lives within my faith of Him or Her. This means that our Gods live for us as individuals and within us as individuals.
      You are real and I am real. We need no evidence to prove to each other that the other exists. Then why do we quarrel over the Gods that we cannot see? Your God is real because you are real and within your belief your God lives. My God is real because I am real and within me my God lives. We therefore need not mock, we therefore need not quarrel.
       How much of what your Holy Book says, is what your God says? And how much of it is just what you are saying? You may live as you are and as you choose, for as long as your ways do not dictate that the way I am and the way I live are not supposed to be. What your God says is not supposed to be, may be different from what my God is telling me. But when our Gods have something hateful to say about you and about me, that is when our Gods must no more dictate us.
Have our Gods ever really, really dictated us? Or have we been dictating our Gods?

       So much of what we think about others, are things we do not know. If someone needs to save my life one day, it will not matter what God they believe in! Would you stop to ask if they are Christian, Muslim or Jew? Would you stop to ask first if they are Pagan, Monotheist or Witch? Or would you just let them save your one precious life?

Humanity, listen to me. It is time for this all to end. It is time for a new beginning.

       It is time for a change that will shake this Earth until the outer crust crumbles and falls off of it; until the only thing left is that which was meant to be.
       We have reached a point in time, a needle-point moment in time, where we will either shake this Earth and her civilisation to the core until it falls away and we may build a new Earth; or, we will all fall asleep, and every act of violence and terror will become only like bugs walking across our faces while we are deep in our sleeps. You will either stand up or you will fall asleep.

Now is the time.

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