Dear You (a holiday reminder)

Dear women everywhere,
      The holidays are fast approaching and I thought I'd just remind all of the women in the world to be sure not to forget to gift yourselves with something really special!
       I have made it a habit to gift myself every holiday season, with items that: 1. I really want but don't really need, and 2. Are things that I would otherwise not buy  for just any other time of the year.
       I think that we put other people first all the time (our kids, our parents, so on and so forth) and I have discovered that reserving the pleasure to gift yourself for the holidays is one of the most profound actions you can take for your own well being. Have the item/s wrapped and write a gift note to yourself! You can wait for Christmas, or, you can open it right away! It's up to you!
       Remember that within you, there is an infant, a child. You must nourish and care for that infant, you must act out of love for her. Don't forget this principle of mine, this holiday season! And maybe you would like to adapt my tradition as your own, too (that would be okay).
       Let me be the first to greet you a very joyous holiday season and a Merry Christmas in advance! Don't forget to honour the innocence within! xx

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