In A World Where Dolphins Are Persons And Human Babies Are Not

       A woman's body is her own body— yes. That is why there is such a thing as reliable birth control methods. Injections, pills, patches, invasive procedures such as operations, so on and so forth. It's not okay for people to tell you that you need to get pregnant or that you need to not get pregnant. That is all up to you. That's your body. HOWEVER. Once you are with child, that is not all about your body anymore! That is about your body+ your sexual partner's body+ the developing body in the womb. This is SCIENCE. This is DNA and ANATOMY. And you just can't argue with science. Look at the DNA, RNA of the human being. It is a half of its father and a half of its mother, whilst maintaining its own evolved character traits as a result.   
       There are many circumstances under which an abortion of a baby is needed. But to say that any woman should be able to walk into a clinic and ask for an abortion, even regardless if it is her actual due date to deliver the baby, even regardless if she wants the baby partially born and then its actual brains to be suctioned out of a crack in its skull while its head is still inside of her and the rest of the body already outside of her having been born— this is stupidity plain and simple!
       For the life of me, I cannot imagine why this procedure called "partial birth abortion" is done, at all! If you want to have a partial birth abortion, why not just apply a lethal injection? Why the most heinous form of procedure imaginable? Why! Murderers and rapists deserve a lethal injection because we all need to respect their useless lives, meanwhile, unborn babies deserve to have their brains suctioned out of their cracked skulls? For godsake, you are all pawns of Satan. If there is a Satan that exists, he lives inside of you! People care about being vegan, about not eating animals because they have feelings and they call other people murderers for eating animals, then those same people turn around and rally for partial birth abortion. Absolute useless brains inside of people's heads. Now I know who's brains ought to be suctioned out of their cracked skulls!
       We are now saying that animals are non-human persons. Dolphins are non-human persons, orangutans are non-human persons, so on and so forth. If animals are non-human persons, what is a human baby inside of the mother's womb? Why is it not a person? Is it a non-human animal?
       This world is riddled with stupidity and the absolute lack of common sense, partnered with immediate emotional reactions that are always selfish and one-sided. People have brains but lack the ability to apply common sense. I guess common sense and understanding do not necessarily accompany brain matter.
       There are circumstances under which abortions are needed. But under all circumstances, there should be an all-questions-asked policy. The child is not a third limb of your body, an extra finger or an extra toe. You don't just get to walk into a clinic and say that since you have an extra toe that is growing out of nowhere, you want to have it removed because it is your body. 

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