The Conversation of Dragons: A Book Review by Amy Singh

Everybody, meet Amy Singh. Amy is a spoken word poet, actor and writer from India. Come and listen to what she has to say after reading my latest book, The Conversation of Dragons.

"The Conversation of Dragons has turned out to be more than just a book for me. I discovered, it was a conversation, an exchange of words I have always longed to have. I have desired for it to happen, sometimes, with another person and other times with my inner self, wiser self, my innocent self… but in vain. Now that it has happened, allow me to tell you that this book is sheer magic. This book is a catalyst to your impending transformation. This book is going to be nothing for some people and everything for others. Simply because it is indeed for the Strong, it is for the Learned, it is for the Magnanimous, the Innocent, the Burned as truly described by C Joybell C in the very beginning. However, you will truly understand it only by reaching the end of the book with the conversation still continuing in your heart, hours later. This book is a homecoming after years of wandering astray.

Did you ever ponder that we are born into this world without any understanding of religion, creed, race, orientations and preferences of any kind? As we grow, we adapt and start to practice a certain belief system, lifestyle basis on our family's traditions, popular mind-sets and society's expectations of us. But what if none of it; your family, the society and the trends could influence your becoming. Who would you be? What would you believe in? How would you live then? This book will reveal you to yourself. It will shake you up, it will move you to peel off the layers you have accumulated on your true element, over the years. Something like that is usually painful, but here you will be at peace. With every layer gone, you will see your-self clearly and that is a stage people become pilgrims for, live in exiles for, spend lifetimes wandering for. And that stage is yours if you are of fire. Be reminded that it is not an easy read. It won't go easy on you. This is not just a book, like I said. This could be your liberation.

Besides revelations of your true self this book also gives you very fair and logical discernment of our world as we know it. If you have ever struggled to understand good or bad. If you can't seem to tell right from wrong, then this book is for you. It talks about the basics of human nature, the sting of guilt and call of regret. The hope of peace and the joy of love. It talks about the hypocrisy of widespread teachings of gender equality, peace, one-ness etc (which end up dividing more than, uniting us). Of misplaced sense of self-righteousness in the world. It talks about the variety of diversions and possibility of inclusion. The narrative is spearhead and straight forward. There is no sugar coating, the words are said as they are. It is told like TRUTH is told. Furthermore, it doesn't only talk about the damage but also about healing what is broken, guarding what is precious and realising your true self. You are going to learn that you have misunderstood darkness and light your whole life, perhaps.

Personally, I am not who I was when I begin reading the book. This is not a book you read one time. It is like a grimoire you open over and over for references and revelations because it will speak to you every time in a new way. But in the first read itself, it has cracked me open, and I feel the light is pouring in or brimming out… doesn't matter when you are one with fire. I struggled most of my life, thinking that I was water. When in truth I was fire. Now, I know the truth and it has set me free. I would not try to define how this will personally affect you because I would want you to pick it up and begin ‘your’ journey yourself. But I will only advocate this much: you deserve this! This clarity, this magic, this gift.

The Conversation of Dragons is not preachy at all, but it calls for sure. Now if you hear the calling, your world will never be the same again. You will never be the same again, You will be one with the fire and one with the dragons. That is not something you see happening every day!"

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Amy Singh is a spoken word poet, story-teller and inspirational blogger. She is a relentless reader and hopelessly hopeful person, who is also an actor/writer at ManchTantra, a theater group. Amy’s first poetry book is soon to hit the printing machine. Meanwhile, she is wandering the planet, reading books, gazing sunrises and spreading hope.

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Amy is sensational. Be sensational like Amy. :)

The Conversation of Dragons
is still in manuscript form with my beta reader team and will be coming soon, early next year. Look for it, find it!

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