Another Woman

A long time ago, my mother visited a clinic in MD. Since she was older than the average new mother, the first thing that the doctor asked her, was, "Do you want an abortion?" She cried and said no. The question hurt her heart.
Today, I am a woman; but before today I was a child. Before I was a child, I was an infant conceived inside my mother's womb. Today, I am a woman able to exercise full rights as a woman and as a human being. But before I was able to speak for myself, think for myself, and breathe for myself; I needed another woman to speak for me, think for me, breathe for me!
Abortion is never about women's rights. Abortion is about health and well-being. There are circumstances wherein an abortion should be an option (rape, sickness, etc.); but to make it into a right of a woman, just because she is a woman, is a deception, it is a lie.
Before I could speak, another woman spoke for me. Before I could think, another woman thought for me. Before I could breathe, another woman breathed for me. Before I was considered a person, another woman loved me. THIS is the right of the woman! To have life and to give it.
Thank you, mama. 

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