Birds Of My Feather

Jefferson Muncy, Jefferson Muncy Art

Birds Of My Feather

I see a nation
With a wall in the midst of them
I see a people
With bricks in their eyes
They break the walls
That divide them from others
But they feed the walls
That divide them from themselves
Walls that eat and grow
Walls that fester, growing hair
Growing nails, teeth
The people feed these
Walls dividing them
While they plot to
Conquer the walls
Surrounding them
Birds in cages
Dream to destroy the forest
Containing the branches
Their cages are hanging on!
You have a quarrel with the forest
Dear birds of my feather
You quarrel with the forest
While you hang in your cages
You say your cages
Protect you from each other
But burn down the forest
You chant you sing
Bury the one who plants the seeds
For the forest divides us
You dream of a heaven
No barriers, no edges, no beginning
No end
While you sit in your cages
Chanting and singing
You curse the walls around your people
While you build the walls in between
Tell me now
How your peaceful heaven
Will come from your caged selves
Tell me now
How your united heaven
Will be emboldened by your
Fettered minds
Imprisoned hearts

Birds of my feather
Oh a proud and blinded people

Copyright © 2016 C. JoyBell C.
Illustration belonging to: Jefferson Muncy Jefferson Muncy Art

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