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       Politics is so much like religion, really. You call yourself by the title of a political party and you self-identify with it. The ideologies of the party become yours, you place yourself into the same cage that those of your same titling have placed themselves into, then you shut the cage door. Nothing on the outside can be true. Everything on the outside must be false. Even when you see a glimpse of truth "out there" on the outside of your cage, you turn your face away in order not to look at it too long. Because the truth that you must protect is the truth belonging to your cage, a collective truth shared by those who share your cage with you. That's politics. I have been observing and this is what I see.
       People ask me what my religion is, but I don't really belong to a religion in the traditional sense of the word. I am both a seeker and a keeper of truth. I have learned that there is truth to be had almost everywhere and that you can put the pieces together. Everybody got a piece of the truth but nobody has the whole truth, because, they all insist that the piece they are holding is the only piece that exists! I am not saying that everyone is living in truth; rather, I am saying that there are pieces of truth in many places. And so, I like to see all of the pieces for what they are, then put them together. Which religion does that? Because that is my religion.
       Today, I have noticed that the same can be said about my political preferences. I do not want to cage my mind and see only pieces. I want to allow my mind to see all of the pieces and put together the whole picture. I am glad to be able to say this about myself, today, because that would mean that I am free in my freedom of the spirit and in my freedom in worldly affairs, as well.
       There are many people who cage their minds and their spirits to "stick to one" political party, one God, one religion... and yet they cannot be faithful to a spouse, to a significant other. They believe they must not or cannot commit to one other person. Do you know why it is like that? I will tell you why it is like that. It is because the spirit and mind are not meant to be caged, and when you do so, you will end up seeking "freedom" in other ways, in the wrong ways, in the ways where that word is not applicable in the sense that you think it is. To be committed to one Love is to be Free. Because Love frees the soul, the mind, the spirit. The freedom to give and to receive; the freedom to fear and to be brave; the freedom to be vulnerable, broken, strong and courageous— these are all found in Love! It is the most beautiful kind of Freedom! And yet, people throw it away because they feel so much in bondage by the cages they place themselves into and it is an absolute tragedy, because in doing so, they have thrown away the freedom which they actually have a chance of knowing! Love frees us, gives us wings and eyes. And people throw that away because they feel so stifled. What is stifling you? It is not Love that stifles you. It is politics, it is religion, it is fear of failure, fear of being wrong!
       Our religions are not us. Our politics are not us. Stop putting who you are onto the outside of you, stop turning who you are into something that you use to cage yourself into! I believe that God can be found in everything, and yet, I also believe that having an atheist president would be the right thing for the nation. Why in the world do I think that? I think this, because I do not need to see myself in my president, because he is not me, his policies do not define me. Because I believe that a president must be a president to everyone of all religions and when a president has a religion, that is going to definitely persuade who he/she self-identifies with. I do not look for the qualities I want in myself or in a partner in life, in my presidential candidate. Why not? Because it is not someone I am going to marry! It is not who looks back at me in the mirror. It is simply someone who must sail the ship that I happen to be riding on.
       You have spread your souls out so thin, all over the place, to the point that you cannot see the outlines of your souls, anymore. My message to you, is, please know yourself! Know yourself. Pull the molecules of your souls together, back inside of your bones and your skin. Be whole within. The wholeness of your soul will free you.

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  1. I have never before heard (or read) someone who had the same thought process on both religion and politics as I do. It is so refreshing! I love that someone else out there understands the concept of finding bits of truth in all places. I have never thought of myself as an Atheist, as i do believe there is something larger than us, but I have not been able to truly say I follow one religion, either. I love that you were able to put words to it, a seeker and keeper of truth. That resonates with me. Thank you for your wisdom!


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