Why I'm Not Vegan

       Here is an earnest post about why I am not vegan. Every day, I see people telling other people why they are vegan and seeing as we all have equal rights to the freedom of speech (and the freedom of pen), now it is my turn to write down and broadcast why I am not vegan. Please read this unto the very end, as the pinnacle is found at the very ending of this post (I promise it will be worth the climb).
       First of all, what is veganism? Veganism is when people choose to consume only food and drinks that have absolutely no animal by-products. You know how you go into your health stores and the supplement bottles sometimes say, "Safe for vegans"? Well, what that means is that the supplements contain absolutely no animal by-products. Oh wait, I almost forgot, veganism also means, as much as possible, abstaining from the use of any cosmetic, clothing item, or medication that contains animal by-products. What are animal by-products? For example, cow and goat milk are animal by-products; snake antivenom is an animal by-product (the antivenom is derived from the snake's venom, itself); animal skins, feathers, fluids, et al... animal by-products! Anything connected to the life or the existence of an animal. Of course, nothing is actually "safe" for vegans and if vegans realised this, they would probably commit suicide (please don't commit suicide after reading this post). All the plants that you eat take sustenance from the ground. What is the ground? The ground is pretty much an accumulation of dead animals, dead people, and poop and pee! Accumulated over the centuries! That's right, people, plants are NOT vegans! Plants themselves eat animals and people and the by-products of animals and people! Fact.
       Now that I have explained veganism, let me tell you why I am not a vegan. First of all, as I have already elaborated above, there is no such thing as vegan, as even plants are not vegan or even just vegetarian. While animals and people will not survive on poop and pee; plants include that in their diet, as well. Reality. So aside from the fact that nobody and nothing is actually vegan, I am not a vegan because I eat meat— surprise! Easy answer, right? But why do I eat meat? Is it because I don't care about animals? Is it because I am a murderer who supports the killing of innocent animals? Is it because I want to watch the planet crumble in an inevitable apocalypse? I really don't think so.
       If I didn't know that veganism was and I were to judge the movement merely based upon the general, daily attitude of vegan individuals, that alone would make me stay far away from any ideologies they hold as true. These are people who feel offended over what other people eat. In my opinion, it doesn't get any lower than that. See, I live in the real world, there are plenty offensive behaviours and plenty of offensive attitudes, ideals, and actions of people in this world. There is terrorism, murder, rape, theft, corruption, drug addiction, sickness, disease, divorce, death, paedophelia... these things are offensive. And I mean— OFFENSIVE. When you are the kind of person who feels offended over what other people eat, we immediately are not living in the same world! I want to spend my time looking for things that are beautiful, that bring people together and I believe that food is one of the most beautiful parts of life. Food brings families together, friends together and nations together. Food brings joy to the heart and sustenance to the body, it unites and it nourishes. Families gather around a table to eat, nations gather around a holiday to celebrate with food and festivities. I believe that when people begin to turn food into a divisive object amongst family members, friends, neighbors and co workers— I really believe that is as low as it gets. It's really low. Not to mention rude. People ruin other people's holidays all the time, by calling them hypocritical murderers for eating a turkey! Do you know how rude that is? To make a comment about what another person is eating? This is basic etiquette we are talking about, really. You don't walk into another person's house and tell them that they're hypocritical murderers because they're eating a turkey. You don't make comments about other people's food. It's not your food, it's none of your business. You are not supplying that family or those people with a salary that they will use to buy their food with, you therefore are in no place to judge what they are capable of buying for themselves, what kind of food they have access to and what kind of food they choose to eat just because that is their choice.
       There are plenty of people in this world with special needs. Plenty of differently-abled individuals. Generally speaking, vegans are fully-abled people who act like they are special needs individuals and everyone needs to not hurt their feelings at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and at any mealtime or family get-together. Other people are expected to prepare a special dish for them if they are to be invited over to a dinner party. Aside from that being incredibly rude to the host, that is really just vulgar. You really cannot eat anything containing any animal by-product, even if it means you'll have to miss your nephew's birthday party? Oh, what was that you say? You would love to be there for the little one's birthday party, as long as there is a special table prepared for you far away from all of the omnivores?
       Human beings are a part of the animal kingdom and in the animal kingdom there are herbivores, omnivores and carnivores. The difference amongst the animals, is that the herbivores don't use facebook, where they can post daily about how everyone else is a murderer and everyone is hurting their feelings every time they eat meat. The herbivores are just herbivores; the omnivores are just omnivores and the carnivores are just carnivores. Nobody feels like they need to change what other animals are eating. That's the difference between the eating preferences of animals and the eating preferences of human beings.
       Citizens of progressive nations think that their act of not eating meat is going to help save the planet, when in reality, their slaughterhouses in their own progressive nations stand up to par with the most rigorous requirements of animal welfare societies and environmental protection programs. In this whole world, you will find the strictest and most rigorous laws and rules regarding animal welfare and environmental protection, that their slaughterhouses and farms are demanded to come up to par with. I know this because I studied animal welfare courses in the past (yes, I am an animal lover!) In reality, it is the slaughterhouses in developing nations where the most heinous forms of brutality are found. In fact, in developing nations, animal cruelty is not only confined to the slaughterhouses; it is in fact widespread in neighborhoods and in every city! It is not at all uncommon to wake up in the wee hours of the morning to the sound of a wailing dog being dragged behind a truck, tied to a rope, until it dies of its injuries. This is the reality of this world. When you in a progressive nation stop eating meat made available to you by your top notch slaughterhouses and farms, that all come up to par with the most rigorous animal welfare laws and requirements, this does NOTHING— absolutely nothing— to change where the real animal brutality happens: in developing nations!
       Sometimes people need a dose of reality, because the reality is far worse than the fears they are hiding from. When you think you are hiding from the worst, then you realise that there is far worse than what you are hiding from, that right there forces you to deal with real issues and stop hiding under your bed.
       Instead of expecting this whole world to become vegan like you, why not focus on what this world really needs and what you are more likely to be able to accomplish: the proliferation of animal welfare standards in slaughterhouses all over the world, not just in progressive nations! In reality, this world will NEVER become 100% vegan. Not even 90%. Not even 80%. Honestly, not even 50% of the Earth's population will ever become vegan. You're talking about people's cultures, people's traditions, people's lifestyles. You will never be able to influence or change that. But what you might be able to really have an impact on, is in the area of animal welfare systems in governments across the world, including developing nations. If all slaughterhouses in this world were demanded by their governments to come up to par with the same exact standards expected in the most rigorous progressive nations, then that is what is going to make a huge difference for this planet! No, it doesn't give you the chance to act like a self-righteous, judgmental asshat; but, it does give you the opportunity to actually change this world and make a helluva difference in the lives of animals and of people, everywhere.

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