The Conversation of Dragons: A Book Review by Athanasia Steffen

I would like everyone to meet Athanasia Steffen (a.k.a. Athans), who is an animal rights activist in Australia. She is pictured here with her daughter. Come and discover what she is sharing about her experience with my book, The Conversation of Dragons.

“One fortuitous night, I had a conversation with C. Joybell. C which changed my perception about the way I carried my sorrow. My sorrow and sadness were crippling me. I was so deeply invested in my pain, I could not see beyond it. I think there are many others who are the same. We become invested and hold onto what weighs us down because this is what we are supposed to do, that is all we know. We are our own worst enemy.

When I finished reading The Conversation of Venusta, I remember thinking, This is it. This is where it starts and finishes. Venusta reminded many of us what we once were and what we could once again be. Venusta was truly an awakening.

The Conversation of Dragons goes further, much further. It embraces the things we are most afraid of; the dark, monsters, guilt, regret, and entwines them with their opposites: light, angels, innocence and acceptance. Dragons gives us permission to love and to accept what weighs us down, to embrace our unique selves and to accept our darkness for what it is; another realm where the possibility of freedom awaits us. We cannot find freedom from our doubts outside of us, it is inside of us. It is inside of us all but we choose to look outside because that is what we are taught to do. We are taught we should shun the dark and the fire, we should be ashamed of our flaws and of our pain and that we should hide these elements of ourselves because that is the way of the world. Not so.

This book reveals what is hidden in all of us. A warrior. We are the Dragon. But why a Dragon I hear you say? ‘The Creed of Dragons’ is represented throughout this book. It represents the Dragon’s honour system, beliefs, strength, and the fire within. Just like the Dragon, we can control our fire to protect our soul. That is what the Dragon does: protects what is its own, outside of itself and inside of itself. Dragons will give you freedom and your freedom will be passed on unknowingly to those around you. It will manifest in unexpected ways. That is the beauty of Dragons. Whereas Venusta gave us flight, Dragons gives us freedom.

The Conversation of Dragons is a noble book written by a woman who is all-seeing, who feels our sorrow and then guides us to embrace what we can be, what we are meant to be and not run from our fears. Her strengths are her words, her mind, and her compassion which she gives to us in ways never seen before. I am thankful for many things in my life and for the people who have entered my life in unexpected ways. C. Joybell C is one such person. It is serendipity.”

Learn more about Athans (from her own words):

“After many years working in corporate then smaller more family-friendly companies, I have finally reached a stage in my life where I can do the work that is most important to me. I am an Animal Rights Activist and I work quietly behind the scenes supporting and helping those on the ground to change the wildlife laws in countries where wildlife exploitation is rife. My current focus is Mexico, where institutionalized animal abuse is the norm and where weak wildlife laws allow wildlife, namely big cats, to be used for entertainment and profit. It is my hope that 2017 will see the advent of ethical sanctuaries in Mexico where rescued wildlife can spend the remainder of their lives in peace and tranquility. My team and I are working with those in Mexico to make this happen; 2017 will see a long awaited project come to fruition. We will be working with ethical predator facilities to help them, among other things, implement ethical management programs which will also include raising awareness and education on the care of big cats in captivity. I will also be visiting South Africa to volunteer at Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary where I will be hands-on with the care of rescued abused big cats. I support LIBERO Santuario Silvestre (Mexico), I.C.A.R.U.S. Incorporated, the Painted Dog Conservation Inc. (Australia) and, like I said, will be volunteering with Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary in South Africa.”

Athans is a loving and devoted person. Be loving and devoted like Athans. 😊

The Conversation of Dragons is currently with my beta reader team and will be available to the public early next year. Look for it, find it!

The Conversation of Dragons: A Book Review by Jenna Freimark

It's time to meet Jenna Freimark, a registered nurse living in Ohio. I am sure you will be enthralled by what she has to say about her experience with my book, The Conversation of Dragons:

"As soon as I received The Conversations of Dragons I got an overwhelming sense of urgency to read it immediately. Sure enough, just as the previous two books, it was exactly what I needed for the exact occurrences I was facing at that moment in time! My receiving of it was nothing short of a miracle! Moreover, this book is nothing short of a miracle!

After reading it the first time so quickly, I then proceeded to read it a second time to really take it all in. This time around, many doors were unlocked that had been secured thousands of years ago! There was a major shift in my being as I read. I began to feel more alive and alert. Alive and alert does not even fully explain it. One morning after reading, my senses heightened, my vision seemed more clear, I felt more balanced. My emotional status improved tenfold. This occurred because I was given a deeper clarity of mind and spirit and therefore improved my physical state as well. Words cannot fully elaborate on how impactful my experience was. I know it will continue to have an impact on my everyday life from here on out.

This book, as I said about Merachefet and Venusta, is a divine source of healing for mind, body, and soul! It is sacred medicine for those who are meant to read it. It is not meant to be read by everyone, but only by those of the "Dragon Creed". If you are of the "Dragon Creed" and simply do not know it, this book will find its way to you through means of divine intervention and reveal to you your Dragon Creed as it did to me.

The words infuse your being with an incredibly powerful life-force energy that will stay with you for all of eternity. Those who come in contact with this sacred piece of modern day mysticism will alchemize their soul even more so than they knew possible, page after page. There is magic contained within these pages that I have never experienced before.

You will come to fully understand your innocence and pure-heartedness whilst reading this and thereafter. Simultaneously, you will be able to really see those in your life who are innocent and pure of heart. You will come to know The Language of the Fire and realize that it was your own all along. You will come to recognize what it means to be of the Dragon Creed and awaken to the fact that Dragons are few and far in between. You will gain insights of wisdom to questions such as, “Who is God?”, “How can we heal ourselves?”, and “How pure are people?” Furthermore, you will gain answers to even deeper questions, which will allow you to experience more clarity than ever before.

C.JoyBell.C has gifted me one of the greatest gifts of all times simply by breathing this book into existence and delivering her esoteric writings when she felt so called upon to do so. It is truly one of the most beautiful, powerful and necessary experiences for me to receive what her words have to offer. Again, I feel reborn after reading this just as I did with the previous two books leading up to Dragons. I treasure this book immensely and will guard it and keep it and its teachings very near to my heart."

Discover more about Jenna:

Jenna Freimark is a Registered Nurse who is also trained in YogaNursing, a new and trademarked advancement in healthcare practice. She is also a current member of The American Holistic Nurses Association and is gaining certifications in Aromatherapy, Healing Touch, Health and Wellness Coaching, and Massage Therapy. Jenna says that it is “at the core of her heart” to help “uplift and nurture people”. She says, “I want to leave others better than I found them.”

Jenna holds a special place in her heart for adoption, as this touches a very personal aspect in her life, which is actually responsible for leading her on her journey of self-discovery, searching for truth and in fact finding my writings. She likes to spend her time reading Philosophy and other works that help to lead her and others onto the path of self-improvement, the discovery of truth and the better understanding of others.

More info: Jenna has thrice read The Conversation of Merachefet, twice read The Conversation of Venusta and thrice read The Conversation of Dragons!

Jenna is an intuitive, caring and sensitive individual. Be intuitive, caring and sensitive like Jenna. 😊

The Conversation of Dragons will be available in January 2017. Look for it, find it!

The Conversation of Dragons: A Book Review by Myr Lim

Everybody, meet Myr Lim, a business owner and fashion stylist living in Manila. I’m sure you’ll love reading all about her experience with The Conversation of Dragons:

It would be wise to heed C Joybell C’s introduction in The Conversation of Dragons. This book is like an active volcano that will awaken a lot of dormant emotions you thought will never be shaken or maybe you even wished were dead. Page by page it will peel a thin layer of feeling in your heart and/or a small membrane in your brain. It’s a painful process but tremendously necessary especially to what we are all facing in this life.

The first few chapters ignited my mental state in a sense that I reflected a lot on my country’s current President elect and wondered where his actions fit in the role of good or bad, right or wrong? Funny enough, this is what this nation’s people are questioning as well. Read The Conversation of Dragons and it will open a rare and unforeseen side that we have never thought of.

When I reached mid-chapter, the book started to get very personal. As a yoga practitioner for almost a decade, and seeing how popular this practice has become worldwide; it would be insensitive to say I do not notice the preachings of ‘we are all one and the same’ from almost every yogi. And though I believe in oneness to a fault, I find it hard to agree on sameness/equality. This book couldn’t have been written at a more opportune moment.

Significantly, as the chaotic opinions of people become more tangible and visible; Dragons brings that much-needed balance, clarity and understanding to what we all miss seeing, that if we did; our words, actions and reactions could save us from a lot of misunderstood anger from everyone around us, including and especially on social media.

In this modern day of learning and teaching, this book must be included in schools and universities all over the world. Not as a book to review but as a handy textbook with paragraphs and chapters deserving to be analyzed and properly understood, applying them as a guide and/or mentor in the student’s passage through life.

Dragons is a book full of secret teachings. Its message is so immense that you can read it again and again (as I am doing) and find new wisdom and rare precious gems you might have missed before. It’s an evolving book that changes and reveals itself depending on the reader’s journey or path in life. It speaks to everyone and anyone who is brave enough to face the truth and live in realness, reflection and self-discovery.

If you find yourself longing for something deeper or want to turn a new leaf but don’t know how, then this book is for you. The Conversation of Dragons is the best gift you can ever give yourself. It’s the teacher you never had, the solace you wish to find and the wisdom you pray to seek.

Find out more about Myr:

Myr is a business owner that supplies food packaging throughout The Philippines. She is also a certified Fashion Stylist who graduated at Make-Up Designory Los Angeles. She manages her company on weekdays and teaches beauty make-up and hairstyling on weekends.

Myr’s also an avid yogi, having discovered yoga eight years ago; she never looked back since. With no background in dance or any sports whatsoever; yoga has taught her the importance of movement, meditation and mindfulness.

She considers travelling as her passion and goes somewhere she’s never been to every year on her birthday. She has been on her wanderlust journey for the past fourteen years and that’s only the beginning.

Myr supports Humanitarian Tzu Chi Foundation ( which is a non governmental organization (NGO) that has a worldwide care program helping and serving all those in need and struck by calamities. This NGO was founded by Dharma Master Chen Yen who’s often called “the Mother Teresa of Asia”.

Myr is a vibrant, exuberant woman. Be vibrant and exuberant like Myr. 😊

The Conversation of Dragons will be available to the public early next year. Look for it, find it! 😘

The Conversation of Dragons: A Book Review by Jenny Hart

Meet Jenny Hart, a waitress living in Texas. Check out what she has to say about her experience reading The Conversation of Dragons:

The Conversation of Dragons is the third title in a series of powerfully written books that each of us could stand to read. If you are like me and are always searching for better understanding of yourself and also of others— I’d recommend you begin with the first title of the series and follow the path to Dragons.

This. Book. Makes. Sense.

I’ve often wondered how much of my inner conflictions could be understood and then spoken in a way that made sense to others, and this book just does it for me. If you find the words and their teachings to be familiar with your own, then please, know that you are supposed to be reading it! I will tell you, there have been moments recently when I was facing a personal problem and certain passages from (Dragons) spoke back to me while I battled with these issues. I was given gifts of clarity. Moments when I was just like ‘Yes. This is what is right. This is what I must do.’ And it was because I had learned something valuable in this book that stuck with me and that I was able to exercise into my daily life. It’s that powerful!

Furthermore, what I have learned and now believe, is that there is a Dragon inside all of us. For some, that dragon is never woken and they spend their lives tragically unaware of the burning flame that sleeps inside of them. However, for those whom the Dragon within is awoken, they are enlightened by the magic of it. They fly on the backs of it. They know truth, beauty and understanding, and they are no longer bound by the bars of darkness. They are light. They are free.”

Learn more about Jenny (from her own words):

“My name is Jenny. I come from a series of small towns in which I grew up, moved out of, and settled elsewhere— too many times to count. Because of this, I have found deep roots in the historic town of Granbury, Texas, where I have lived for the past 12 years. It is here I became a woman, found love and started a family. My husband, Boston, is the solid man and rock hard foundation on which only ‘dream relationships’ are made of. I work as a waitress at a small southern restaurant while he finishes his degree to become a certified welder. We live simply and with little wanting of anything other than a happy home and life to raise our 2- year- old son, Jackson.”

Jenny is genuine. Be a genuine person like Jenny. 😊
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