The Conversation of Dragons: A Book Review by Athanasia Steffen

I would like everyone to meet Athanasia Steffen (a.k.a. Athans), who is an animal rights activist in Australia. She is pictured here with her daughter. Come and discover what she is sharing about her experience with my book, The Conversation of Dragons.

“One fortuitous night, I had a conversation with C. Joybell. C which changed my perception about the way I carried my sorrow. My sorrow and sadness were crippling me. I was so deeply invested in my pain, I could not see beyond it. I think there are many others who are the same. We become invested and hold onto what weighs us down because this is what we are supposed to do, that is all we know. We are our own worst enemy.

When I finished reading The Conversation of Venusta, I remember thinking, This is it. This is where it starts and finishes. Venusta reminded many of us what we once were and what we could once again be. Venusta was truly an awakening.

The Conversation of Dragons goes further, much further. It embraces the things we are most afraid of; the dark, monsters, guilt, regret, and entwines them with their opposites: light, angels, innocence and acceptance. Dragons gives us permission to love and to accept what weighs us down, to embrace our unique selves and to accept our darkness for what it is; another realm where the possibility of freedom awaits us. We cannot find freedom from our doubts outside of us, it is inside of us. It is inside of us all but we choose to look outside because that is what we are taught to do. We are taught we should shun the dark and the fire, we should be ashamed of our flaws and of our pain and that we should hide these elements of ourselves because that is the way of the world. Not so.

This book reveals what is hidden in all of us. A warrior. We are the Dragon. But why a Dragon I hear you say? ‘The Creed of Dragons’ is represented throughout this book. It represents the Dragon’s honour system, beliefs, strength, and the fire within. Just like the Dragon, we can control our fire to protect our soul. That is what the Dragon does: protects what is its own, outside of itself and inside of itself. Dragons will give you freedom and your freedom will be passed on unknowingly to those around you. It will manifest in unexpected ways. That is the beauty of Dragons. Whereas Venusta gave us flight, Dragons gives us freedom.

The Conversation of Dragons is a noble book written by a woman who is all-seeing, who feels our sorrow and then guides us to embrace what we can be, what we are meant to be and not run from our fears. Her strengths are her words, her mind, and her compassion which she gives to us in ways never seen before. I am thankful for many things in my life and for the people who have entered my life in unexpected ways. C. Joybell C is one such person. It is serendipity.”

Learn more about Athans (from her own words):

“After many years working in corporate then smaller more family-friendly companies, I have finally reached a stage in my life where I can do the work that is most important to me. I am an Animal Rights Activist and I work quietly behind the scenes supporting and helping those on the ground to change the wildlife laws in countries where wildlife exploitation is rife. My current focus is Mexico, where institutionalized animal abuse is the norm and where weak wildlife laws allow wildlife, namely big cats, to be used for entertainment and profit. It is my hope that 2017 will see the advent of ethical sanctuaries in Mexico where rescued wildlife can spend the remainder of their lives in peace and tranquility. My team and I are working with those in Mexico to make this happen; 2017 will see a long awaited project come to fruition. We will be working with ethical predator facilities to help them, among other things, implement ethical management programs which will also include raising awareness and education on the care of big cats in captivity. I will also be visiting South Africa to volunteer at Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary where I will be hands-on with the care of rescued abused big cats. I support LIBERO Santuario Silvestre (Mexico), I.C.A.R.U.S. Incorporated, the Painted Dog Conservation Inc. (Australia) and, like I said, will be volunteering with Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary in South Africa.”

Athans is a loving and devoted person. Be loving and devoted like Athans. 😊

The Conversation of Dragons is currently with my beta reader team and will be available to the public early next year. Look for it, find it!

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