Seven Billion People

7 billion people on the planet and almost everyone can't find someone to love. Evidence of this can be seen on dating websites. Thousands of dating websites. If it were easy, why is everyone still looking? Because love isn't like that; love is epic; we're not looking for "somebody to love"; we're looking for ONE PERSON whom we RECOGNIZE. "Hey, I know you, like, here inside my soul I know you, because I know me and me is somehow you!" And that's what EVERYONE is looking for. People think they're looking for something easy or something simple. But they're not. They're looking for something epic. Something real. Warts and all! And THAT is why almost everyone is not in love with anyone. Because in a world filled with 7 billion people, the chances of finding exactly that, are simply ridiculously low. We don't fall in love with a checklist. We fall in love with finding ourselves in another.
In mythology, we are taught that two parts of one, when together, is too powerful. Zeus feared such power, so Zeus split each into two and put them in different places in this world. Only the strongest would find their other half, again.

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