Finding Worlds


       We have inner worlds. Many of us do. Not all, but many. Some have souls very young, too young to have formed any worlds on the inside yet. But many of us do and these worlds vary in their form, in their terrain, in their flora and fauna.
       Fewer are those with worlds that run deeply. Everything is deep: the oceans, the lakes, even the ponds are deep! The trees are ancient, their roots run for miles! The temples within are archaic, some even abandoned and covered by the seas. Those with worlds like this one have roots that entangle with the roots of others; the tangles are ferocious and sudden! It hurts very much to discover that the roots of the other person do not actually run for miles, but instead only run for a meter or two, into the grounds of their inner worlds. And since it is very difficult to come across another with depths and age as this, it becomes a pattern to feel pain. What is this pain? This pain is the feeling of the roots recoiling and returning to the former position. For roots must return to their former position within, upon the discovery that the other one possesses trees so young and roots so short... too short to entangle with. Maybe long enough to entice, but the entangling falls short because the roots are shorter!
       Those whose inner worlds are new, young and without ancient trees, also meet well with others of their same kind. Their oceans are shallow, their seas are shallow, their temples are new... it is of no fault of their own, they are merely babies, they are very young! They are enticed by the depths of the ancient worlds and often would like to join them. But the waters are bottomless, so they drown. The mountains too high, so they fall down. The forests and the fields too thick for them, they get lost...
       The ancient ones long to be discovered, long to be known. The ancient ones desire to hold a hand and lead a person into the thick forests, into the lavender fields. The ancient ones yearn to find roots that can entangle with their own! Alas, this is a gargantuan task! For the old ones are few and far in between.
       You must find a person by looking for the inner world that you recognize, that you may entangle with, without the pain of having to recoil your roots. And those of you who have newborn souls, newborn worlds within— I know that the pull of the old ones is captivating and intense; nevertheless, you ought to not go where you cannot stay! For the inner worlds of the ancient souls are not places for you to take from as you wish, to grow in as you wish, to become as you wish and then later to just walk away. The fruits of the forefathers are not there for your taking. Everything you take, you must earn, you must pay for. Do not walk in and then walk out.
       You must find a person, by searching for the world that you recognize. Have you been there before? Have you shared this world before? Have you climbed those trees together in some world, in some time, in some place? Because this is what you are really looking for. That hole in your heart? That hole is where the other world fits into yours! Now, will you find it? Because you should.

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