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       Today I would like to write a little something about parenting. I think that all fathers and mothers strive to be the best parents that they can possibly be, and I can add something to that, today, by discussing a point which I find to be crucial.
       My son is now 16-years-old, and I find that it is during his teenage years that I have made the most "interventions" into his life. Now, this is nothing dramatic, by "interventions" I just mean that I notice something and then I step him aside to talk with him.
       The important point here is when, as a parent, we are watchful enough to indeed notice something. A character trait, a thought pattern, a habit—  paths that our child is taking which we foresee to be hazardous, or just plain unbeneficial. When I see my son on such paths, ones that I foresee to be hazardous to his mind or to his life in the future, I sit down and talk to him. Or, I take him for a long walk and we talk while we walk. I give him my vision. I show him what is waiting for him down that path if he will continue to walk on it. When he sees the future as I see the future, then he, by himself, is able to make the necessary choices to change the path that he is on and to begin taking a new one.
       What I am saying here, is that vision is a crucial tool that parents may utilize. I suppose this is not easy, since many adults themselves have no vision of their own futures. If you have no vision of your own, how can you give vision to your child? And this is why I wrote the book entitled Raising Nobility. The goal of Raising Nobility is to give vision to the parent so that the parent may give vision to the child.
       Vision is the most-needed spiritual tool that exists. They will tell you this and they will tell you that, but, I am telling you right now that it is the vision of the Eagle that we must cultivate. The vision of the Owl, the Eagle, the Raven. If there is a single spiritual path that you wish to dedicate time to developing, let this be the path of vision. As a parent, it is the most precious gift that you can utilize while raising your child. When you give vision to your child, your child is able to put into action the necessary changes that he/she must take, in order to correct his/her future. Giving tools to our children is more important than just telling our children what to do and trying to make them do it. They must try to make themselves do it. And the only way that they will try to make themselves do it, is when they see what is in store for them up along that road they are currently on.
       If I were to tell you that 50 meters down the road, an oak tree is going to fall down on your car and crush you (God forbid this happen to you), I know that you would do everything in your power to avoid that road, to turn and take another way, or to just stop in your tracks and wait for help to come. Anything at all to avoid the outcome. You would change your own direction; not me. I wouldn't be the one making you do it, I would simply be the one showing you what lies ahead!
       It is the same thing when we parent our children. The technique is to show them in such a way that you are actually showing the truth, not some fearful imagination, not a sort-of-a- threat and not something ridiculous; rather, THE TRUTH! If there is an oak tree about to fall on them along the path they are on, then this is what you must show them, in a way that they will see it for themselves.
       How does a parent do this? You do this by being immersed in vision, yourself. Being immersed in Truth, yourself. From your vantage point, your children will see what you see, as the Raven sends warning signs out to its family members, so will you be sending warning signs out to your children.
       I hope that this short writing today has encouraged you on a better path for yourself and for the ones that you love. Have a wonderful day ahead!

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