The Conversation of Dragons: A Book Review by Jim Crotty

It’s time to meet Jim Crotty. Jim is a photographer, business man and former US Marine. In his review of The Conversation of Dragons, he has actually compared my book to a required reading for the US Marines. Read his review, you will be moved by it:

"The analogy that came to mind right away after reading C. JoyBell C.’s The Conversation of Dragons was the memory of being handed my copy of a Guidebook for Marines as a new recruit so many years ago on Parris Island. However, with C’s insight and wisdom are the general orders that are life-changing. Through the narrative of the 'conversation' the reader is imparted with a new way of being and just not thinking; an entry so to say to the higher realm of what I would attempt to identify as the cosmic alchemy of the soul. 'Love as fire loves' best summarizes the essence of what it means to be a dragon, and in and through that fire aren’t just simple words of encouragement but rather a full awareness of both the realities of life with the underlying foundation of both the mystical and spiritual energies that pull and push one’s soul out of the comfort zones of simple existence. It’s in these pages the reader will discover a transcendent wisdom that lifts one above the constraints of the everyday and obvious and into the wondrous ether of what is to truly live and love not as flesh but as a soul with a heart set free from the temporal bounds of the prisons we often build for ourselves, be it guilt, shame or fear.

All dragons carry and protect the sacred fire of each person’s potential to move beyond the stagnation of comparison (which I believe has become even more of an issue given the nature of instant social media) and the acceptance of socially convenient labels. C. JoyBell C. gently adjusts our common perception of light and darkness, of good and evil and of love and hurt to help us guard and grow the true treasures of our lives with the power and majesty of the dragon that resides in each of us."

More about Jim:

Jim is the Owner and Photographer at Picture Ohio, LLC. Aside from Jim’s involvement with the arts and entrepreneurship (he comes from a long line of entrepreneurs), he also gained a firm foundation in perseverance and determination while serving as a United States Marine. Jim’s evidence of loyalty to the United States Marine Corps Reserve includes the following: Honorable service including active duty training at Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, SC; graduate of USAF Security Police Academy at Lackland Air Force Base, Marine Corps Detachment; Camp Lejeune, North Carolina; Ft. Carson, Colorado Springs, CO and Camp Kinser, Okinawa, Japan. Corporal E-4 with Selective Marine Corps Reserve Award.

Jim has been a Marketing Communications Manager, a Journalism Teacher and a Speech Communications Teacher. His true love, though, goes to his two daughters, Emma and Chloe; and also to his son, Philip. His love is also evident in his affection for the arts. Jim says about his photography: “Life is art and a love for the art of living infuses every project I become involved with, from commercial photography assignments to teaching photography to capturing images that effectively express my appreciation for the beauty and wonder of nature. What I do as a profession and avocation resides deep within my being.”

You may connect with Jim here.

Jim is courageous and sensitive. Be courageous and sensitive like Jim. 😊

The Conversation of Dragons is now available for purchase on Amazon and other online bookstores. If you would rather, you can always place an order at your local brick-and-mortar bookstore and they will ship in the book for you within a few weeks.

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